How to Add Facebook Widgets and Buttons to Your Website

Do you have a website? Are you active on Facebook? Have you established your Facebook Page? If you all answer Yes, then this blog will prove to be a miracle, as you will learn to add amazing Facebook widgets and buttons, comments, and so on the functionality of Facebook on your business website. 

Integrating Facebook Page on your website will introduce your audience to your Facebook activities directly on your website. 

People love to engage with social media content. Hence it is an effective way to enhance your website with Facebook posts, likes, and shares. 

Hence, here in this blog, we will guide you on “how to add Facebook Widgets and Buttons content to your website with the help of tools and plugins.”

#1 Add Facebook Button On Your Website

Facebook buttons engage your visitors with the same functionality and experience that they get on Facebook directly on your website. You can insert Like, Share, and Save buttons to your website using the plugins. So let’s learn about these plugins.  

  • Like Button
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Facebook is like a stamp on posts, showing how many people find the content effective, and powerful. Website content can considerably help in allowing visitors to like your Facebook page and interact with users feasibly.  

To add a Like button, you have to go to the Facebook widgets and buttons Like Button configurator. Enter the URL of your website into the configurator. You can also adjust the size and layout of your Facebook widgets and buttons Like button. 

When you are done with the customization, click on the Get Code button that generates the code to add Facebook Like button on your website.   

  • Share Button

Similar to the Like button, you can also add a Facebook Share button on your website. Properties of Facebook-Button are when a user clicks on the share button on a post or page. It will allow users to share the post and page on their timeline. Similarly, the Share button on your website will allow your visitors to share the blogs or website pages they like on their Facebook timelines.  

  • Save Button

Now, you can add a save button to your website. It allows your visitors to save blogs on the website. Save buttons work as the bookmark on your website, allowing the audience to revisit your website for their saved page. 

They can also keep the webpage selected and share it with the pages they have saved on the website. 

To add a Save button on your website, you need to click on the Save Button Configurator, insert the web page link that you want your visitors to save, and choose the size of your button. Once done, you can click on Get Code to generate the code to copy & paste on your Facebook widgets and buttons on website.    

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Facebook widgets and buttons
How to Add Facebook Widgets and Buttons to Your Website 2

#2 Add Facebook Plugin On Your Website

With the help of a plugin, you can embed some amazing elements of Facebook straight into your website. It allows you to interact with your visitors with the Facebook Page without needing to leave the website.  

  • Facebook Page Plugin

As the name suggests, you can use this plugin to add Facebook Page to your website. It will allow visitors to get a similar experience on your website. 

To add the Facebook Page, you need to install Facebook Page Plugin. As you install this plugin on your website, it will allow your Facebook widgets and buttons website visitors to directly Like and Share your Facebook Page just right from your website. 

To use this Facebook Page Plugin, you need to enter the URL of your Facebook Page, choose the size of your Facebook plugin by adjusting height and width, select whether to display Facebook Page cover photo or not, choose the size of the Facebook Page header, and show the profile pictures of people who like your Facebook Page. 

When you complete all these formalities, you can click on the Get Code button, then copy the code and it on the website.     

  • Facebook Comment Plugin

Many blogging websites use Facebook Comment Plugin on their website. If you also want to do the same, then it is very simple to do. Go to the Facebook Comment Plugin. Now place the web page URL that you want to add in the comment section on your website.

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If you want to adjust the size, you can do that, and afterward, click on the Get Code Facebook widgets and buttons to generate an HTML code and paste it on the URL where you want to add the Facebook Comment section.   

#3 Add Facebook Widgets on Your Website

Adding Facebook Widget on websites was recently introduced in the marketing arena, where website owners can display user-generated content on websites. With Taggbox Widget, you can collect Facebook widgets and buttons posts from your Page, Albums, and handles of other users with the help of the @mention tag. 

With Taggbox Widget, you can customize, moderate, and display Facebook feeds like posts, reviews, and mention posts on your website and engages your website, visitors, with Facebook content in an innovative way.  


Now, you know the different ways to display your Facebook Page and content on your website to engage your audience, and it is time to leverage the potential of Facebook widgets and buttons to boost your website. 

Start using these tools to encourage your visitor’s engagement and memorable experience. 

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