7 Smart Social Media Marketing Tactics to Boost Traffic

Modern problems require modern solutions. Similarly, modern businesses require modern boosting strategies for social media marketing tactics, just like by adding schedule tweets in their strategies which can help them to get higher reach. One of these strategies popular among generation z is the use of social media marketing techniques.

While China and India lead the market in this regard, the social media marketing services UK have levelled up their game to conquer this domain. At one click, more than six thousand searches for top marketing agencies will pop up. This means that a beginner will have to be on his guard before starting any business and selecting a marketing agency to boost traffic with social media marketing tactics.

But why invest in an agency when you can do a bit of research yourself and use that money in your business?

Here are seven smart social media marketing tactics to boost traffic and sustain your small business.

  1. Taking Advantage of a Popular Event on Social Media

One of the best ways to earn money through your business is to be well aware of what is happening in the online and offline market. What movements are going on and what is the new trend spreading like a wildfire on these platforms social media marketing tactics. Try putting your creative thoughts in those testing waters and earn yourself and your brand a name.

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For example, did you know that October is celebrated as Pizza month in America and Canada? A recent trend took Twitter by storm where DiGiorno, a frozen pizza brand, created a buzz by attracting numerous customers by using the organic interest of people.

The company anticipated beforehand that many users will be posting pictures of pizzas because October reminds them of Pizza. Hence, the company engaged a massive audience by asking them to use their hashtag #deliverdigiorno and as a return favour, they would deliver a free Pizza to their home. In this way, they invited new customers and made DiGiorno a household name. Creative hah!

  1. Giveaways

Everyone loves everything as long as it comes free of cost! Yes, that is right. Even if someone doesn’t love a particular item, and you offer it free to the person, he is more likely to accept it. Maybe he would give it to someone else. Right?

  1. Personalised Data

Everyone loves to know a little more about themselves. If an app makes an effort for you to tell you about your decade long music choice as Spotify did, you will be touched. Yes, that is another efficient way of boosting sales. And this suit can only be achieved if you have an effective data analysis system that you regularly update. Learn about your customers, show them that you prioritise them and inform them that you gave something for them. The old customers are touched by this gesture and will recommend your services to other people.

  1. Challenging the Social Media Users

Tell us that you are aware of this? How many of you tried the ice bucket water challenge? Or danced to popular songs from movies and uploaded your videos? Many Bollywood and Lollywood movie promotion campaigns implied this method to create hype for their soon-to-be-released movies. Check out your products, create a challenge, and invite people to it. Cool is the new fashion and you must make things cool and creative.

  1. Remaining True to your Brand
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Connect your brand’s true idea to people and their daily life. You don’t have to change the elements of your brand to fit into the marketing. You must remain true to how you present your brand. Make sure that your feed is resonating with the logo and claim of your brand. If you are inviting a large number of people by false promises and then showing them something different would fail. Try gauging the trust and confidence of your clients and you are all good to go.

  1. The Aesthetics of your Social Media Feed

If you are using Instagram for your business, or Facebook for that matter, remember that the aesthetics of your feed or wall play a pivotal role in boosting traffic. If you are having a clothing business, you must have those clothes styled beautifully and captured in a surrounding that complements the outfit.

Your designed outfit should stand out from the rest of the background. Whether your clothing brand is more about adorable dresses or more like fancy wear, try to be particular about other details that are beyond your clothing design department.

  1. Partnership with Influencers

In all of the above strategies, we have mentioned influencers from time to time. Remember whenever you are partnering with an influencer, learn about your influencer’s audience as well.

Whether his audience or your audience is the same target audience that you want to have for your business? You cannot probably be asking a person of different interests to be ambassadors for your product. If you are running a makeup product-based business you must find influencers that are make-up artists.

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These are all the social media marketing tactics that you need to know to boost traffic on your sites. Keep updating your audience and take their reviews seriously when considering something new. All of these creative ways will enable you to orient yourself well with the marketing strategies and sustain your business.

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