5 Best Driver Updater Tools To Quickly Update Windows Pc Drivers

A driver is a software that helps the hardware to perform a specific set of activities in a computer system. For the effortless working of a computer system, we require a set of these drivers to know the true performance of the hardware so as to boost our system productivity. There are multiple free driver updater for Windows 10 present but their trial version is only available and they do not update drivers efficiently.

5 Best driver updater tools to Quickly update windows PC drivers are as follows:

Bit Driver Updater

Below are the few prominent key features that make this driver update tool on the top of the list. Bit Driver is totally free for the Windows platform and users can update drivers one at a time. The users who want to update drivers with one-touch can choose the automatic update feature for all the outdated drivers. Bit drivers offer premium features to the user which can be availed by paying a small amount of $39.96.

Key features :

Operating SystemWindows 10, 8.1, 8 & 7 support
Precise scan ResultsIt efficiently scans installed Drivers and updates them.
Driver DatabaseContains a large number of official drivers compatible with multiple hardware systems.
Complete BackupMakes a copy of already installed drivers and can be rolled back whenever required.
Optimized PerformanceResolves all the driver issues and provides high performance with maximum productivity.
System optimizerImproves Stability and provides efficient working of the hardware.

Software basic details:

Required Installation Time53 Seconds
Scan time Required49 Seconds
Driver-backup availabilityYes
Driver RestorationYes
Size7.36 MB

Quick Driver Updater:

Quick Driver Updater tools is entirely a new software in this field. It is recognized as the best updater in 2021 considering its extraordinary feature to find outdated and infected drivers on Windows. The updated driver offers a very simple graphical user interface that can help users to navigate through the software according to their requirements. This software has many baked-in features to maintain the preloaded drivers and use them effectively and efficiently.

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Key features :

Operating SystemSupport Windows 10, 8, and 7.
Time-savingSaves time as the software has an inbuilt driver database.
Driver DatabaseProvided support to more than 2,000,000 devices
Complete Technical SupportProvides 24*7 technical support for free.
Optimized PerformanceInstant performance boost for gaming and video editing etc
System optimizerCompatibility and hardware issues are fixed in just one go.


Software basic details :

Required Installation Time40 Seconds
Scan time Required53 Seconds
Driver-backup availabilityYes
Driver RestorationYes
Size5.54 MB

Driver Booster

Driver Booster is the single-point solution for outdated and corrupted driver errors and fixes. It offers an accelerated scanning feature and more than 3,000,000+ drivers database with this technology, it provides all the fixes for all the in-general Windows issues.

Similar to other best d updaters, Driver Booster provides multiple attributes to enable automatic downloading and updating drivers in the background.

Key features :

Operating SystemXP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.
Time EfficientAccelerated scanning speed
Driver DatabaseContains more than 3,000,000+ drivers to save time.
Complete Technical SupportScan and update drivers in real-time.
Optimized PerformanceLightweight driver updater – improves the overall performance
System optimizerTerminates background processes for the uninterrupted gaming experience


Software basic details :

Required Installation Time76 Seconds
Scan time Required32 Seconds
Driver-backup availabilityNo
Driver RestorationNo
Size23.8 MB

Ashampoo Driver Updater

Ashampoo Driver Updater tools provides a solution to the periodic system crashes, Blue Screen of Death errors, and random shutdowns. This software is designed to focus on driver update utility tool that helps your PC by boosting performance and by fixing driver issues. It is the best driver updater software for both experienced & naive users as it provides effortless scanning and updating of the drivers.

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Key features :

Operating SystemWindows 10, 8 & 7
Time EfficientEasily fix & update your graphics drivers for enhanced gaming performance.
Driver DatabaseContains 400,000+ drivers to overcome hardware problems
Complete Technical SupportSupports over 150,000 devices
Optimized PerformanceMaximizes system performance
System optimizerAutomatically decides whether to update the driver or to repair to save time.

Software basic details :

Required Installation Time40Seconds
Scan time Required37Seconds
Driver-backup availabilityYes
Driver RestorationYes
Size10.3 MB

ITL Driver Updater

ITL Driver Updater provides a very interactive graphical user interface and ranks among the list of best 5 driver updater tools or software for Windows 10. This driver updater utility has the feature of scanning and updating your outdated or corrupted drivers automatically. To fix errors of sudden shutdown and hardware issues try using this ITL driver updater.

Key features :

Operating SystemWindows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.
Time EfficientIt offers an Auto-Scanning feature that scans your outdated or corrupted drivers automatically.
Driver Database200% larger driver database
Complete Technical SupportProvides 24*7 technical support
Optimized PerformanceOffers faster download speed by boosting up downloads by 300%, so you get the latest driver updates within a few seconds.
System optimizerSupports more than 11 languages and provides faster solutions.

Software basic details :

Required Installation Time60 Seconds
Scan time Required48 Seconds
Driver-backup availabilityYes
Driver RestorationYes
Size7.53 MB


In his article, we have explained the 5 best driver updater tools to quickly update WindowsPC Drivers. These are the best software you can try to overcome the issue of the outdated driver on the computer. We hope you managed to fix this with the help of the above-mentioned software. If any of them worked for you, feel free to leave some feedback in the comments section below.

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