Organize Your Faculty Hiring Process with a Fully Integrated Recruitment Platform

Creatrix takes away the chaos behind recruiting the best faculty in any institution. The faculty Management and onboarding processes by integrating them directly into the institutional portal and there are many Database Providers helps in structure of the screening, interviewing, shortlisting, hiring, and onboarding processes. 

Other than designing personnel onboarding agendas, impromptu detailing, amazing up-and-comer continue search, and intuitive dashboards, the module additionally has elements to consolidate candidate following, set numerous admission measures, and timetable them to explicit groups. 


Candidates can essentially sign in to the gateway from any internet browser and deal with their archives, track application status, occupations, positions, reports, and more interface one-on-one with the selecting board by means of messages and conversations. 

The framework acknowledges/rejects applications dependent on work process rules and up-and-comers get refreshes at each and every progression of their enrollment venture with robotized outreach alternatives by means of numerous touchpoints including telephone, email, message, and the sky’s the limit from there. 

Creatrix’s staff 

Creatrix’s staff facilitated programming assists foundations with acquiring important bits of knowledge into their enlistment and onboarding measure with the total information that further develops future sourcing, interviews, and that’s just the beginning. 

An amazing advanced education staff arrangement that monitors your workforce responsibility 

Personnel responsibility the executives can become overpowering to any foundation. From dealing with the instruction to investigate projects and authoritative assignments, higher eds should guarantee their personnel have a reasonable responsibility to use their full faculty proficient potential. 

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On account of Creatrix’s responsibility motor that brilliantly oversees staff responsibility by arranging objective hours or authoritative focuses, changing it with FTE, research exercises, benefits, and doled out jobs. 

It auto-pulls personnel showing spell reports dependent on the sources of info set and works out the over stretch or under stretch staff, graphically. 

The dashboards assist with breaking down the focuses obtained by Faculty, by Program, and by Academic Area. 

On the other hand, the stage utilizes the workforce assessment framework to catch peer audits and understudy overviews across divisions to investigate staff’s exhibition and backs with constant reports that are produced by Creatrix’s Report Builder. 

The acquired reports help chiefs rebalance personnel assignments consistently guaranteeing ideal work designation. 

Proficient LMS reconciliation to assist with the personnel onboarding measure and other staff improvement programs. 

Open a scope of scientific choices about staff’s scholarly commitments by looking at, breaking down, and benchmarking their exploration yield in setting with any public or global accreditation. 

Key elements that separates us 

  • Workforce enlistment and onboarding 
  • Workforce responsibility the executives 
  • Workforce movement detailing 
  • Job based dashboard 

Measure, investigate, and supports staff faculty efficiency in each inch 

Amazing announcing devices, Creatrix’s Faculty module exactly says how well a specific foundation’s staff utilize their time that assists groups with turning out to be more useful and proficient. The workforce execution tree characterizes boundaries like showing adequacy, papers, books, diaries distributed, meetings and studios joined in, research exercises, or some other data identified with their scholarly greatness with weightages. 

In light of the info, the framework computes a general exhibition score and gives a single tick personnel movement revealing including spell satisfaction, advancement in Program Activities, Teaching History, Contributions, and so forth, which discovers by and large staff usefulness, including any mishaps they’re encountering, and limits them. 

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This knowledge of Creatrix’s framework assists workforce with remaining more engaged while permitting leaders to have confidence towards zeroing in on greater institutional objectives. 

Proactively gather pivotal personnel information continuously with dynamic dashboards 

Dashboards work on the general proficiency and experience, which is the reason we have customized workforce dashboards that show total profile data with a total daily agenda, courses they handle, profile, exercises, assessments, schedules, participation, prompting, plans, online classes, alarms, and example organizers. The framework finds responsibility allotment, vacation, research work done, and other difficult-to-find data in only a couple of snaps. 

Personnel can see research projects, take up new certificates to expand their ability, and keep tabs on their development routinely. With portable application usefulness, things get helpful to handily oversee plans, mark participation, see grades, endorse leaves, get into conversations, send messages, track understudies’ records, transfer learning materials, and some more.

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