Becoming a Business Intelligence Developer – The Skills That You Need to Excel This Year

The primary role of a BI Developer is to advance, utilize, and maintain BI interfaces and tools. They are also in charge of making highly technical language and complex data more accessible and put in layman’s terms for all stakeholders in the company to decipher or understand.

When businesses have to make crucial organizational decisions, business intelligence developers offer quantitative solutions to complex problems. They have to understand and work with all categories of information, including historical details kept in data warehouses and new data collected from sources as soon as it is released.

Responsibilities of a Business Intelligence Developer

BI Developers have the following responsibilities to carry through:

  • Creating visual documents to assist existing data
  • Devising technical queries
  • Updating and producing BI solutions
  • Troubleshooting BI issues and enhancing solutions
  • Translation of data into accessible business formats and terms for usage in other spheres
  • Co-ordinating with developers and business analysts for data curation
  • Documentation of procedures for use in the future
  • Creating accurate search requests

Tips to Become a Great BI Developer

Being a business intelligence developer needs experience, education, and qualifications.

Get a Degree

The majority of employers need a bachelor’s degree in one of these fields – computer science, information technology, business intelligence, software development, or mathematics. In addition, you can take up courses in information technology, business, maths or business-related subjects, and management. In a few cases, receiving a master’s degree in one of the given fields can assist you in earning a BI position quicker or getting qualified for a top-ranking job.

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When getting your degree, it can be helpful to complete internships – one or more. Look out for an internship at an industry or organization which interests you to further better career prospects. In addition, completing the internship program can help form connections that may be beneficial in the future.

Further Your BI Skills

BI developers require a blend of soft skills such as problem-solving and communication and hard skills like expertise and experience with techniques and programs. Get yourself familiar with computer software and tools usually used by Power BI Training developers:

  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Javascript
  • Oracle BI
  • VB
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • HTML
  • Microsoft SQL
  • C#

Gain Experience

Get some helpful experience at an entry-level position where you can learn and grow under the tutelage of experienced colleagues and supervisors. Before getting a BI Developer position, you can begin as a data analyst or junior developer. You will require at least 2 or 3 years of entry-level experience before applying for BI positions or jobs.

Making Real Connections

Interact and network with other business intelligence developer and BI analysts to know more about the role and what is required to succeed. Advancing relationships with other professionals in this area can help you get substantial references – which you need when applying for jobs. Connect with professionals at your present company or go to networking events to develop your network.

When connecting with other professionals, try looking for a mentor. An appropriate mentor can give you valuable advice which will assist you in advancing your career and evolving as a professional. Search for a mentor in your industry to develop a robust, long, and fruitful relationship.

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Advance Your Professional Goals and Development

The methods and tools that Power BI training developers make use of daily keep changing as technology goes ahead. Keep up with the advancements and developments in your field by perusing a good reading material, attending workshops lectures, receiving Microsoft training, and keeping pace with the newest business intelligence technologies and methods. This approach assists you in growing as a BI developer and staying a capable and competitive candidate.


Suppose you are thinking of doing a Business Intelligence developer course in your chosen career arena, a good Power BI training Certification. In that case, Microsoft Course will offer you the required exposure to the basic knowledge, technologies, and procedure vital to any Business Intelligence certification project. In addition, you can also get a detailed analyst course where you can learn analytics techniques and tools.

These can include how you can work with Microsoft certification, SQL databases, Python and R languages, create data visualizations, and apply analytics and statistics in a business ambience. BI intelligence tools are a form of application software that offers adequate data analysis facilities to aid businesses in knowing trends in their information or data.

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