Why Reactiv SUITE is So Effective in Remote Meetings

From the start of the pandemic, most of us have switched from in-person meetings to virtual or remote meetings and video conferencing. As we jump to the post-pandemic, it is predicted that almost 70% of meetings will continue to remain online.

What exactly is Remote Collaboration?

Noun: the act of engaging with our online audience.

How many of us really occupy ourselves with our meeting members and make them feel like they had a notable experience? How many meetings do you recall from last month? If you are like me, everything is a dark blue, and you rarely remember anything that was done or said in an online meeting.

What is the best online remote meetings conferencing app?

An awesome meeting starts with a great video conferencing app. What is good for you? Here are my personal experiences. At the end of the day, every video conferencing app will give you the same basic features. Great sharing screen experience, great camera quality, and audio, But there are variances to their user experience.


Zoom is great a (and possibly the most high-profile video conferencing app in the VU\UC industry, tackling unified communications with their cloud platform for audio, video conferencing, chat, collaboration, and webinars across all outcomes.


  • Really fast to open the app and get started
  • Free version available
  • Options for hardware GPU acceleration for enhanced performance
  • Easy to share meeting details using meeting ID and password
  • Easy to use interface
  • Can easily join a meeting; don’t even have to sign in
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  • Whiteboard is weak and very basic; very hard and frustrating to use
  • Second screen support is not strong
  • No integration with Outlook to create and distribute meetings – need to do it from the zoom app
  • No presentation mode at all

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is Microsoft’s all-bound work-stream collaboration plus unified communications program – combining chats, calls, meetings, and file sharing with the Office 365 app stack to bring everyone together in a shared platform.


  • Amazing support for the second monitor, just drag the Teams window and create an audience view
  • Tight integration with Microsoft products – can easily click one button in the calendar to create and invite participants to meetings
  • Included with an O365 subscription


  • No whiteboard mode at all
  • No meeting ID to just join – must be authenticated to launch a meeting
  • Painfully slow to login and get started
  • Presenter mode is downright awful
  • Bad user interface as most users are confused when they first start using the software
  • Does not give you an option to default audio sharing – always have to turn it on manually for every meeting causing issues
  • Takes up a lot of CPU\GPU resources even for simple screen sharing

Google Meet


  • Free for any Gmail and Google user
  • No app to install, just start a meeting using your browser
  • High-quality audio and video all through the browser
  • Easy to use interface


  • No whiteboard or markup mode
  • Limited features like background subtraction and beautification filters
  • No presenter mode
  • Not integrated into Outlook and other Microsoft products
  • Limited options for breakout rooms and larger-scale meetings
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Google Meet is a great entry-level product that offers great performance and simplicity.

Why Reactiv SUITE Whiteboard is much better than any other remote meetings or Video Conferencing app.


Online whiteboards are great for remote meetings where multiple people have to sketch and design out a concept over time. Once your team has access, they can access the online whiteboard at any time to add information, update, and organize the data.

Reactiv SUITE helps boost your audience session in any remote meeting. Manipulate, display, organize and annotate content as naturally as paper. Easily present multiple types of a information, jump to any topic, and seamlessly capture feedback without the limitations of formal desktop sharing tools.

Even control your image, pin your camera, and elevate your presence to stand out.

Reactiv SUITE better than Zoom whiteboard.jpg

Reactiv SUITE is a product designed to improve engagement in online meetings. Make sure your audience is seen in an elevated position. Elevate your position and place the camera. Show multimedia content by manipulating a piece of paper. Make your audience’s attention stand out by writing highlights, inking, and underlining your documents.

Deliver a presentation that builds trust and leaves a lasting impression for remote meetings.

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