How to Record the Screen on Your Windows PC

Many times we feel the need to screen record our Windows 10 system but have no idea of how to record screen on Windows. In this article, we will walk you through the easy steps of how to record the screen on Windows 10 in the manual way and will also briefly talk about some of the most used Screen Recording software for Windows 10.

So let’s get started and learn how to use the Windows 10 screen recorder. The Manual way to Record the screen In Windows 10 makes use of the Game Bar..

Windows 10 comes loaded with new features and one amongst them is the Game Bar. One of the benefits of Game Bar is that it can easily be used to record screens on a Windows 10 system.

However, there is one limitation with the Game Bar. As of now, one can only use the Game Bar option if they have a Windows 10 PC. Any PC with an older version cannot use this feature to record the screen on a Windows PC.

Another drawback that comes with Game Bar is that it cannot record multiple programs at a time, so if you have to record a single program, Game Bar would be of help.

How To Record the Screen in Windows 10 PC With Game Bar:

Below are the steps that illustrate how to screen records on Windows 10 PC

  • Launch the app you want to screen record using the Game Bar.
  • Post this, simultaneously press G and Windows Keys
  • Doing so launches a dialogue box. Here, click on Yes, this is a game. This will open the Game Bar.
word image 2
  • Now locate the Mic icon and click on it. This option enables screen recording with audio.
word image 3
  • Now, click on the Record button to start recording the Windows 10 screen.
word image 4
  • Once you have finished the recording, simply click on the Stop button to finish.
word image 5
  • Post this press Windows Key and E together to launch the File Explorer.
  • Copy the address from the Address bar and then press the Enter key.
word image
  • Here you will find the recorded screen.
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Wasn’t that easy, the Game Bar feature in Windows 10 is a simple process if you wish to screen record a single program and can be used by people of any age group.

While this was the manual step, it can only record a single program at a time. So, in a situation where you wish to record the screen in Windows 10 for multiple programs the option won’t work. In such cases, you may have to choose from the best screen recorders for Windows 10.

We are going to mention some of the best screen recorder apps available for Windows that you can use when you wish to record a Windows 10 screen.

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Best Screen Recorders For Windows 10:

  1. iFun Screen Recorder:
ifun screen recorder

iFun Screen Recorder is an amazing screen recorder for Windows 10. 8 and Windows 7 and is available for free. iFun Screen recorder is developed by iObit and is extremely easy to use.

It is a flexible tool that lets you capture screen recording from an entire display to a small box. Not only this but with its Facecam feature you can also record your face while screen recording.

Some of its Amazing Features include:

  • It allows screen recording for unlimited time.
  • Provides output in multiple formats.
  • Has an easy-to-use interface and can be used by all age groups.
  • Comes with a video editing tool as well.
  • It also allows uploading screen recording content to online platforms.

2. Tweakshot:

tweak shot- screen recorder

This is another best-in-class screen recorder software for Windows that allows you to screen records on Windows 10, take screenshots, edit images, and much more. With Tweakshot one can easily screen records an entire window, a specific rectangular area, and even the entire display.

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Tweakshot also comes with editing features like cropping, resizing, and much more.

Some of the Benefits and Features of Tweakshot are:

  • Easily take a screenshot of the page you are browsing.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Provides a full variety of editing tools while creating images.
  • Allows capturing of a single window with multiple windows open at the same time.
  • Provides screen recording with on-screen changes.

Tweakshot is a paid product and is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 7

  1. Ashampoo Snap 10:
Ashampoo snap 10 - best screen capturing software

This is yet another best screen recorder for Windows and is compatible with Windows 10, 8, and Windows 7. It is a paid program and easily takes screenshots and videos. Using Ashampoo Snap 10 is easy to capture screens as well as edit the screen contents.

Some of the Benefits and Features of Ashampoo Snap 10 are:

  • Simple to use editor that helps keep only important parts of the video.
  • It provides different editing options like numbering, graphics, arrows, etc for the images.
  • Ashampoo Snap 10 also lets you edit videos and add text, drawings, etc to the videos.
  1. ActivePresenter:
word image 6

Developed my Atmi Solutions, ActivePresenter is used not only to record screens but also to edit videos. ActivePresenter has a varied range of features that makes it the first choice for gamers, video creators, etc.

Benefits of Using ActivePresenter:

  • You can record a full screen, a window, region all with ActivePresenter.
  • Video editor for editing captured and imported videos.
  • Allows screen recording without any time limit.
  • Has all basic features like cut, transitions, animations, trim, adjust, change speed and volumes, etc.
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With so many advantages, ActivePresenter also has some limitations. Firstly, it is only available for 64 bit Windows Operating Systems. Also, there is no functionality to crop videos or schedule to record the screen on Windows.

Wasn’t that easy! Whether you use the Game Bar to screen records in Windows 10 or make use of the best screen recorders for Windows 10, you can easily capture screen recordings as well as edit them. While you can capture only one program at a time with the Game Bar, using third-party software eliminates the limitation and can let you screen records multiple programs at one go.

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