Top 10+ Best Logo Design Companies in the World

Are you looking for an excellent company to design your logo? Why settle for less than the best? Here is a list of the top ten best logo design companies in the world, so no matter where you’re located, you can experience the highest quality work.

1. Pentagram

Pentagram is the largest design studio that is independently owned in the world. The company is run by twenty-five partners, each of whom holds an equal share of the company.

Pentagram’s status as one of the top ten best logo design companies is solidified by its roster of impressive clients. They have worked with Warner Brothers, Rolls-Royce, Starbucks, and Windows, just to name a few.

Location: They are located in several areas worldwide – from New York and San Francisco to Austin, London, and Berlin.

2. Saffron Brand Consultants

Saffron Brand Consultants’ brand philosophy is: ‘Create, grow, adapt, transform.’ This philosophy has helped them to influence other firms’ brands: from logos to brand marketing.

Since its inception in 2001, Saffron Brand Consultants have worked with Coca-Cola, Goldman Sachs, YouTube, and The Institute of Cancer Research.

Location: Saffron Brand Consultants’ headquarters are in Madrid, but they are located in Istanbul, London, Vienna, and Mumbai.

3. Charlie Smith Design

Charlie Smith is actually a former designer for Pentagram. Her sole endeavor Charlie Smith Design was founded in 2003. Since then, she has found extraordinary success in various design fields, including logo design.

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This success has come from a focus on being detail-oriented. Charlie Smith Design cares about every stage of the process, from material choice to tools.

They have worked with John Lewis, Yale, UNICEF, and the Royal Academy of Arts. These notable names are a testament to their great work in logo design.

Location: Charlie Smith Design finds its Headquarters in London.

4. Landor

Landor is one of the known and best logo design companies worldwide. Hosting offices in twenty-five different countries, Landor has no shortage of clients and work to do. Their focus is on brand strategy and implementation, so if you are looking for a logo that truly represents and pushes your brand further, Landor may be the place for you.

Over the years, Landor has worked with Apple, BMW, Kellogg’s, FedEx, and the Australian Open, but to name a few.

Location: Landor is headquartered in San Francisco but has offices in Bangkok, Beijing, Cape Town, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dubai, Geneva, Guangzhou, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Jakarta, London, Melbourne, Mexico City, Milan, Moscow, Mumbai, New York, Paris, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo

5. Meta Design

Meta Design is most famous for reinventing Apple’s Mac OS design system. However, this is just one of their many achievements. Meta Design wants to help you create and activate your brand. Due to this, Meta Design might be the perfect choice for those just starting out.

That being said, they have worked with many well-established companies, like Adidas, Yves Saint Laurent, AT&T, and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.

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Location: Meta Design operated in New York, Dusseldorf, Lausanne, Geneva, Beijing, and Berlin, but its headquarters lie in San Francisco.

6. Mucho

Mucho looks to the outside world for inspiration when it comes to logo and brand design. They understand that design isn’t just on screens; it goes into the physical world too. So whether you put flyers or posters up on a billboard, Mucho wants their designs to look aesthetically good in the world and on-screen. So if you interact with the outside world as part of your company, Mucho might be the perfect fit.

They have worked with Google, Venmo, Kodak, and the University of California in the past, so they clearly live up to their reputation.

Location: Mucho works in New York, Paris, San Francisco, and Barcelona.

7. Anagrama

Anagrama is an international design company and can be used by anyone, no matter where they are in the world. They pair logical, deadline-focused thinking with creative ingenuity. They think of themselves as a ‘brand intelligence company,’ so if this sounds right for you, why not give them a call?

They have worked with Redberry, Sally Beauty, and Tequila Delaluz.

Location: Anagrama can be found in Monterrey, Mexico, Mexico City, and Tokyo.

8. Fireart Studio

Based in Warsaw, Fireart Studio has worked with so many different companies in so many different industries that it is clear they can work successfully for anyone. No matter your logo needs, Fireart Studio can rise up to the challenge.

As well as working with such notable companies as Google, MyTaxi, 2Park, and Atlassian, Fireart Studio has a large following from their fans. With over twelve thousand daily visitors to their Dribble page, it is clear that Fireart Studio’s designs are well-loved and popular.

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Location Fireart Studio is located in Warsaw.

9. A Practice for Everyday Life

A Practice for Everyday Life is one of the best logo design companies keen to make strong, long-lasting relationships with its clients. For them, the focus should be placed on concepts above all else. By doing this, A Practice for Everyday Life can create some of the most unique, interesting logo designs in the world.

Part of their company focuses on art direction. This area bleeds into all other areas of their work. So, if you are looking for something beautiful and thought-provoking in your logo, A Practice for Everyday Life can achieve this for you.

They have worked with Manchester School of Art, Modern Art Oxford, Performa, and Tate.

Location: They are located in London.

10. House Industries

House Industries is one of the most famous typography for best logo design companies in the world: perfect for a stand-out logo. Fast Company Magazine named them ‘the masters of typography’ in an issue, and they weren’t wrong. The work they have done has been seen in fashion, TV, and concerts.

If you still don’t recognize their name, you might recognize their work in the design of companies like Jimmy Kimmel Live, Target, Hermes, and The Cher Show.

Location: This worldwide-famous brand is located in Yorklyn, Delaware.

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