Best Free Video Editing Software for PC In 2022

Nowadays, video editing has turned into a happening career, and many youngsters are opting for it to make money. It has much relevance as video clips act as a major type of web content. Generally, free video editing software has high demand as most users are reluctant to use the paid versions.

People often search for the best free software for editing videos in such a situation. If you fall in the same group, this article is for you. Here, you can read about the top best video editing software available in the market for free. You can use all these while working on a desktop. Have a look:

Top Free Video Editing Software to Use in 2022

Best Free Video Editing Software list

As there is multiple software for editing videos, you should always consider user-friendliness as the primary factor when choosing one. Moreover, be aware of the kind of videos you need to edit. There is no point in editing a funky video with formal editing software. Check the list here and pick the right one:

  1. Videopad

Videopad can be the right video editing software for you if getting premium-quality videos is your goal. Moreover, you can save much time using this software with an easy UI.

Videopad has got its effects and sound library. So, you can initiate 3D video editing quite easily. Furthermore, this software allows you to put transitions, texts, overlays, etc.

Rendering and exporting processes are quite short in Videopad, enabling you to get a final cut within minutes. As a beginner, you can use this software to learn all the work basics.

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However, Videopad might seem a bit boring if you need the advanced features of video editing. Still, getting everything that Videopad provides for free is very worthwhile. In addition, you can install the Videopad software in both Windows and Mac systems.

  1. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is a new video editing software having a free version. It has several advanced features that professional video editors love to use. However, you would need some knowledge regarding video editing to use it.

One good feature about DaVinci Resolve is that it allows you to edit videos in both offline and online modes. Thus, you would never lose the continuity of work. In addition, actions like cutting, trimming, and adding transitions are easy with DaVinci Resolve.

Furthermore, this software has an auto-editing setup. It can support you in the cases of audio-video synchronization. So, if you are convinced to use DaVinci Resolve for editing, download it to your system now.

You would be amazed to know that DaVinci Resolve can work like the Youtube to MP3 converter too. Moreover, you can use this software in Mac, Windows, and Linux setups for free.

  1. Lightworks

Computer professionals who work on Linux systems often complain about the absence of simple video editing software. Well, now the best solution for this problem can be Lightworks. In Lightworks, you can take an easy approach to editing videos.

There are lucid trim functions that you can use and complete editing a rough-cut video within minutes. Moreover, the Multicam editing technology allows you to sync multiple clips from different cameras. As a result, quality packaging is ensured. Furthermore, sharing and exporting processes are also a matter of a few clicks in Lightworks.

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Apart from Linux, Lightworks can run on Mac and Windows systems too. All you need to do is download the updated version of this software from the internet and install it.

  1. OpenShot

When your primary necessity is user-friendliness, OpenShot can be the best free video editing software for you. Nevertheless, install this software if you know the basics of video editing.

This software can serve you the best if you aim to open a venture related to video editing. Some outstanding features of OpenShot include easy snapping and trimming. Moreover, resizing and mapping processes on this software are also simple.

The best convenience you can get while working with OpenShot is tracking the real-time preview. Finally, for your knowledge, OpenShot’s free version is usable in Windows, Linux, and Mac systems.

  1. Windows Video Editor

You can always count on the Windows Video Editor if you are an exclusive Windows editor. It is free software that runs only on Windows systems.

You can use this software if you are a daily vlogger. Windows Video Editor provides you with all features that make your video editing process rapid. Moreover, you can edit photographs on this software in just a few clicks.

One unique feature that makes the Windows Video Editor outstanding is the presence of the animation tab. It allows you to add credits, music, and titles to your videos.

Windows Video Editor has a prominent drawback as it does not work on other OSs apart from Windows. However, it is exclusively made by the Windows team for windows users.

  1. Blender
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If you are a 3D video editor looking for a free platform to execute it, consider choosing Blender. This software can turn into your best friend if you are into 3D animations. In addition, the tools available on this software are made by experienced developers around the world.

As a result, you can execute complex clip edits in simple algorithms. Furthermore, like most software in this list, Blender ensures quick rendering processes. Amazingly enough, you can design your own video game on Blender after getting the advanced knowledge of using it.

Apart from the features described above, Blender allows you access to a well-built library of vignettes and visual effects. Unfortunately, you can only get the free version of Blender on the internet, and it can run on all top OSs.

Final Words

The demand for advanced video editing software might increase in the next five years. The primary reason for it is the boost in YouTube and other social media vloggers. Well, being a vlogger, you can choose any of the free software mentioned here in 2022.

If you are a Youtuber, you can use this software and create a video to upload. However, check if there are any errors like the youtube invalid response received. Maintaining your YouTube handle can lead you to earn a lot of money. However, for that, you need to be a skilled video editor.

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