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What is a Wordmark Logo and How to Create it?




If you want to keep your logo simple and appealing, then the wordmark logo is the best option for you. Now, what is a wordmark logo? A wordmark logo just has the company’s name with no symbols, icons, badges, etc. A wordmark logo is mostly designed to make a logo look simple which is readable and recognizable. Such logos are popular in industries like Tech, Food, Fashion, and media.

These industries have a wordmark logo because they want their brand to get people’s attention rather than creating fancy logos just to compete and show off, few of the companies that have wordmark logos are Google, IBM, Cocacola, Zara, etc.  

How do I know if to choose the Wordmark logo?

If you are not a professional logo designer or you don’t want a complicated logo then a wordmark logo is the best choice for you. Most of the other logos are quite boring and forgettable but when you talk about a wordmark logo, it’s recognizable and has an impactful result. Most of the businesses have a logo with a symbol such as Mcdonalds, Apple, etc.

You as a business owner want your logo to look great and get a positive response from the audience so for this you need a wordmark logo for your brand or company. At times it happens that the logo is not properly visible or the typography is a blur so to avoid such problems you should go for logotypes.

 How to design a wordmark logo for your business?

  1. The right typeface: First of all we need to understand what is a typeface? A typeface is the designing of letters in such a way that can create variations among the letters used in a logo. Variations could be in size, width, weight, etc.  Since every wordmark logo is designed on letters so you got to come up with the right typeface. You can use adjectives to describe your services/products such as helpful, user-friendly, etc. Using adjectives help the customers in understanding your business and the services you are providing.
  1. Using a different character: Many giants have used a character feature in their brand name which automatically creates affection in the logo. This differentiates your logo from regular ones and is eye-catching. For instance Braun, Canon have used character features in their names. But this doesn’t work for everyone, you need to see if it’s working for you because sometimes using this feature looks odd and you get a negative response.
  1. Play with colors: If you want to make your logo alluring then play with colors. You can write all letters using a single color or you can play with multiple colors. Adding a range of colors in a single letter can also work for you just like Google. Google has used 4 colors in the letter G which are red, yellow, green, blue. Just like them you can also use multi-colors in your characters and make your logo attractive and appealing.
  1. Spacing between the letters: The spacing between the letters is also an important factor to work on. Some of the companies don’t have spacing in their letters. If you have a small company name then I would recommend going with the no spacing feature because it has the potential to attract people with this feature. Now if you have a longer brand name then use double spacing so that your characters are clear and visible.

The points that are mentioned above are to make your Wordmark Logo Design look attractive and you can generate leads and conversions through it.       

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Specs to Look Out For Best Laptop for Programming



best laptop for programming

Many professions and hobbies require a degree of programming knowledge and skill. You already know that a high quality computer is important to completing tasks to the highest standards if you’ve ever done it before. For beginners and people who haven’t purchased a laptop for a while, it may be difficult to know what sort of specs to look out for best laptop for programming.

Best Laptop for Programming

An application, also called a program, is a collection of instructions for completing a task or achieving a specific result on a computer. A developer’s laptop specification varies depending on whether he or she is a programmer or designer.

How To Buy The Best Laptop for Programming

Programmer’s laptops aren’t always easy to choose. For your programming needs, we carefully selected laptops with the right specifications. We considered the laptop’s overall performance when writing this article.

While buying a laptop to program on, there are many things that you should consider. A first-time buyer of a best laptop for programming may find it challenging to know what to look for. Following that thought, here are a few key things to look out for when shopping for a programming laptop.

RAM and Memory

An important aspect of your laptop’s performance is its memory or RAM. Your laptop needs it to function correctly because it supports the hard drive on your computer. You need RAM for programming because it stores the instructions for your various programs as well.

In addition to the memory and RAM available, there are other reasons for you to consider. When you have a lot of memory on your laptop, you will be able to run numerous programs simultaneously, and this will result in the laptop running more smoothly when you are multitasking.


The CPU is another important consideration when purchasing a laptop for programming. Your brain is your most important resource. Without the CPU, your laptop will not function. Almost every function that you can perform on your computer depends on it. Having a good CPU is essential for your laptop, because it handles a lot of information too. In the absence of a good CPU, your laptop won’t be able to perform its basic functions. You can use Motherboard For Ryzen 5 3600x for programming.


Obviously, you want to be comfortable as you program, since it takes quite a long time to do. The best keyboard to use is one that is of the finest quality. For best laptop for Programming requires a keyboard that has a number pad, so it’s best to get one. There should be enough space between the keys so that typing is convenient, and the keys should be sturdy and high-quality. You should also check whether the layout matches your preferences.


It’s going to take you a lot of time to take in all the information on a screen as you’re programming. To prevent strain on your eyes, it is essential to use a screen of high quality. Your screen’s resolution is another thing to consider. In order to ensure that everything on the screen is completely clear, it’s important to have a screen that’s full HD. Finally, a matte-screen laptop will not reflect a lot of light, so when you don’t want to use it inside, you can still use it outside in the sun!

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Hard Drive

Think carefully about the type of hard drive that you have when choosing the laptop that you will use for programming. HDDs are, in general, slower, and as such, they might be a good choice for those on a budget since they tend to be cheaper. A SSD, on the other hand, will provide faster performance, but it is extremely expensive.

Battery Life

When you’re programming, you should have a laptop that will last as long as possible, right? In many cases, it’s fine to keep a laptop plugged in all day, but in others, the laptop may need to operate independently. A laptop’s battery life must be taken into consideration in this situation. In all likelihood, you want your smartphone to last around six hours at the minimum.


When you’re choosing a laptop for programming, graphics are by no means the most important factor. However, they might be worth thinking about, particularly if you program for games or are a gamer. You will need a laptop that has a decent GPU if you do a lot of things that require a lot of graphics power. With these kinds of laptops, it will be much easier to load graphics. NVIDIA or AMD GPUs are worth considering, and they should have at least 1GB of graphics RAM.

Additional Features

Additionally, when you are purchasing your laptop for programming, you might want to consider a few extra features. For instance, you may want to consider cooling capabilities. Whenever you program, your laptop can go into overdrive, since it is putting a lot of work into it.

When your laptop has a cooling system, it won’t overheat while it operates, which can extend its lifespan. The amount of connectivity and portability of the laptop are also important factors to consider.


Markets offer a variety of laptop models. Every user can find something they are looking for whether it is a game or programming for a business. Below are the top laptops for programmers.

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Best Website Blocker Apps for Android and IOS



website blocker apps

The internet is full of particulars that assist you to work with more efficiency. Woefully, immediate access to every kind of data can be boomeranged. It begins as a speedy junket of social media feeds or favorite websites and ends with multiple open tabs and wastage of hours. You need the best website blocker apps to save from ads in android and iOS.

It is quite easy to become prey to this distraction even have extraordinary discipline. The world of the internet has a huge amount of content begging for attention. All you have to do is just open laptops or smartphones fetch up the assigning project that you must work on and then suddenly completely lose attention to your responsibilities after the bell notification from your friend.

Various website blocker apps can help you to defeat the temptations of diverting and addictive websites. Rather than relying on willpower website blockers cut off access to your diverting sources. Multiple websites with different features and price ranges are available.

Let’s discuss a few popular websites blocker, which may help you to make decisions.

  1. Freedom for Mac or Windows:

This app can block every tempting and attention-diverting website but it can do so much than that. It can block all-in-one and allows you to block from desktop apps, mobile apps. It does not matter what is disturbing you and grabbing your attention and time, this app gives you back control.

This is the only website app that can synchronize and block websites from all of your devices. Freedom premium can facilitate you by adding boundless devices and personal website blocker apps lists to maintaining your focus on what is important to do.

Moreover, Freedom extended the latest offers with a bundle of new tools like Focus Sound that can guide you in the zone and perpetuate your focus all day. Profound features of this app can distract blocking and control like Block All, Locked Mode, and Block All Except.  It makes three different payment plans

Monthly: $6.99/ mo

Annually: $29 ($2.42 each month)

Forever: $129 (purchase for ones to enjoy Freedom forever)

  1. StayFocused:

It is an extension for Google Chrome and web browser. If you are not an expert even then this will make installation quite easy. The approach of StayFocused is slightly different because many websites only block specific websites for specific periods but users can enter for the unlimited time they want to spend on websites before blocking.

This website blocker comes with the biggest advantages of the versatility of this app. limit of time can be set on various websites just by typing the name in the extension. The extension will execute on many platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux, etc) as long as Google Chrome is being used. But on the other hand, StayFocusd is scanty to Chrome browser. And users cannot place various blocks of blocked time.

When a plethora of apps are accessible, Reactjs is one of the most well-known brands in the online application industry. Reactjs Development Company obtains appreciation as a results of Facebook’s support in developing it. Apple, Paypal, Netflix, and many other famous companies. Reactjs development services build community and contribute to the network’s success.

Final words:

We can easily block websites with best website blocker apps which we do not use these Apps are useful for every person. This age is the age of technology we can solve every problem with the help of technology. A few years ago people faced many problems they do not know how they can solve their problems but now we can solve our problems in few minutes. Modern technology makes solutions to every problem in a few minutes now the world is a global village.

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How Does A Super App Like Gojek Shape Your On-Demand Business?



Super App Like Gojek

The COVID-19 pandemic served as a test of fire for many businesses. Their longevity, their immunity to such global catastrophes, and their capacity to sustain during these crucial times we’re all put to tough scrutiny. There were many businesses that were once thought to be indestructible but they collapsed under the weight of the pandemic. However, on the contrary, some businesses by using super app like Gojek shape that were never thought to be successful suddenly saw an unprecedented boom during the pandemic.

In all of this, there were some businesses that lay on both sides of the spectrum. One of the best examples for this business is the multi-services applications that are deservingly called. 

The Change In The Landscape

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the pandemic has completely altered the landscape of all businesses. Tourism which was considered to be one of the most lucrative segments had come to a screeching halt because of the increase in awareness and the affordability of travel. People were no longer commuting to offices. Restaurants that promised dining experiences in a different ambience had not seized to exist.

On the other hand, people started to order food from restaurants that they did not know of. Cloud kitchens started to expand and this meant that people with just a kitchen could make a profit from restaurant food delivery without having a facility for dining in. People also started to order basics like a grocery using mobile applications. Telemedicine has seen unprecedented growth in the past few quarters. The consumption of on-demand entertainment had also drastically increased.

The steady increase in e-commerce consumption is a resounding testimony to the fact that people might not step out of the convenience provided to them by the pandemic through on-demand applications. Some e-commerce companies that have also depended on physical shops have resorted to turning their physical shops into fulfillment centers. Restaurants that served food as a utility have seen a considerable drop in the number of footfalls.

The Advantage That Super Apps Had:

Super applications, since they were perched on both ends of the spectrum, made both profits and losses but they were able to balance everything out nevertheless. The taxi booking industry which was on its juggernaut roll was now minion, especially in front of the segments like grocery delivery and restaurant food delivery that had started to look at enormous peaks in performance and profit during these times. Therefore, super app like Gojek did not suffer as much as other single service applications during this pandemic.

What Should The Super Apps Watch Out For?

Some people would like to call it inertia and some people would like to call it a hangover. But whatever be the terminology, people will take some time to snap out of the lifestyle changes that the pandemic has caused. While it could be, on one side, attributed to the pandemic itself, a considerable chunk of the credit has to be given to the convenience of the on-demand business office.

Therefore, super applications cannot afford to operate the same way they did before the pandemic. When a business space becomes crowded, it becomes inevitable to have a standout factor to ensure that you distinguish yourself from the competition. 

Given Below Are Some Segments That You Can Consider For Your Super App Like Gojek

Taxi Services

It might seem like a bit of a contradiction when we talk about taxi services. While the industry has faced a massive slump, it cannot be denied that the industry will experience a resurgence like never before. People will opt for safer and more private methods of transport as opposed to public transport. It is quite possible that even offices will want to engage taxi services to ensure maximum safety for the employees. Therefore, starting a taxi service as a part of your multi-service offering would be a great business idea.

Food and Grocery Delivery

The food industry has not in any way changed its intensity of consumption. Retaining the volume, it has only changed its shape. The reason why both food and grocery delivery were put in the same bracket is because of the fact that one is dependent on the other. If people stop ordering at restaurants, it is naturally going to increase the consumption of groceries. In either case, there is a high demand for delivery executives and local grocers will also want to capitalize on this new opportunity.

Household and Handyman Services

The need for plumbing and electrical services has not reduced but has, on the contrary, increased because of the spike in usage. People, however, have the share of inhibition in letting random people into their houses. Making the entire ecosystem organized by ensuring the identities, verifying the vaccination status, and giving a feedback mechanism makes this one of the most lucrative services that you can offer for your customers. It also ensures that specialist electricians and plumbers do not run out of jobs.

Financial Services

Financial services could be considered a little bit tricky but it is one of the best services that most multi-service applications have capitalized on. With the rich data that you have, it is possible that you can partner with some traditional financial institutions and provide loans or micro financing services for customers with very low default rates. It will also ensure that the finance is quick. This presents a better alternative than the traditional financial services with swiftness and dependability on repayment. This comes in at a time when most people struggle to find some source of income, and a financial service would be a welcome service for them.


We all saw how massive the growth of e-commerce was in the past few years. The COVID-19 pandemic served us a silver bullet for the e-commerce industry. People who were quite inhibited to the idea of buying something online have started to completely depend on e-commerce because of the convenience and rather, because of the conditional imposition as physical shopping was banned. This has led to a massive increase in the number of people consuming goods over e-commerce, and with the delivery ecosystem that the super app like Gojek has built, they should also consider partnering with local players for e-commerce services. This will also save considerable costs in terms of warehousing.

The Essential Features of A Super App Like Gojek

The Essential Features Of A Super App

In all of this, the skeleton of the super application remains a constant. As you may have guessed, there are three distinct applications, one for the user, one for the service provider/business, and one for the delivery executive. In addition, there should also be an administrator panel where the admin should be able to take care of all the aspects of the app.

The registration for all the parties should be made simple. They should be able to sign up either using that email address or phone number or existing credentials like Google and Facebook. The sign-up should immediately create a profile for them that will store all the important bits of information including the history of orders/services offered, the payment details/banking information, the identity, and a record of the reviews given/received.

The super app like Gojek should be integrated with a versatile payment gateway that can accept payments from multiple payment instruments including but not limited to credit cards, debit cards, Internet banking, and wallets. The payments made to the service providers of businesses using the app should be quickly credited to their bank accounts. The promptness of this process serves as a passive catalyst for increasing the number of businesses tying up with your super app.

The GPS is considered the epicenter of the on-demand revolution. The GPS should come in handy in helping users understand where exactly the service providers are, helping the business understand where exactly the user is, aiding navigation for the service providers and drivers in unknown territories, and above everything, in combination with artificial intelligence, even predicting the demand.

It might not be possible for the super app like Gojek to employ all the people who provide a service. They depend on service provider partners and gig workers for their deliveries. Therefore, it is important to maintain a democratic ecosystem. This is adequately taken care of by the review and rating system. The service provider will be able to read the user and the user will also be able to read the service provider. This possibly pushes the better quality of service and professional behavior.


It is undeniable that super apps will dominate the services space in the near future. It might not be destructive enough to displace players like Uber from their throne of supremacy, but it will still cause a dent. If you are one of those aspiring entrepreneurs who would like to build a business empire out of these super app like Gojek, it all starts with you investing in super app development.

Instead of building the app from scratch, you could consider going for a white label Gojek clone app. The white label Gojek Clone Script is easy to customize and it can be made to have the features, both technically and visually, of your choice.

All you need to get in touch with a company that specified in the development of white label Gojek clone. They will take it to understand the requirement and present you with a perfect solution that will not change this lucrative space of super applications!

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