How to Create an Engaging Animated Video in 7 Steps

In this digital age, most businesses use animated explainer videos to convey their message to the audience. However, producing an explainer video is difficult; it requires time and many interactions for research.

If you want to create engaging and creative animation, you need to consider the steps involved in the production process to create an engaging animated video.

Here in this blog, we will discuss the critical steps that help you create a top-notch explainer video that enhances your marketing.

Research for your Project

First, you need to consider the goals you want to achieve from a video. What is the purpose of your video? Which platforms do you want to use for your video? And What is the theme of the video, informal or formal? It would be best if you thought about which engaging animated video is suitable for your requirements: you can use an extension video or app, a screencast, or an explainer video.

Moreover, you need to check your main competitors’ motion design from their animated videos so that you can get a complete idea about their video marketing strategy. Once you get the idea about their online video strategy, it will help you create a video that will help you achieve your business objectives.


Scriptwriting is one of the essential elements of a video. If your video lacks an engaging script, the animation will fail to capture the audience’s attention. A good script will help you generate potential leads and improve your conversion rate.

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It isn’t easy to keep the audience’s interest in a video; that is why you need to convey a message creatively. If you have experience in writing, you can write the script yourself or hire a script writer for your video. This way, you can optimize your video for better results.


In storyboarding, we use graphical representation to explain how a video will be created. It is designed with squares with pictures or graphics representing each shot. You can use notes to explain what is happening in the scene and what the script tells about in that shot.

The storyboarding process is essential as it helps you decide the look and style of visuals for your video. Storyboarding helps eliminate the mistakes of the visuals and concepts and speeds up the video production process.

You need to research the optimal video length and adjust your voice story for your video. Ensure to design the visually engaging characters that capture your audience’s attention and trigger their emotions.


Another significant element of a professional explainer video is the voice-over. You need to choose the voice that beautifully fits the style and mood of your video. First, you need to set your requirements, and you can contact any credible video production agency.

These agencies help you in providing an appealing voice for your video. They have teams of various voice-over artists, and you can select from your choice.

Usually, video production companies ask for approval of the storyboard and script, then the voice-over artist starts working on voice recording and completes it within one or two days.

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Video Production

Video production agencies complete the voice-over and storyboard and begin their work to create the first draft video. Their production team finalizes the illustrations, and they create the visually appealing animated video and share it with you for your approval.

It is the time when you can share your feedback and suggestion on the video, so the video production agency can enhance the video to make it more engaging. Animated videos help businesses convey the brand’s message in an easy-to-understand way.

You can use animated characters to capture the audience’s attention, and viewers can memorize things quickly through animated videos.

You can hire BuzzFlick video production company as they stand out among the top 12 Montreal animation studios. They have vast experience in creating top-notch animated videos for their clients.

Music and Sound Effects

After doing all the needed improvements and revisions by their designers and editors, animation video agencies send video to sound designers to begin their work on producing audio effects to make your video more memorable and highly engaging.

Sound designers are experts in choosing excellent sound effects and music for video that enriches the theme and style of animation. If your audio is appealing, it captures the audience’s attention, and they will understand your message more effectively.

Promote your Explainer Videos

Once you approve the final version of your explainer video, the second step is where to post your explainer videos to achieve your business objectives. Marketers post their explainer videos on social media platforms to increase their audience engagement and build their robust online presence.

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You need to search for the marketing strategies that help you promote your videos on YouTube or other platforms. Moreover, you can use the YouTube analytics connector to analyze the data about your videos on YouTube. This tool will help you in checking your audience engagement.

Knowing the outcome of your marketing strategy is essential. That is why marketers use various analytics tools to monitor the results of their efforts. It helps in understanding what is working or what is not. If needed, you can revise or make changes to your video marketing to achieve desired results.

Closing Remarks

Explainer videos have gained immense popularity recently, and most businesses are using them to enrich their marketing. If you want to create an engaging animated explainer video, you and your hired animation agency should involve in every phase and coordinate with each other for a better outcome.

If your communication with the video production company is good, it will help create a unique and engaging explainer video.

Research is the critical element that enriches your video production process. It includes scriptwriting, conceptualization, animation, storyboarding, and voice-over. This article will help you understand the video production process. You might be thinking about the engaging animated video cost. Video production companies have packages ranging from $10,000 to $15,000 for a 90 seconds duration animated explainer video.

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