Explore the Most Convenient Method to Convert VCF to CSV File

Hey users! If you have a query “How do I convert a VCF file to a CSV file and are looking for a method to convert the same, then you have found the right article. Here we have covered all the topics associated with the method of converting vCard to CSV.

Well in this article we will discuss two prominent methods, the Manual method, and the professional method to convert VCF to CSV file, So without any further delay let’s move to the next step

What is the difference between VCF and CSV?


  • It is a standard file format for electronic business cards or contact information.
  • VCF files are used in email and mobile devices to import and export contact information.
  • This file is often used to store information like names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and many other details.


  • CSV stands for Comma Separated Values 
  • It is a simple text file format, that uses commas in order to separate values.
  • CSV is a widely used format to store tabular data. Each line of the file represents a row in the tubular data, and the values of the row are separated by commas.
  • CSV files are used to export data from databases, spreadsheets, and many other applications.
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Manual Method to Convert VCF to CSV

Due to privacy reasons, you will definitely not want to upload your email contacts to any third-party websites that allow you to change VCF to CSV. So, we will use only Windows File Explorer. Firstly, we need to export the email contacts from Roundcube Webmail, It is an open-source web-based email client used by many hosting providers, and then you have to import the contacts into Outlook Web Access. It is provided by Microsoft.

#1: Export Email Contacts to Export VCF to CSV

To export the contacts from Roundcube. here are some steps you need to follow.

  • Log in to the webmail.
  • Now, Click on the contacts icon.
  • After that, Click on the Export icon to choose the Export All option.

#2: Import Contacts Using File Explorer

To import the files, You have to import the VCF file into the Windows Contacts by using the File Explorer option.

  • Open the File Explorer, paste the below-mentioned path in the address bar, And hit the Enter button.


It will open the Contacts folder for the logged-in user.

  • Now, Click the Import, option.

Now, the Import to Windows Contacts dialog box will appear to you with several options. Select the vCard (VCF file) option, and click Import.

Note that if you’re trying to convert VCF to CSV, you should select the CSV (Comma comma-separated values) option here.

  • Now, Browse, and select the VCF file, That you have exported from webmail. Now, you will see multiple popups for every contact. You need to just keep clicking on the OK button the contacts will continue to be added.
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Finally, You will see that all the contacts are in File Explore.

#3 Export Contacts to CSV

You have successfully added your contacts in Windows Contacts, you can use the Export option in order to generate a CSV.

To export the contacts:

  • Within the Windows Contacts folder, you have to open File Explorer and then choose all the contacts by using (Ctrl + A), and click Export option.
  • Now select Comma Separated Values (CSV) and click Export.
  • Click the Browse option to provide the path and name to export the CSV file, and then click on the Next option.
  • Select the fields, you want to export to the CSV file and then hit the Finish button.
  • Finally, you have all your contacts exported in the CSV format.

If you have performed all the steps carefully. Otherwise, you might have faced a data alteration issue while performing the steps to change VCF to CSV.

Professional Method to Convert VCF to CSV

You can export VCF to CSV with the help of the VCF to CSV Converter Tool. It can securely convert VCF to CSV, PDF, and PST file formats. You can also convert multiple VCF files at once without disrupting file integrity. Moreover, when you try to migrate VCF to PDF file format, the tool allows you to set the password on the PDF file. Simple, compact, and efficient key characteristics of the software are. Furthermore, it is compatible with all the versions of Windows OS.

Follow these steps carefully to convert vCard to CSV

  • Install the VCF to CSV Converter Tool.
  • Click on the Add File button select the VCF files and click the Open button.
  • Now, All the selected items will be shown in the list. Choose the VCF files and click Next.
  • Now, the list of output files will be expanded to choose the formats you have to choose the CSV option.
  • Finally,  define the destination path and hit the Convert button to successfully convert vCard to CSV 
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In this article, we have shared reliable methods to convert VCF to CSV

The manual approach is easy to perform but comes with certain limitations. Therefore, we have shared an alternative solution. This method provides 100% accurate results in less time. It is an easy to use and less time-consuming process. You can go with that without any concern about the data integrity while exporting VCF to CSV.