13 Tips & Tricks to Increase Your Website Page Views Easily

Page views are an important metric for a website. The more page views, the more successful your website is and vice versa. There are many different strategies that you can use in order to increase your blog’s page views, so you should try out a few of them until you find one that works for you.

One way to increase the number of page views is by implementing a few changes. For example, there are things like adding images or videos to posts. Another way would be to use different formats for the content. Create in the form of slideshows and list able items.

Page Views for Getting More Engagement:

Websites use various methods to increase their page views. For instance, the professional posts quality content on the website on a regular basis, and the visitor’s engagement is more. They also offer blog subscriptions or RSS feed that makes it easy for readers to stay updated with new content which in turn results in increased page views as well as loyal followers for long-term returns.

Want to increase the page views of the website; you can keep some things in your mind. Add a call-to-action link after the end of each post in your website. It allow readers to hit on the link more easily and explore the other articles on the website.

The following are the few tips to increase the page views of your website below:

  1. Write a Guest Post that’s interesting to readers and help to get recognized by the others.
  2. Build an Original Content to Target Your Audience.
  3. Make your content unique and readable for your audience and let them share the content on different social media platforms and other Blogs.
  4. Promote via Social Media Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and More.
  5. Optimize Titles and Headlines to Increase Search Engine Visibility and Traffic – 2 Things That Affect Page views the Most.
  6. Develop a Content Strategy that Really Sells Your Products or Services.
  7. Use Pictures, Videos, Infographics, or Slideshows to Capture Interest.
  8. Be Consistent – Stagger Out.
  9. Write for the Web: Keep your content short, concise, and to the point.
  10. Put a face on your content: We are more likely to engage with something when we see someone behind it.
  11. Create an “About” page: This helps people to feel more connected with your company and gives them a glimpse of who you are as people.
  12. Get personal with ads: Include testimonials or other personal messages on ads in order to make them feel more personal as well as show some personality about the company.
  13. Tailor Ads to Your Audience: The best way to advertise is one-to-one and this is especially true.
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Writing unique and interesting content is another way to gain. Your readers should be able to read your content with ease and should not have to find them fighting with words or struggling through difficult concepts in order to understand what you are trying to say.

Further research has shown that people usually prefer to read full articles on the topic rather than short content pieces, so you should also expand on your topics and provide more in-depth analysis when you post. When it comes down to it, providing valuable and interesting information is a good way to increase page views on your website!


Hope with this article you can learn to increase the page views by writing a post daily. These tips are must have to employ to your blog and guarantee to increase your website engagement and you can see the boost up in your website ranking to make your website better and better with time.

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