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5 Essentials to Successfully Run Facebook Ads



Social media is the most successful method for increasing impressions, clicks, and conversions in digital advertising. Facebook Ads in particular stands out – in certain situations, it is seven times more costly than the next most affordable social media advertising platform (Twitter).

You may advertise on Facebook for as little as $5 per day and achieve substantial results.

That sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?


The talk about the methods for Facebook ads and benefits of digital marketing will be kept simple. These are the same methods and lessons we’ve used to develop our own paid advertising campaigns, newest news and insights.

Types of Facebook Ads

1. Image Ads

2. Video Ads


3. Poll Ads

4. Carousel Ad

5. Slideshow Ads

6. Collection Ads


7. Instant Experience Ads

8. Lead Ads

9. Dynamic Ads

10. Stories Ads


11. Messenger Ads

Advantages & Disadvantages of Facebook Advertising

Before we go into the intricacies of Facebook advertising, I wanted to offer this great list of Facebook advertising advantages and drawbacks from the Moz blog, which aided us in determining how to proceed with Facebook Ads for Buffer.


  • Campaigns are simple to track
  • Increased traffic immediately Complete control over your daily budget and maximum Cost-per-click
  • Return on investment in a flash (You can easily define a cost per conversion and understand what your profit is)
  • Additional targeting possibilities, such as towns, regions, age, likes/interests, and income bracket, among others.
  • Simpler to configure than Google AdWords
  • The capacity to contact people early in the purchasing process, before they are aware of a need, but also subtly capturing those who are conscious of a requirement
  • You may utilize photos and videos to pique your target market’s attention and aid in selling your items and services.
  • The cost per click is quite low, depending on the industry (on average, less than $0.61 per click).


  • It can be pricey if not set up and handled properly, but not as much as Google AdWords.
  • Depending on your target market, a sizable portion of your huge potential audience may be insignificant. Unless you select a lifetime budget, you will not be able to target your advertising.
  • Those that operate in B2C marketplaces will find this the most suited.
  • Reaching out to consumers too early in the purchasing cycle may result in a lower conversion rate.

How to Get Started with Facebook Advertising?

You may access your Facebook Ads dashboard by visiting or by pressing the dropdown arrow in the upper-right corner of Facebook and selecting “Manage Ads.”

Understanding the Dashboard

word image 1

You can control every part of your Facebook advertising experience from the ads dashboard. There is a great deal here! This is where all of the key tools, menus, and buttons are located.

Facebook Ads are highly adaptable, with 11 distinct versions available to help you address various business challenges, from generating traffic to your website to contacting individuals in your local region.


The following table summarizes the many types of ads accessible to Facebook marketers, and throughout this chapter, we’ll go through each type in detail.

  1. Increase the visibility of your posts
  2. Increase the visibility of your Page
  3. Direct visitors to your website
  4. Conversions on your website should be increased
  5. Increase the number of times your software is downloaded
  6. Increase app engagement
  7. Attract customers in your neighborhood
  8. Increase the amount of attendees at your event
  9. Encourage others to take advantage of your offer.
  10. Acquire video views
  11. Lead generation for your business

How to Decide Your Ad Type

When you create a new Facebook ad (by selecting the green button on your advertising dashboard), you’ll see 11 distinct options, each with a distinct focus on promoting your company or Page.

The overall layout for each will be similar: you’ll begin by selecting the sort of advertisement (the aim), then targeting the appropriate audience and budget (the ad set), and then creating the advertisement itself (the ad).

How to Build a Budget for your Ad

Within the budget settings for your Facebook ad, you’ll have control over two critical elements: the amount you are willing to spend and the day on which you wish to begin paying. Additionally, there are additional, precise customization choices available at this point for individuals desiring even greater control over the specifics of delivery.

Facebook’s default recommendation is a daily budget of $20.00. You may customize this in various ways, including selecting a “daily” or “lifetime” budget and changing the amount you wish to spend.


The daily budget you establish is the maximum amount you will spend on any given day. The budget you specify for the duration of your ad is the maximum amount you will spend. When you select a lifetime budget, you’ll also need to specify an ad’s start and end dates. The option of constant advertising has been removed.


We thank you for giving the time to peruse our information. As I said previously, there is a lot to learn about Facebook – we would love to help you in certain way we can. If you have any questions or tips, you’d want us to know. Additionally, if you notice anything that has changed regarding Facebook Ads after we published them, we would appreciate the heads-up. Things move quickly!

What has been your Facebook Ads strategy?

What type of outcomes are you observing?


Please share your thoughts in the comments. There, I’ll chat with you!

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Nikhil Sharma is an enthusiastic blogger with a keen eye for details. Being a blogger he is always try to share views on various topics which is important. He is a passionate blogger and love to write about topics related to digital marketing, finance and technology. Moreover, he always take a particular interest in learning the newest blogging trends and love to write on topics with a technological edge.

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Digital Marketing

Working at an Advertising Agency in Lahore – Exposure, Opportunities?



Advertising Agency in Lahore


As a young marketer, working at an advertising agency in Lahore is quite exciting. You get to interact with a lot of creative people, get to know how they work and acquire the business, and so on. Working in an Advertising agency in Pakistan can also be challenging sometimes but it is worth the hassle. At least for people like me!

For me, working on a variety of clients, from different, opposing even, fields is pretty exciting. It gives one quite some room to learn something new with each passing day. When you work in just one brand, you don’t get to learn about other fields and your knowledge might not be as diverse as it is while working at an advertising agency anywhere in the world.

Now, I am not saying that working on just one brand is not beneficial. It is but it does not give a lot of learning opportunities to the creatives. Whereas, working on a variety of clients opens up the minds of all the team members and makes them think fresh which is very important because of the workflow at an advertising agency in Lahore.

Advertising Agency

Size of the agency

Now, most advertising agencies also provide printing services in Pakistan and our company does too. This is another plus point for a marketer when he or she joins a new agency; seeing what kind of work and which technologies or services they offer to their clients. This ensures growth and a certain exposure which you would not be able to get at a small-scale agency that outsources most of its work.

Finding the right team

So, it is important to be a part of a team that has great potential to grow in the field of marketing and advertising agency in Lahore because this way, you get to grow. And if you are stuck at a dead-end job, you’d never be able to make your way into the advertising field. This field is quite competitive, sometimes cutthroat even because of the nature of the job but I guess this is what makes it exciting too.

It’s all about teamwork

Whenever a new account comes in, everyone wants to get involved, learn about it, and play with it. This exercise is fruitful too because it lets everyone share their raw ideas and the creative team can then take those forward and use them if and when required.

Advertising requires teamwork and it is absolutely necessary that every person that is on a particular account, understands the clients inside and out. If the people working on a certain account are not familiar with the work, it can cause problems with the day-to-day working because it becomes difficult to brief everyone again and again, especially when there is a lot of work at hand.

Management has a crucial role to play

Managers play a vital role in making sure that everyone is assigned their tasks. In due time and also that they are performing their duties as expected. And if the management fails to keep a check on the employees. It can create problems within the team which could eventually affect the client’s work and that is never an option.


Because in the end, it is the client we are working for or with and we cannot risk affecting their work. So, it is very important that the team understands the importance of their roles. And timely completion of their respective tasks. This way, they get to work peacefully with each other and also get everything done in time.

Opportunities to learn and grow

It is also important to provide new learning opportunities to the team members. Make their work on new and exciting projects, get them involved in something which requires learning or perfecting a new skill, this way they get to enhance their skill set and also help the agency.


An advertising agency in Lahore is a pretty exciting place to work, no doubt about that but it might just be one of the most hectic jobs there are in the corporate world. There are good days and there are bad days but both bring opportunities to learn something new that benefits everyone in this field.

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Advertising with Cardboard Candle Boxes



Cardboard Candle Boxes

Excellent design, premium packaging materials, and cutting-edge branding techniques are require today. All of these are necessary to pique your customers’ interest. If you can incorporate all of these into your personalized cardboard candle boxes, you’ll be a winner! However, it is important to remember that function is just as important, if not more so.

In this article, we’ve listed the various factors to consider when selecting the best packaging for your item, which includes the components and features that set your product for cardboard candle boxes apart from the other products on the shelf. Furthermore, when the time comes for him to leave the company, he will be a huge success. What exactly are you supposed to do? Let’s see what happens!  

Why Is It Necessary to Select Custom Packaging Size?

Cardboard Candle boxes, for example, can be custom in a variety of sizes. Do you believe this means you can design any size packaging? Doesn’t that imply you could recoup some of your investment? They are convince that you have an item that comes in four different sizes. Why would you need two packages instead of four? This allows you to be more efficient in terms of package layout and dimensions. You can also save money with it. Yes!


In this scenario, you are astute and astute. You’re drawn to things that are visually appealing. In addition to all of these cost-cutting measures, these are the items needed to ensure the authenticity of the goods you sell. Where does true worth come from? You can save both time and money. They will also make certain that your consistency is maintain across all of your products.

Use an eye-catching design logo on your custom packaging boxes

When you consider things like cost, shipping packaging design, material and style, and incorporate everything in the design and style of your vape stroller’s packaging for the end product, those are fantastic and equally important items. However, you must inform your customers of all decisions you make. This is essential to your success. If you try to put your customers first in every aspect of design, you will have a better chance of success with your overall packaging design.

Choosing the right materials for your personalized cardboard candle boxes design is an important aspect of your business. If your design, materials, and the message that your company needs to convey are not in sync, the result will be a blunder for your clients, and you will eventually lose their trust. You must look after your customers. This necessitates extensive research and an attempt to comprehend your clients. It is preferable to complete these tasks prior to making any commercial or marketing decisions for your company.

Market research is an excellent way to learn what your customers value the most. Make certain that you conduct research and figure out how to incorporate the information gathered into your transportation budget, transportation goals, sustainability goals, requirements, and design. It is critical to concentrate on your intended audience. They must meet their requirements in a specific manner. If you use this method, you have a chance of success.  


Endless Packaging Possibilities are available

When it comes to packaging materials The options are limitless. Your budget, as well as your sustainability and possibly even your own imagination, aren’t the only constraints on your options. Take a look at the various properties of the various packaging options available to you before making a decision. You must devise an effective strategy that prioritizes your objectives.

Most importantly, you must ensure that your message is effectively communicated to the people you wish to reach. This should done for each product type you sell. If you can put your customers first in the most important elements, such as design, you will have a better chance of success with your overall customized packaging layout.

If you consider all of the fundamental principles described in this post, you will be well on your way to designing high-quality, appealing, and long-lasting packaging. Following the correct steps will assist you in selecting the right packaging to help your product go through the marketing process effectively and smoothly.

The Value of Including Windows in Custom Packaging Boxes

Custom-designed cardboard candle boxes with clear windows are essential because they increase the visibility of your items. They can built in any shape, size, or layout, and with any size window you desire. The most secure candle boxes made of cardboard, Kraft papers, or corrugated cardboard. Inside this sturdy and dependable custom boxes, every type of item kept secure and safe.


They have corrugated edges, which means they can withstand external pressure or impact. They keep your belongings from being crush or damaged while being ship or stored. Toys, jewellery, clothing, cosmetics, and other gadgets can all be display or stored and then shipped in a container with a view window.

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Digital Marketing

14 Techniques to Optimize Your Marketing Campaigns



Optimize Your Marketing Campaigns

Brainstorming, planning, and delivering successful marketing campaigns are exhausting. To get an accurate picture of different campaigns, it is best to err on the detailed side.

The major optimization parameters include:

  • Understanding the elements that will work and not
  • Learn how the targeted audience will respond to the marketing campaign
  • Review the effectiveness in line with the aim
  • Gain valuable insight for future campaigns.

Digital campaigns vary. Thus, it is important to find out something that works before taking no guarantor loans from direct lenders.

Here are some techniques that will help you optimize your marketing campaigns and increase revenue.


14 Key Steps to Optimize Your Marketing Campaigns:

  1. Re-analyze your marketing strategy

Are you familiar with the RACE theory of marketing?

  • R- Reach
  • A- Act
  • C- Convert
  • E- Engage

You can use RACE to compare your results and improve your customer’s satisfaction and engagement.

RACE strategy helps you identify the potential for improvement and growth, identify opportunities and react with data-driven strategies to win more customers.

  1. Research and target the right audience

Are you targeting the right people for your products and services?

Are you satisfied with the conversions?

If not, then you need to re-define your audience segment and break it into groups. It will not only help in selling your product to an interested audience base but will double-up your revenue goals as well. There is no fun in shelling out billions on marketing when you are getting no conversions. Thus, focus on this strategy to optimize your market campaign.

  1. From clicks to engaging potential customers

Do you know how a complete customer journey seems like? Engage customers at every step of their journey. Spend money wisely and have the right people to target your business. In digital marketing or business, quality matters more than quantity.

Check whether-

  • A campaign is optimized for different devices?
  • How does your landing page communicate above the fold?
  • Does your marketing campaign have provoking CTA?
  • How fast is your page loading speed?
  • Do you have a backup for cart abandonments?

These questions will help you analyze the drawbacks and launch successful optimize your marketing campaigns.

  1. Review your campaigns’ objective

What do you wish to achieve with these marketing campaigns?

Does it align with your brand’s mission?

It is crucial to set the context at the beginning. Highlight an overview of the brand’s objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This strategy helps in targeting the right audience and carrying out the right discussions.

  1. Monitor the timing of the launch

Timing is one of the most crucial aspects for maximizing your marketing effectiveness. It’s just not about getting maximum eyeballs but capturing good revenue as well.

One of the best ways of choosing the perfect time is by analyzing the events like public holidays, schools, sports, concerts, and festivals that can affect the business. Understand and select the right event and analyze why a customer will buy it to leverage overt and covert marketing practices.

  1. Optimize your landing page

A landing page acts as a bridge between your offer and customers. Thus, it is imperative to have a well-optimized landing page. It not only helps in driving traffic but converts too. Here are some tips for designing a perfect landing page for your business:

  • Improve the quality score of each campaign
  • Create a relevant landing page
  • Check the above the fold content
  • Do you have sufficient trust elements on your landing page?
  • A clear branding purpose and perspective
  1. Break down campaign results in sync with channels

Analyze each element of campaign performance. It is one of the most important parameters for optimize your marketing campaigns. The report should focus on 3 elements:

  1. Key channels
  2. Objectives
  3. KPIs and metrics

It will help marketers and businesses in identifying core aspects of improvement and success.

  1. Influence consideration stage and provoke action

Search can include both paid and organic actions. However, to improve your marketing campaigns are paid. Paid marketing strategy is ideal for marketing campaigns as it drives instant results and improves ROI.

Here are some of the metrics to consider for the same:

  • Quality score: The quality and relevance of your landing page
  • Impressions: it is the number of times your ads get viewed by searchers
  • Click-Through Rate: Gauge the success of your keywords and their performance by the visitors that click the ad.
  1. Maintain consistency

It is, however, not a tip but is equally important. Ensure that your potential customer has a familiar brand experience throughout the customer journey. Create a journey from a hero image on display to appearing on the landing page.

Before setting a marketing campaign or a landing page, remain consistent with logo, messaging, tone of voice, visual cues. Ensuring familiarity in your messaging is a sure-fire way to keep them engaged and convert.

  1. Optimized Website

Your website is the first thing that connects with your customer. You should use creative messaging, call-to-actions, and attractive conversion points throughout.

Many brands look to develop specific campaign landing pages or microsites for their campaigns . It helps you set the right messaging to drive traffic and engagement.

Analyze the following metrics:

  • Total traffic
  • Traffic by channel
  • Conversions
  • Bounce rate
  • Data capture
  1. Focus on profit

There are several parameters to measure the success of your campaign:

  • CPA
  • CPC
  • ROAS
  • CTR

These help you gain surface returns on a marketing campaign. Make informed marketing decisions.

Moreover, it will help you analyze a clear picture of the campaign and help you optimize accordingly.

  1. Use performance metrics for advertising ROI

How much money should a business spend on a campaign?

Knowing the revenue and the capital spent is critical to any business to optimize your marketing campaigns. If the cost of an ad campaign exceeds the total value generated by the campaign, it can cause losses. Well, it can be fruitful for you in the long term, but you should be wary of the above fact.

By tracking campaign results, you can track ad campaign results and costs and verify the amount that you need to dedicate to future ad campaigns.

Tracking results on specific platforms can help you optimize your marketing campaigns further for better ROI in the future.

  1. Key Campaigns analysis and takeout

After providing a rich review of the performance by channel, cover the major themes from the report. It will help digital marketers have a more specific view on the same.


  • Creating stories that engage and convert
  • Optimize the campaign for different devices- laptops, mobile, and tablets.
  • Continue planning your objectives
  • Optimize across different platforms and test your content across different channels.
  1. A/B Testing

Are you tired of doing A/B testing for every marketing campaign?

If yes, then the fact is–A/B testing is critical to launching a campaign that aligns well with the marketing objectives and mission.

Build a margin of error that you must justify implementing the strategy.

Analyze whether your landing page needs a video, analyze whether you need to change the CTA, etc., to run an effective campaign. It is especially important to seek private lenders in the UK for financial help and meet your business marketing requirements.

So, these are some techniques to optimize your marketing campaigns that you can implement to ensure better ROI and customer base. You can also localize content according to the target audience for better conversions.


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