How Can I Get 20k Visitors Per Month?

Websites have become a major source of revenue these days. With billions of users online every day, getting 20K visitors per month should not be that hard. But the reality is too harsh!

Only 10% of the website gets 90% of traffic from search engines. Today search engines follow specific rules, algorithms, and protocols to rank them on more than 200 factors. SEO or Search Engine Optimization remains one of the major ways to attract online traffic. Though social media presence has exploded in the last decade, Organic traffic still has the highest alone percentage to drive online viewers.

As an owner, start-up, or big organization, you look for a solution, not to understand the process. Hiring the right SEO Company in Delhi can help you in the right footsteps of gaining 20K traffic per month. Still, you need to understand the basic concepts about organic traffic, SEO, and return on investment (ROI) to avoid standing on the wrong side of the results.

Let’s look out different means by which we can get 20K visitors per month.

 Leveraging the Benefits of SEO

Even after paid marketing getting all the attention in the last decade, Organic search remains the highest contributor for website traffic. Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) has changed over the last two decades with digitizations.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), in short, defines all the rules a website has to follow to get rank and visitors from the search engines respectively. As per the official count, they use more than 200+ signals to rank web pages based on the search query.

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Consistency is the key in SEO. You need to create content regularly and build a niche that guarantees more search that will drive traffic. Most businesses use 3rd party SEO Services to complement their solutions. These SEO experts can work separately while the company’s focus remains on its products and services.

Getting 20K visits every month requires a lot of planning, initial optimizations with website optimizations, and continuity to reach the desired target.

Writing Engaging and detailed Content

Users use search engines to find answers to different questions, products, and services. Websites with rich content get more attention due to the enhanced scope of solving an issue. More visitors stay on these sites and stay connected to read their favorite writers again & again. Overall Search engines have now stated this user experience behavior as the major ranking factor.

Industry demands newer ideas, creativity, a fresh approach, engaging, and well-written content. The younger generation and their mindset will have a particular approach. SEO experts use precise planning, storytelling, and various other approaches to create content.

Google also gives preference to unique and engaging content for ranking at the credible position. Quality content remains the foremost ranking factor in search engines. So you can leverage more visitors to your site by writing content in detail and consistently gaining more followers.

Keep the posts going regularly. Sites that post regularly get more visitors and gain long-term visitors. These all planning and execution need proper guidance as well as expertise to deliver at the highest level.

Social Media

Global social media platforms drive millions of traffic every day to websites. You need to understand the different ways and methodologies to engage more users. Compelling content, infographics, and animations force users to check out the content. Both organic and paid options are available for businesses to enhance their social media platforms.

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Many social media platforms have such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., have a worldwide following. You can use these sites to connect with visitors, gain new followers, and have a global presence all around. Today, Social Media activities have become part of our daily life with local news, regular posts, buy e-commerce shops, and group sharing.

You can use social media as one of the primary sources of site traffic. Any viral content can bring hundreds of visitors to the right content. So it’s all about planning things precisely. Start with your niche, build blogs, graphics and create an engaging audience on social media channels.

Guest Posts

Guest posts are the latest trend in SEO. Connecting with other sites to post content has become one of the best ways for promoting websites. Prefer sites with higher domain authority and page authority to publish content. You

Creating backlinks and gaining referral traffic sites from these sites have garnered a lot of attention in the last few years. Guest posts add more exposure to your content and website. This also increases your backlink and aids in gaining ranking from search engines.

The content Marketing industry has exploded in the last few years as more and more businesses are leveraging it to enhance their prospects. Some of these sites have millions of active user databases and can help you in promoting business in the right direction.

Get Published in top sites

If you have a new website or starting a new platform then try to get your content or brand published on top global platforms. These sites have the topmost DA PA with huge traffic to boost your site performance. These backlinks act as referral links and provide access to their site audience.

Though it might cost you a little, still in the longer terms, it will benefit you a lot. Backlinks from these sites stay longer and aid in gaining topmost positions in search engines as well.

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Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keyword is one of the hidden truths of gaining more traffic. Users will often put the specific query that asks for the desired result. More than 70% of the search queries are long-tail keywords.

For instance, for iPhone enthusiasts, their queries would-be iPhone 12 mini specifications and prices in the local area. So you can build your content around these long-tail search queries.

Search engines will use the website content and SEO signals to rank pages. So you need to make sure to cover each topic precisely and follow the latest SEO standards. You can further use SEO Services in Delhi to get professional help and synchronize work to get more organic traffic for your website.


Getting 20,000 visits monthly can be a huge task for a beginner. But for seasoned professionals, getting 20K traffic can be easily achieved with smart strategies, execution, and implementation.

Quality Content remains the primary factor to gain Organic factor. Still following all the SEO rules and off-page marketing tactics can distract you from the concept. So it is recommended to use professional SEO services to manage the workload and reach your goals in the shortest time possible.

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