The Significance of EV Code Signing Certificate

You know how much effort it demands if you are a software publisher. But unfortunately, just publishing the software will not give you any assurance that it will be widely used among users. Microsoft smart screen filter has become one of the biggest obstacles that your software might witness on its way to success.

Building a software or application Reputation through the Microsoft SmartScreen filter is tough, especially if you are a new software developer.

So if you are thinking of an ideal solution to the problem, the answer is signing your application code or software with the best EV Code Signing Certificate. First, let us understand what it is and then go into depth:

What is an EV Code Signing Certificate?

Large-scale publishers or companies such as Microsoft, Mozilla, or Google won’t need an EV code signing certificate as they have an established reputation in the market. However, if you are an individual code publisher or a software company that is small or just beginning, your reputation might not be well-developed among users. So, Microsoft’s SmartScreen warning message can become a problem.

An EV Code Signing Certificate is helpful. The process involves the certificate authorities taking your application through a rigorous validation process before issuing the certificate. It takes at least one to five days to completely authenticate the legality of your business. The process is done by verifying your company’s information, phone number, location etc. After undergoing all the processes, the Microsoft smart screen will instantly give your EV code-signed software a reputation boost.

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If you are doubtful of whether to opt for this certificate, let us get that cleared:

Who Needs EV Code Signing Certificates?

If you are an individual code publisher or a software development company whose sole success is dependent on user trust, EV Code Signing Certificates are your ideal option. For instance, trust is a deciding factor if your organization offers software for various platforms, given to the resellers, or shared online on a third-party software publishing site.

Similarly, Code Signing certificates like Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate are ideal if you want to get rid of warning messages of the Microsoft SmartScreen Reputation filter that decreases abandonment of downloads or installation, thereby boosting user confidence and trust.

So why is the certificate so popular? But first, let us check its features and benefits.

What are the Features of EV Code Signing Certificates?

If you are thinking about what makes an EV code signing certificate unique from a standard court earning a certificate, here is a list of features and benefits that it offers:

  • Instant SmartScreen Reputation

One of the biggest advantages of using an EV Code Certificate like Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate is that your software automatically gets an instant reputation boost from the Microsoft SmartScreen filter. So, Microsoft will look at you as a trustworthy business and will reduce the warning messages while boosting your brand reputation. Gradually it will help to improve end-user trust resulting in more downloads and improved conversions.

  • Unlimited Signing

Once you get the EV code signing certificate for your software or application, you can easily digitally sign an unlimited number of applications or software till the expiry period is over. So, if you have bought a Code Signing Certificate, which has a validity of 3 years, you will be able to sign an unlimited number of software and applications digitally for 3 years straight.

  • Compatibility With Different Platforms
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Usually, EV Code Signing allows the code or software owner to digitally sign all the files and formats of various web-based platforms. For example, as a code publisher, you can digitally sign all your application and software files of Microsoft, Adobe, Java Applets, or VBA.

  • Timestamping That Freezes Your Digital Signature

An EV code signing certificate offers the code publishers the chance to digitally sign and time stamp their software with the help of a private key given by the udisc token. Time stamping your digital signature means that your digital signature will remain valid and will be trusted even after the expiry of your every software signing certificate.

  • Authenticity

When you digitally sign your EV Code Signing Certificate, the users can see your organization’s name, address, and company type. It is an indication to the users that the software they are using has come from an authentic software company and has not been tampered with by any third party since its signing.

  • Affordable and Cost-Effective

It might not seem so, but an EV code signing certificate is cost-effective and provides great value to the code publishers. Furthermore, if you take the instant trust of Microsoft Smartscreen into consideration, you will know how it can save you from the cells faced by non-events and software.

Simply put, it is an ideal investment for the organization to improve both conversions and downloads. You can get the Cheapest EV Code Signing Certificate from reliable third-party vendors too.

These are the features and benefits of an EV Code Signing Certificate.

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Concluding Words

EV Code Signing Certificate is the same standard code signing certificate but with some additional benefits that are not present in the standard ones. For example, it provides other benefits like displaying the company’s entire details in the digital signature or getting instant recognition from the Microsoft Smartscreen reputation filter.

Moreover, it also requires the applicant to go through a stringent authentication process, thereby giving the end-users a great sense of security and making sure that the software owner is a genuine code publisher.