Shoppable Instagram and UGC – The Best Strategy To Grow Online Sales

Those days when people visit malls to window shop or shop seem to be many moons ago.

Ever since the introduction of ‘Shoppable Instagram,’ shoppers have come to the shoppable Instagram and UGC platform to find inspiration, discover products and shop until they drop.

According to Statistics, 130 million Instagram users tap on shopping posts every month. This humongous figure exists because Instagram is a hub of User-Generated Content (UGC), becoming an indispensable strategy for marketers to authentically market their brand, acquire new customers, get their loyalty, and amplify their revenue.

Potential customers look up to UGC over brand-generated content to make their purchase decision.

UGC is attractive, impactful, and dynamic; integrating it with Shoppable Instagram can turn your sales targets into reality by enhancing brand awareness and credibility.

To know what benefits the incorporation of shoppable Instagram and UGC bring for your business, keep reading.

Visuals UGC Attracts Users

Instagram has become the hub of conducting business and taking inspiration. As a result, more and more users and brands are opening up to the platform, and Instagram has been working out ways to provide for both.

The growing trend of using hashtags on the platform contributes majorly to why user-generated content has gained dominance.

Brands looking out to enhance their user engagement, interaction, and sales leverage the platform while users can discover more brands and find an inspiration to shop. By leveraging visual UGC and making it shoppable, brands can magnify the impact on the users’ minds.

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As mentioned above, millions of Instagram users click on Shoppable Instagram posts. This fact is enough to show the influence that shoppable Instagram and UGC have!

Build Brand Awareness And User Engagement

Brands looking out for ways in which they can upsell need to first work on their reach.

Here shoppable Instagram showcasing UGC plays an important role. Users can come across the brand while exploring their feeds and might want to know more about the brand.

Compelling UGC can improve user engagement as they will get influenced by the brand’s existing users have to say or how they have incorporated the product into their lives.

Moreover, 81% of the users search for products and services on Instagram. Capitalizing on this audience can be a boon for brands. Optimal use of UGC can authentically create a buzz and enhance the engagement of the users.

A Humanised Approach To Market The Brand

Potential users find UGC more informative and credible than brand-generated content.

They get hooked to brands that are more human in their campaigns. As a result, content. Content that can evoke emotions by narrating the brand’s story dominates how users interact with the brand.

So, to attract users’ attention effortlessly and keep them hooked to the brand, making UGC shoppable is the best bet. As the existing users of the brand play protagonists, which creates an unmatched influence.

Works As A Social Proof

Aggregating content that showcases the user experience with the brand creates trust and reliability in the minds of potential users.

Since the people and people create UGC, it becomes a credible source to know the brand and its deliverables.

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Showcasing it with products can push the consumers to know about the brand more and make them want to come back to you. Thus, increasing brand loyalty too.

Enhanced User Experience

Users are constantly looking for products that they can incorporate into their day-to-day lives.

While exploring, they might land up on your page or products. Shoppable UGC can influence their decision to invest in the brand, while a simplified check-out can enhance their experience, and brands stand a chance to potentially upsell.

Through social commerce, users can buy the product easily in two steps, i.e., ‘Buy Now’ and ‘Add Payment Details.’

This reduces the chances of cart abandonment and magnifies sales and revenue opportunities for brands.

Over To You

Using UGC in shoppable Instagram posts can generate an unparalleled influence on the minds of potential users.

It simplifies reach, engagement, interaction, and conversions on the brand’s end, while on the users’ end, it reduces their effort to build trust and buy products from brands.

Moreover, UGC is available in abundance, ready to be used can also reduce the costs that a brand incurs in creating branded visuals.

It is indeed becoming a powerful strategy to influence and grow salesAs a result, brandse. Brands globally leverage more of UGC while selling and promoting their products and services to maximize their targets.

Now that you know why Shoppable Instagram and UGC has flourished as a robust way to sell, why not strategize on making use of it yet?

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