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What Makes a Good Article Writer?



The art of writing a good article is one that takes time, patience and practice. It’s not something you can do overnight or with the help of a few online tutorials. When it comes to writing articles, there are many things to take into consideration: what your audience wants to read about, how you want to write your content from a good article writer and whether or not you’re going for an SEO-friendly article.

If you’re interested in learning more about good article writing techniques and how they work on the internet, continue reading this blog post.

1. Volume of Content

The quality of quantity. There is no point in having great articles that are short; they need to be long enough to provide adequate coverage on the topic, but not so long that the topic becomes tedious and difficult for readers to follow. Generally speaking, more than 1200 words for a full article is probably too long, with most articles ideally falling between 700-1200 words.  


2. Accuracy

Writing good content is one thing, but writing accurate content is another thing entirely. According to this study, 70% of all mistakes made by authors happen in just five areas: Grammar usage (37%), spelling (32%), vocabulary use (10%), structure (8%) and punctuation mistakes (5%). The most common of these five mistakes was the misuse of commas and semi-colons, which accounts for nearly a third of all errors made. Keeping this in mind will help you keep your content free of red marks.

3. Conciseness

In the early 1990s, writers were encouraged to pack as much information into their articles as possible in order to meet certain word count requirements set by publications. Today, it is very important that your article is short and sweet; the less fluff there is in your article, the more likely readers are going to be to read it thoroughly.  

4. Sentence Fluency

This is where the “readability” of an article writer really comes into play, and it’s something that should be focused on by all writers. Readers like to feel as if they are reading content that flows well together, with transitions between paragraphs being smooth and sentences transitioning into one another smoothly without any bumps or hiccups along the way.  

5. Overuse of Jargon

The use of jargon in articles is usually frowned upon since it tends to alienate readers who may not understand these terms. There are some cases where you can use technical or scientific words in your articles to make them sound more credible; however, this should never be substituted for clarity when writing about complex topics.  


6. Careful Use of the First Person

Using first person to describe your own thoughts or opinions on a topic should be used sparingly, if at all, especially in scientific articles.  However, using it to describe simpler pieces is perfectly acceptable as long as it doesn’t come across as pompous or self-serving.

7. Clarity of Ideas and Expression

The biggest mistake made by novice article writer tends to be ambiguity; it’s very difficult for readers to process information that isn’t straightforward and easy-to-understand. This means that every piece needs to be carefully worded so that readers know exactly what you’re trying to say (if not, then they will assume the worst).  

Writing good articles is no small feat, but with so many readers out there looking for information on the Internet, you will find that it is well worth the effort. Getting your name known in an online community requires more than just posting comments and writing blog posts; you need to be writing informative articles filled with accurate content that is easy-to-read. If you follow these tips then your articles should improve dramatically over time.  

8. Conciseness

In the early 1990s, writers were encouraged to pack as much information into their articles as possible in order to meet certain word count requirements set by publications. Today, it is very important that your article is short and sweet; and the less fluff there is in your article writer, the more likely readers are going to be to read it thoroughly.  


9. Tense Consistency

Your writing should always remain consistent with its tense. This means that all of your references made throughout the piece must utilize either present or past tenses (or a mix of both), but never future tenses or any other verb forms. For example, “I will have been running for over five miles” does not work and could be stated as “I ran for over five miles.”

10. Spelling Errors

The English language is a strange one, and there’s no denying that spelling mistakes happen all the time in published works; however, it is still something you should strive to eliminate from your articles. As long as you are on the computer when typing up an article, there are spell-check software programs built into word processors on computers that can find most of these misspellings.  

11. Grammar Mistakes

Grammar mistakes are some of the easiest errors to make while writing articles online since they can go unnoticed by readers for quite some time before being pointed out by other members. These mistakes include improper or faulty capitalization, articles in the wrong places or missing entirely, subject/verb disagreements between sentences, and so on. These can be fixed by simply reading your article writer out loud before posting it to ensure that everything sounds correct.

12. Visual Appeal of the Piece

Last but not least, having a visually appealing piece will help readers to see what you’re trying to convey when writing an article; this doesn’t mean that every single sentence needs pictures alongside them (although including them isn’t a bad idea), but it does mean that there should be some variation within your body paragraphs (different sentence structure with varied vocabulary is good) and the organization of ideas is key; for example, if you present information in chronological order then your readers will be able to follow along with less confusion.


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1 Comment

  1. Regex SEO

    December 23, 2021 at 10:23 am

    Good tips! Thanks for sharing! But when it comes to writing style, I’d like to add that conversational style of writing attracts readers, while official one repels them. That makes your readers feel like they communicate with a real person, and doesn’t seem boring.

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What are the Best Assignment Writing Services?



Best Assignment Writing Services

Education is critical as a part of a student’s life. And with education comes assignments. Assignments exist for a reason. They are here to help with the best assignment writing services for your key skills and understanding of your subject matter. They also essay help you get some practice with your coursework and gain more expertise in your field.

This is why students have to write several assignments as a part of their academic life in schools, colleges and universities. And some of them may not have the required expertise or knowledge about their subjects to write an assignment that will fetch them a passing grade at the least.

This is where best assignment writing services agencies can come into play. Read on to find out about assignment writing companies and how to choose the best one for yourself.


Assignments as a part of education

Assignments or essay help play an important role in delivering learning mechanisms to students. Without assignments, teachers, professors and instructors will have no way to assess their academic standing. This is why different assignments exist, all of which serve a different purpose in evaluating a student’s understanding and skills.

Different assignments form a part of classroom studies and examination questions. They can be in the form of essays, research papers, theses, dissertations, projects, research work, case studies, etc. A significant portion of the marks allotted to the student in their semester also comes from writing assignments.

Thus, assignments help you gather vital knowledge and information about your subject, make you proficient in your area of study, and help you get a good grade and pass your degree with flying colours. This is why you must try to write and solve your assignments.

However, some students have various issues related to assignments essay help, which is why they cannot submit their assignments or even get a good grade in them. They are discussed below.


Why do students need assignment writing essay help?

Assignments can come in all shapes and sizes. From writing a simple essay of about a thousand words to writing a 5000-word long research paper, assignments sometimes get pretty long. Apart from this, there are other reasons why students avail themselves of the help of my write assignment.

  • Deadlines

You may have to write several assignments at once, and submitting them within the specified deadline may be difficult. Also, a certain percentage of your marks get deducted for late submissions.

  • Poor grades

It can happen that you do not understand your subject matter thoroughly, which is why you always end up getting low grades on your paper.

  • Copied assignments

Even if you wrote an assignment yourself, there is always a chance that your assignment has been copied. You might have done it unintentionally also while referring to other academic papers online.

Apart from these reasons, students may also avail themselves of assignment help if they want to score high on their papers. This is because best assignment writing services agencies have native writing experts from specialized backgrounds who can help you submit a well-written piece of assignment to your professor.

Read on to find out how an assignment writing agency can help you.

The benefits of best assignment writing services help

An assignment writing agency can be your best choice when it comes to securing your academic excellence. Have a look at some of how an academic writing agency can help you.

  • Top-quality assignments

When you get your assignment written by an online agency, you can expect to get answers which expert writers write from specialized backgrounds. For example, if you availed yourself of essay help in History, you can expect a writer from a background in History to write your essay for you.

  • No late submissions

When you get professional assignment help, you can say goodbye to late submissions. This is because such an agency will have multiple expert writers. Thus, you can expect to receive your assignment at the earliest.

  • Authentic answers

You can also kiss goodbye to plagiarism when you avail of expert writing help. Professional writers take great care to ensure their answers are unique and not copied from anywhere.

  • Outstanding academic standing

When you regularly submit well-written assignments to your teachers, you get high marks in them and leave a lasting impression on your teacher. This helps you to remain in good academic standing with your institution.

Now that you know the benefits of an academic writing company, let’s get to the part where you choose the best assignment writing services.

How to choose the best academic writing agency?

There are thousands of academic writing services present on the internet. All of them offer the same types of services, more or less. This is why choosing the right kind of academic writing company to suit your needs can be difficult. Also, some academic writing agencies are just scams and are ways to make you part with your money. Therefore, you should be careful not to invest in them. Below are some great tips for choosing the best academic writing agency for yourself.

  • Reviews

Reviews play an important role in determining the quality of services of any company. This is why you should check all the reviews of the agency you are planning to invest in.

  • Pricing

Not all academic agencies have the same pricing. Sometimes, it’s better to make a quick comparison to choose the best company that suits your budget.

  • Type of services

Are you looking for PhD or Master’s level best assignment writing services? What if the agency you opt for only caters to school and college-level assignment writing services? This is why it makes sense to check the type of services and the level of education they are providing their services for.

These essay help tips above will help you choose the best academic writing agency for yourself. Always do a fair amount of research before you invest in any company.

Final thoughts

Investing in academic best assignment writing services can work wonders for your education and bring your academic standing to the echelons of academic success. However, choosing the best academic agency need patience and a fair amount of research.


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5 Ways to Hunt the Most Appropriate Editor for Your Book



Editor for Your Book

Hiring a novel editor service to polish a manuscript is pretty standard these days. This is because they have the potential and a competent team of editors and proofreaders with tons of experience to get you the product beyond your imagination. So, do you have a manuscript too seeking to be reviewed by a professional pair of eyes? You need the assistance of a professional novel editor for your book service.

But how to hunt the best one? We will discuss how to help you discover the best novel editor service to polish your manuscript with their expertise in a way you desire.

If a comparison is made, writing an e-book or self-publishing is relatively easier. It is an intelligent way to build your career, grow your business, help other people and make money from writing. But once you have completed writing your book, there is always a step remaining in the process. But what? It is the editing part, and the majority of writers fear this process. So what do you think you should do in this case? Edit yourself, hire an independent editor, or collaborate with a novel editor service? The choice is yours!


So, finding an editor isn’t difficult but not as simple as you think. You must find the one suitable with your context to get desirable results.

However, by hunting down the most appropriate editor who is affordable and competent, you will end up with a polished book free from errors. It will eliminate the roadblocks preventing you from publishing editor for your book and offering your readers a sense of value.

You Need to Understand the Editing Process

The editing process not just includes editing; it demands a price that you need to pay an editor for many different factors. You might need your editor to proofread and correct the typos and errors from your book, or you may want to collaborate with an editor or a novel editor service to mend your overall book. So getting familiar with the types of editing options will let you choose an appropriate editor for your book or a novel editor service. Usually, book editing services include:

Line Editing

Line editing features stylistic editing that formats and refines each line for smooth, streamlined, and clear text.


Developmental Editing

Developmental Editing features the examination of the structure of a book. This is an extensive type of editing which demands time but significantly polishes a book.

Copy Editing

Copy editing features the correction concerning word usage, grammar, and punctuation while verifying the consistency of facts.


Proofreading is the ultimate stage of the editing process to check and correct repeated words, typos, formatting, and spacing consistency.

These terminologies might be different in the case of your editor. So, you should always clarify with editors about their offerings. However, if you are unsure about the services you need, look for an editor’s free consultation, as many offer to their prospects.


Test The Potential of Your Editor

Requesting a sample edit from an editor is a helpful way to evaluate the potential of an editor. You can simply ask for a sample edit by sending them a page of your book. You can then evaluate their skills regarding capturing errors, improvising words, and enhancing your voice. But that is not the only way to gauge your editor’s skills. You can also send them an editing quiz to which you already have an answer key.

After conducting the quiz, you can select the one with a greater score and has the best grip on grammatical rules. This will make you sure about the editor and his effectiveness. The core point here is that you don’t need to hire an editor without being familiar with the skills he got to do the job right.

Discover an Editor Specialized in Your Niche

Regardless of you being a newbie or an experienced writer, it is not a secret that most writers usually specialize in a specific niche. But why? Because specializing in one particular niche helps you be an expert in that area, ask useful questions, develop quality content, and know about the sources and your research methodologies. A professional editor is usually specialized in one niche or a few related niches for some reason.

So, suppose you are planning to trust someone to edit your book precisely for developmental editing. In that case, you need to ensure that the editor for your book are hiring should be experienced in your niche.


Let The Editors Discover the Fine Print

Attention to detail is an essential skill for editors. So how to shortlist editors who might not have the potential to capture grammatical issues, typo errors, formatting issues, styles, and several others? All you need to do is simply post a job for an editor and shortlist the applicants that aren’t detail-oriented by including some fine print in your ad’s description and screen them out from your recommendations.

For instance, if you post an ad to find an editor, include a random requirement in the midway of your description and observe those who notice and inquire about it. They are the ones you need to choose from.

Seek Out References & Referrals

Asking out people in your network for referrals can help you find a good book editor. It ensures that if someone is referring an editor, they would have a proven and satisfactory work record. However, if this strategy doesn’t work, you can seek potential editors and ask them for references from their satisfied clients.

Reach out to an editor to seek references. You should ask about the project they collaborated to work in, anything that made them unhappy, the effectiveness of an editor regarding delivery deadlines, its costing, and whether you would hire an editor again or not. Likewise, a novel editor service is also a good option as they feature a competent team of professionals having the potential of polishing your script to the extraordinary. However, not every single editor would have references, but many of them would have.             


Final Thoughts

After following these ways for finding a perfect editor for your book , you might have observed that an editor or a novel editor service with experience and incredible reviews also charges a greater price for their services. However, if you don’t have tons of cash to pay an experienced editor, you can consider giving a chance to a newbie, but with some evaluation, of course.

If an editor you shortlist passes all the tests you have conducted, even a newbie, you should give them a try. This strategy could save you hundreds of dollars and aid you in finding a skillful editor for your book who is affordable and competent. It will be an excellent investment for yourself and your writing business.

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How Do I Make My Dissertation Look Professional?



Dissertation Look

“Professional writing is not a self-ascribed title. Instead, it’s a descriptor one hopes will be applied to a person by others.”

Why Professional Writing is Important?

Writing a dissertation look is perhaps one of the hardest difficult assignments students face. However, it is critical since it serves a key part in their academic lives and contributes considerably to their final scores. Learners nowadays are frequently seeking dissertation writing help which helps with dissertation writing effectively.

Assist Learner

A learner might gain a significant deal of knowledge when creating a dissertation look and understanding a certain topic, which is beneficial.  Nowadays, learners approach the professional dissertation writers UK. A dissertation look is essentially a reaction to a thesis, either a subject or a query that the learner utilizes to construct a rational justification regarding the thesis.


Tips to make the dissertation look professional

  1. Topic

Most importantly, the subject must be unique and relevant choosing a specific and relevant topic forces pupils to demonstrate unique creativity in literature and the intellectual realm. If you choose to buy dissertation look online you might find the service providers suggesting you relevant and distinctive topics which will help your dissertation stand-out.

  1. Objectives

The dissertation subject must represent a specific issue that the author wishes to address. First, the student must create an appropriate problem description in this respect. Following that, the student must establish reasonable goals aimed at resolving the situation.

The goals ought to be congruent with the report’s declared issue and aim.

Another critical issue to examine is the existence of prior writings on the subject. The preceding article provides the learner with a firm grasp of the issue. They might also assist the learner in comprehending the nature of past research and the steps made to resolve the problem (John, 2017). 

  1. Background

Possessing a grounding in such aspects assists the learner in predicting the result and, therefore, directs their efforts in a certain direction. Additionally, the previous literature aids in the formulation of the dissertation’s literature review portion. Next, the learner must perform an in-depth examination of the study and gather sufficient evidence to support the predicted outcomes, if you cannot gather enough evidence to support the predicted outcomes your study will be considered irrelevant.

  1. Topic Selection

The initial and least crucial step in writing a dissertation is selecting a subject. The dissertation writer must make an informed choice of the matter since it aids in flawlessly finishing the dissertation and earning the highest grades. Given that the dissertation is a lengthy masterpiece that will take months to complete, it is critical to choose a subject that could be thoroughly explored to develop new results.

  1. Research Proposal

The ideal method for proposing a subject for acceptance is via a research proposal. Following choosing an issue, it is essential to obtain approval from the dissertation reviewers. This may be accomplished favorably by submitting a research project.

The proposed research is often a condensed version of a lengthy dissertation in which the specialist recommends the procedures that students will follow while doing the study.

  • The research proposal presents the subject and details the research goals completed during the study’s execution.
  • It includes a recommended research approach for performing independent research.
  • A proposal details the expected result of the research and contains an ethical section that describes the performance of moral responsibilities while doing the research.
  1. Chapter Wise Submission

It is the most effective technique for completing a lengthy dissertation. The dissertation author should underscore the importance of completing the dissertation chapter by chapter. A dissertation has several chapters divided generically as an introductory, literature review, research methods, data evaluation and results, and summary and suggestion (Caron, 2016).

Final Words

Completing and publishing the dissertation look professionally may be a time-consuming and arduous task but being too concerned with how ‘beautiful’ the dissertation seems to the audience will frequently deplete any leftover shards of unexpended strength following the huge coursework composing procedure.



  • Caron, A. D., 2016. University of California. Journal of Business and Management: Writing in an effective way, 95(84), p. 32.
  • John, O., 2017. Harvard Graduate School of Education. Professional Disseration Writing, p. 63.

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