An SEO Checklist for Small Businesses to Compete on Google

SEO is a process of improving not only features of a website but also increasing pages’ ranks higher in the Search Engine Results Page that is mostly known as SERP. You may have a question in mind. Is SEO only for big companies with a lot of employees? Or, can’t a small company start doing SEO with this SEO checklist on its website?

Search Engine Optimization is not only for big and famous companies. Trading and e-commerce have no borders in the online world. This means that you can start doing SEO with SEO checklist for your page whenever you think you are ready to do that.

Here are some tips to help you grow with SEO checklist on your own or trust an SEO company, like Team-x SEO company to help you.

1. Mobile Friendliness

If you own a small business and you want to succeed in e-commerce, you should walk your steps carefully and perfectly. Most searches on Google, or any other search engine, are done using their smartphones.

This means your website must be mobile-friendly. When your site is properly rendered on a cellphone, as well as it is rendered on a PC, your site is mobile-friendly. This is your first step to take after having your website designed and your business started.

Note: To know if you have got a mobile-friendly website, go to your website on your phone or enter the domain of the target website in this link.

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2. Site’s Speed

Another important factor is the speed of your site. Believe it or not, viewers will not really tolerate waiting for a long time to enter your business or service pages. They are searching for an online business to get their affairs done quicker and easier.

Google knows how much it takes a person to navigate to your site. If the navigation lasts more than 3 seconds, Google will not even show it in its listing. Uploading too many files on your landing pages can be a good reason for the low speed of uploading sites.

If there are many heavy files on your website and you do not want them to be deleted, here is a trick for you. A lazy load is the best option for you. In this mode, only the parts the people can see on their screen will be shown to them. If they scroll down, the best parts of the page will be shown.

Note: To know how fast your site is, go through this link and enter the domain. This tool will show you how much time is takes for each part to be exhibited.

3. Business Directories

Remember that Google will always show the nearest options to searchers. It means, when you search for Iranian carpets, usually the ones that are near to your area (if there are any) will show up first.

Besides being listed in directories increases your reputation in front of Google, they also are backlinks to your website. These backlinks are valuable because they are taken from valuable websites and those will also help you rank higher in the map section on Google search.

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4. Social Media

After being listed on directory websites, Google recognizes you as a brand. A brand must have social media. Creating accounts on most-liked social media sites will let you have more space to work in the online world.

On the one hand, being active on many different social media sites will give you more space to work. On the other hand, it may distract you from your real purpose. But if you hire social media admins, and pay them to run your pages, your business can be active on different platforms.

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5. Business Competitors

Without competitors, the process of improving may get slow or even paused. Your competitors are the ones that make you think, work hard and improve. Of course, they can even make you fade, but you have to be strong against them.

Analyzing your rivals is the point that can be a lantern in the way of your business success. Try to understand what keywords they rank for, where from they get backlinks and how their content is provided.

6. Landing Pages

Landing pages must be optimized for topics, tags, meta tags, and meta descriptions. Initially, you should provide relevant content for each page on your website. It means you must not upload an article or anything like that if it is not related to your business field.

Secondly, people will only read the article to get information about what they are looking for. But robots or crawlers do not scan the text. They also check the tags, meta tags, and meta descriptions. Regarding uploading content on your site, completing the mentioned tips becomes necessary and is one of the SEO checklist point to work on.

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7. Dwell Time

Dwell time is the amount of time people spend surfing your website. The longer people are kept on your page, the more Google will admire your page. When people make time for being on your page for some minutes, Google will consider your page as an efficient one and will rank you up.

People search stuff on Google, SEO checklist and millions of sites will pop up. But how should you take them to your page? A great meta-description can do it for you. Giving a brief explanation of your article in the meta-description increases your chances of being chosen by searchers.

Note: do not try to be too smart! Some webmasters, for making people wait for more on their site, try to answer their question at the end of the article. It may work sometimes, but usually, this ends in people leaving your page immediately, which increases the bounce rate of your page.

8. Bounce Rate

Bounce rate shows the number of people leaving your pages right after they entered your page in percent. When you do not give searchers what they are looking for, people will get out of your page.

To stop it from happening, make the content on your site optimized and practical. Do not only write the content to reach a high word count. If it is not necessary, do not spam your content and only write what you think people may be searching for SEO checklist.

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