Tips To Boost Your Video Engagement In 2022

Just like written content marketing, video content is of utmost importance. According to statistics, 94% of marketers claim that video content has helped the user understand way better than before.

YouTube and other popular OTT platforms make it evident for marketers to switch to a video-based marketing strategy. Therefore, improving to boost your video engagement becomes crucial for video content marketing.

You can take some widely practiced methods to increase video engagement on your video platform. This article will discuss some proven methods to boost your video engagement in your videos. In addition, we have offered several tips regarding the topic.

But first, let us educate you on what video engagement is. 

What Is Video Engagement?

video engagement

What does video engagement or the average video engagement mean? How much time do people spend watching the videos that you make?

How to calculate video engagement? For that, you need to multiply the number of your viewers with the runtime or length of your video. This way, you will learn about the hundred percent engagement of the video.

But some viewers watch only a fragment portion of the video; they skip some of the parts and watch only the portion they see necessary. This type of engagement also counts.

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To calculate the average engagement, you have to take the hours that the videos have been watched and divide it by the previously calculated number.

There are a few things based on which the engagement of any video increases. The experts have standardized some of the important aspects that impact the engagement of a video. For instance, quality, format, script, length are some factors behind video engagement.

Boost Your Video Engagement With These Tips

YouTube videos and many other social media videos are increasingly popular today. Viewers often love to save them offline using youtube conconver apps like videovor. If you are trying to boost your video engagement in your YouTube or other social media platform, then you can follow these below tips-

Quality Is The First Priority

The quality of your video is the key factor to attracting and engaging the audience into watching the videos you create. Therefore, you must have a creative script ready before shooting the video. A scripted video is always much more organized than one made randomly.

Focus on the quality of the video and the audio as well. Giving the audience quality video can sustain them into your channel. 

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Create Captivating Introduction

Your video sells during the first five seconds of the audience clicking on it. The importance of first impressions is true, after all. Whether the audience will watch your videos or skip to the second one depends a lot on how impressive the first five seconds are. That is why we insist on making good quality introductions in the videos.

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Evoke Emotions

Humans are vulnerable to their emotions. When you are solving any problem through your videos or offering any information, you must make it out so that the viewers can relate. 

The viewers’ emotional response is crucial in creating a distinguished set of viewers. When you have an emotionally responsive viewer base, you will automatically do fine boating engagement. 

Give Shoutouts

Your viewers love it when you utter their name in your videos. Especially when you are going live on youtube or have found consistent engagement of a specific viewer, you can shout out their name in between videos. It motivates and encourages your viewers to stay engaged with your video content.

Create Short Videos

Create Short Videos

While long videos certainly have their merits, we suggest you make short and interesting videos to increase and sustain the viewer’s engagement in your videos. Viewers often find long videos boring and rather not watch the whole thing for so little.

You need to decide length based on the topic you are making a video on. Do not extend a video more than it needs to be. Always be concise about the length of your videos for increased to boost your video engagement on your platform.

Make Attractive Title And Thumbnails

You cannot ignore the importance of the title and the thumbnail of the videos when you are posting them. Most of the viewers search the videos based on the title of the videos.

If you want your videos to rank in the SERP of YouTube, you want to create a title using keywords with a high search volume and match the user’s search intent.

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If the thumbnails of your videos contain any surprising element, the viewers will click on it, and the average video engagement will also increase.


Once you have applied all of these tips in your videos, you can track user engagement. You can do it through the viewing time of your videos and the comments in them. We can assure you that it will only improve.

Catering quality content to your audience is the best way to increase and sustain user engagement. We suggest that you use all these tips and give us your feedback once it works.

Kacee Christian is a freelance content writer and enthusiastic blogger. She is the co-founder of Exclusiverights. She contributes to many authority blogs such as Voiceofaction, Newsstoner, Worldnewsinn, Techmagnews.

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