How to Capture Screenshots on HP Laptops or Computers?

Screenshots might be useful if you wish to copy data out of a video or an online meeting presentation. By capturing a screenshot, you may examine the information on your computer display as a picture. Whether it’s a mobile device or a PC, taking screenshots can capture essential screen data. Learning how to capture screenshots on HP laptops or computer methods for taking a full-page screenshot is an essential tweak for everyone.

You can try variety of methods to capture screenshots on Windows. you can use the inbuilt utility or make use of the best screen capture software for Windows. This post can assist you with the methods for taking screenshots from your HP laptop or PC. You can learn to capture scrolling screenshots using system utilities and screen capture software by reading this post.

Screen Capture for Windows

Screen capture is essential for all. There may be times when we need to take a screenshot of the system screen. In such a case, screenshots can provide you with a digital copy of your display. Let us study the strategies for capturing the system screen.

Using the Print Screen Option

If you have a Windows system or laptop, you can use this utility. There will be a dedicated key available on your keyboard for the print screen option. To capture screenshots on HP laptops of your screen, you can try these key combinations with the print screen option.

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Capture Images Available on Active Screen

The Windows operating system will allow you to capture the display visuals with ease. You can copy the images available on your computer screen using the following steps.


Step 1: Select the Window that is to be captured.

Step 2: Press Alt and PrtSc key combination to copy the active screen content.

Step 3: Open any office program. We recommend you open MS Paint as it can allow you to edit the screen image.

Step 4: Press the Ctrl and V keys together to paste the captured image of the screen.

Step 5: Make the required changes in the image and save a copy in your preferred location.

Capture the Entire Screen

The OS utility can assist you in making a digital copy of everything visible on your system screen. The following techniques can help you to capture screenshots on HP laptops in the entire display’s contents.

Step 1: Access the data you wish to capture on your screen.

Step 2: Click the Prt Sc button, which is located in the top row of your keyboard. If you directly want to save the screenshot of full screen, you can press (Win + Prt Sc) keys together and the screenshot will be saved in the Pictures library.

Step 3: Transfer the content into any Office software.

Step 4: Modify the picture as desired.

Step 5: Save the file in the appropriate location.

Using the Window Snipping Tool

The software packages for Windows 11, 10, 8.1, and 7 all come with a Snipping Tool. You may use it to capture what is on display. The utility can be useful in capturing a part of your system screen or the entire screen content. Let’s discover how to accomplish it.

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Snippet tool

Step 1: Access the Window snipping tool using the search option. Press (Win + Shift + S) to access the Snipping Tool.

Step 2: Choose the snipping mode. You can choose between freeform, rectangular, window, or full-screen modes.

Snipping tool screen

Step 3: Select the area of your screen to snip.

Note: The screen content in the selected region will be copied and shown in the snip tool window.

Step 4: Use the Save or Save As option to save the snipped image in the required format. You can change the location to save the file if it is needed.

Using TweakShot Screen Capture


If you want to capture Windows screen images quickly, you can use a dedicated third-party tool for taking screenshots. If you have decided to use separate software for creating screen images, then you have to explore more to choose the best. TweakShot Screen Capture is the best screen capture software that you can use with ease.

TweakShot screen capture

TweakShot Screen Capture tool not only captures your full page screenshots but can also record your on-screen videos too. You can edit the image captured using the tool and save it as a high-quality picture. The capture screenshots on HP laptopssoftware will enable us to capture scrolling screenshots from your websites. It has different capture modes and the best screenshot editor to customize your captures according to your need. The video recording capability also records high-definition videos.

TweakShot editor

TweakShot Screen Capture Features

  • Variety of screenshot modes
  • Capable of editing the screenshot images
  • Excellent ability to capture and record videos from desktop content
  • Ability to record screen movements as video
  • Can create high-quality captured images
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Final Verdict

Screen capturing is essential for students or working professionals to make a digital copy of our screen content. We have a variety of methods to capture your display images. We can use inbuilt system utilities or make use of a third-party screen capture tool to save screen content in image format. We believe that the tweaks available in this post can help you in creating informative screenshots of the screen content. TweakShot Screen to capture screenshots on HP laptops are one of the best options to screen capture on Windows and save everything in a digital format.