Why Reactiv SUITE is Preferable to Zoom Whiteboard

Zoom is great web conferencing software that can easily bring many people together in online meetings, but it has its own limitations. The blended whiteboard is one of them!

There are many options for online meetings software, but Reactiv SUITE has some features that make it preferable to Zoom Whiteboard. The whiteboard feature in particular is a great addition to this otherwise very simple tool. 

With so many different video conferencing services available, picking the right one can be overwhelming. Fortunately, when it comes down to it, Reactiv SUITE offers better all-around functionality than Zoom Whiteboard – including features like screen sharing and annotations in the web browser client!

The allure of Zoom’s whiteboard feature is strong. However, if you’re looking for a video conferencing tool that also offers screen sharing and recording, Reactiv SUITE has you covered.

In a world where remote team collaboration is the new norm, every business owner should be aware of their options for online meeting software. Reactiv SUITE has been making waves in this industry with its dramatic improvements to whiteboard functionality and versatility compared to competitors like Zoom WhiteBoard. If you’re looking for an all-inclusive platform that allows your entire team to communicate efficiently no matter what device they are using, look no further than Reactiv SUITE! 

The Zoom whiteboard has many various problems. Here are some of the key issues that make it virtually impossible for me to use it in my meetings:

  • Lots of clicks – It takes clicks on clicks to do anything! You have to click between erasers, size, pen, and shape. It is really troublesome and slows down the conversation
  • Cluttered UI – There are variable toolbars on top of toolbars. You have your PowerPoint, and app windows with their combine, then you have the conference call toolbars and add to this more clutter with the whiteboard controls You quickly run out of the screen panel.
  • Ink doesn’t follow the file – this is a big one! When you flip the page or move the file, the ink doesn’t move with the file. That means that the ink doesn’t make sense and the text is lost very quickly. What if you need to ink two unrelated pages and need to flip back and forth? You need to go back and forth following the ink.
  • Annotation and whiteboards disappear when screen sharing ends. This is big one, especially if you want to give someone access to your screen for a second. The annotations disappear and the whiteboard disappears with it.
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The key problem is the user experience. It is annoying to use in a real meeting of any substance. You must remove all the ink as you advance through your presentation; the whiteboard is just an overlay on your screen. It has no idea what you are doing and how you are moving your files. This means that the ink loses its applicability really quickly and your screen becomes a mess!

Better Replacement to Zoom Whiteboard

Reactiv SUITE is designed to solve all these issues. It natively presents all of your documents, media, and content on a unique canvas sheet. All your files are clean – as if they were printed onto paper.

No more clutter! You can resize, manipulate and arrange your content to present your information.

In addition, you can easily ink, markup, and highlight any file you want. Most important, the ink sticks to the file and to the page. That means you can move from one page to another, and not lose the context of the marker. You don’t have to constantly remove the marker and make your panel clean again for the next slide! You can move files or resize them and the marker will be in the correct spot.

At the end of your online meeting, you can also save your native document back with the ink layer. That means if you save a Word or PowerPoint document, the ink will be injected as a native ink object that can be deleted and edited. No more snapshots and paper notes to archive your report from the meeting. Simply markup the original documents and save them back with all the ink marks and notes.

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Reactiv SUITE is the best and most powerful whiteboard for your Zoom meetings.


You can now collaborate with your team from anywhere in the world. Reactiv SUITE is a powerful whiteboard for Zoom meetings that allows you to draw and annotate on top of any video feed, share drawings with your teammates or even synchronize them across multiple devices at once! With this software, it’s easy to stay connected no matter where you are.

From remote conferencing capabilities right out of the box all the way up through synchronization features, there’s no limit to what you could accomplish with Reactiv SUITE for Zoom whiteboard.

Ready to see how Reactiv SUITE can improve collaboration? Try it Today!

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