5 Simple Ways to Target the Right Audience for Your Social Media Ads

Facebook marketing is doing wonders for businesses. What was once a mere entertainment or social media ads platform, today is a great channel to market your product or services.

No wonder why Facebook accounts for 18.4% of the global mobile digital advertising. More than 90% of social media marketers are using Facebook for advertising.

Moreover, in 2021, businesses are investing 122% more on Facebook advertisements than they did last year. And several other numbers can be shared to highlight the role of Facebook social media ads and organic advertisement for the growth of businesses.

But it all comes at a cost. You can only achieve the desired results if you set up optimized ads. Of course, it’s not just about running an ad campaign but displaying your ad to the right audience.

As one of the leading Facebook ads agencies in Dubai, we run ROI-driven Facebook ads on a regular basis. And we are ready to share our secret recipe to target the right audience for Facebook ads with you.

Here’s How it’s Done:

  1. Market Research

You have a product to sell, or a service to provide in your local area, but you can’t sell them to everyone. You can’t sell a teenager’s product to people in their 50s, it’s very unlikely they are going to give it to their grandsons.

Likewise, showing your junk food businesses to health-conscious people, or people on diet is never going to work. And besides that, your ad spend keeps going up without any significant results.

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Market research comes first. Spy on your competitors. Analyze their ads, check in the comment section what people are saying about their ads. And have the feel of their ads, how would you perceive their ads as a consumer?

  1. Segment Your Audience

Once you are done with the market research, it’s time to segment your audience. First of all, decide who is your ideal consumer; their age, habits, gender, location, etc.

You might have to create separate ads for each. Likewise, you are never going to get results on the first attempt. It’s likely you will be running multiple ads to determine the best one of them and stick to it.

However, if you don’t have the budget for multiple ads, you can stick to only one. But make sure you give more time and effort to research because the margin of error is little.

  1. Take Insights from Your Facebook Page

One of the best ways to find out who your ideal consumer is and worth showing your social media ads is by checking your Facebook page analytics. Go back to your best-performing posts and see what made the people excited.

Every industry has different trends. The type of content foodies enjoy is never going to work in the weight-loss or health niche.

Don’t jump on the bandwagon. See what your competitors are doing, what your page audience craves for, consider the trends in your industry, and create ads accordingly.

  1. Conduct Polls & Surveys
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Now that’s a hack rarely discussed. Why not create a poll before creating a Facebook social media ads? You can ask questions regarding your future ad campaign. Your audience will give you some incredible insight into their needs and behavior in the poll.

For example, you are planning to create a campaign for a beauty product, but not sure which color will bring more sales — or what design or color your audience prefers.

These polls will enlighten you with the secret recipe for boosting your sales.

  1. Use Geography

Geography is another thing to consider. If you are only operating in a particular region or town, you must make sure you display your ads to the people in the defined vicinity.

You can’t get any sales if your business operates only in New York but you are also showing ads to the people living in Florida.

Furthermore, people living in a certain region have different buying habits. Some are naturally inclined towards grandeur while some prefer simplicity.

Some don’t mind an expensive price tag and consider a product more worthy if it’s expensive. While some are quite conscious about their buying habits.

What to Do If You are unable to Get the Desired Results?

You may think running Facebook ads is quite simple. Anyone can set ads after attending a 30-minute session on YouTube, or after reading a blog post about Facebook ads. But it’s not that simple.

And if you feel you are not getting the results you want, it’s worth considering hiring a Facebook marketing agency to take care of your campaigns.

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Someone who has created and managed hundreds of ad campaigns won’t have to iterate much. He will be aware of the best practices and implement them while creating your campaigns.


Creating a Facebook ad campaign and playing with pixels is one thing, and generating the desired results is another. Facebook social media ads have the potential to double your revenue and make your business location independent in terms of business. But, for that, you must know how to utilize them.

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