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What are the Roles and Responsibilities of an App Developer?



In technology and its related field, one has hundreds of career options. Out of many career paths, the one field that gained exponential popularity is mobile app development.

Nowadays, mobile applications play an important role in our lives and help us in doing several tasks easily, at a time. If you understand technology and coding, then you have the chance to become a mobile application developer and do something good in this field.

An application developer is an IT expert whose job is to ideate, design, develop, customize, test, launch, and update mobile applications for the devices operable on different operating systems like Android, iOS, and Windows.


An app developer can be a Native developer, Hybrid developer, or Cross-platform developer. These are different types of apps practiced by an app developer company.

Such developers belong to the core technical team, responsible for understanding user/client requirements in order to make applications. Since apps are now in high demand among all the industries, the mobile application developers must have industry-working knowledge too.

What Are the Mobile Application Developer Roles and Responsibilities?

Below are the roles and responsibilities of mobile app developers that they regularly perform in their daily jobs:

  • Before developing an app, the app developer has to understand the customers/client’s requirements and specifications
  • Based on the understanding of requirements, the app developer must create prototypes of apps
  • Developers must write quality code and error-free programs within the time limit
  • Also, they must test the app before launching to the Android and iOS app store
  • Troubleshooting and debugging the apps is the responsibility of the developer
  • Evaluating related, trending apps, adding their best features, reprogramming apps to improve performance, and releasing updates
  • Developing documents and handbook of the app is also the developer’s duty
  • Analyzing the ideas, making app design and development strategies is also their job
  • Deploying and installing the applications is the developers’ responsibility
  • Fixing errors, bugs, problems, issues during the test cycles of the apps to improve deliverables belong to developers’ work
  • Communicate with managers, clients, investors, and team members

What Are the Required Mobile Application Developer Skills?

Performing all the above roles of an application developer requires an expert level of skill set, technical knowledge, analytical ability, and problem-solving strategies. If you have all these required levels of skills, then you can become an app developer.

Additionally, a developer should be a creative person and an innovative tech user. The professional quality of app developers can be judged from different aspects.


In short, to hire mobile application solution provider, an app developer must have the following skills; for example, Planning, Estimation, Design, Development, Testing, Support, and Maintenance in an app development cycle.

Some app developer skills every employer look for in a candidate are:

  • Programming related technical skills
  • Strong communication skills, Problem-solving skills & Analytical skills
  • Creativity and Patience
  • Good understanding and knowledge of development methodologies, platforms, frameworks, app builders, etc.
  • Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC) skills, UX/UI expertise, Algorithm Framing, Data Structure, Networking, Testing, and Cross-platform development skills.

“A mobile application developer requirements include expertise in Command-line utilities, Agile methodologies, App store functionality, iOS/Android app development platforms, C/C++, UI/UX Graphical user interface design, Core data, Cascading style sheets (CSS), HTML5, Java, Website design and development, PHP, JavaScript, Node.js development, Python, SQL, and Responsive web designing.”

What Are the Different Types of Application Developers?

Finding out the solutions of diversified application development requirements expertise on various frameworks, platforms, app builders, and methodologies. And app development companies are always in search of various types of app developers such as;

Front-end Mobile App Developer

A mobile app developer who designs the application user interface, UI/UX layout, and focuses on enhancing the aesthetics of the app, keeping performance in mind is known as a front-end mobile app developer.


Skills Required:

  • Having a good knowledge of computer science and designing is the first need of a front-end developer. They must be able to use design principles and tips.
  • They should have well-informed knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, HTML, UI/UX frameworks, and app designing studios. Also, they should be experts on Bootstrap, Ajax, AngularJS, Vue.js, ReactJS, jQuery, etc.

Backend Mobile App Developer

A Backend Developer is also called a Server-Side Developer, whose job is to decide the mobile app’s scalability. Their important work is to integrate functionalities, servers, admin panels, databases, email systems, and more.

Sometimes making a backend system is complex; thus, making it difficult for the users to develop applications. On your mobile screens, the Google Search Engine application is a good example of comparing front-end and UI systems.

Skills Required: A good command over programming languages like Python, Ruby, Node.js, Scala, C++. Go etc.

Full-stack Mobile App Developer

A mobile app developer who has knowledge of both front-end and back-end app development is called a full-stack mobile app developer. Also, an app developer should be knowledgeable and must know device fragmentation to achieve the best results in UI/UX design and development of the mobile app.


A mobile app developer should have a good understanding of designing, coding, and app programming with respect to the app types like Native, Hybrid, and Cross-Platform.

Skills Required:

  • They should be familiar with the API of Android, iOS, Windows, etc.
  • They have exceptional knowledge in mobile app development tools and languages such as Java, Objective-C, C++
  • Must possess knowledge of mobile user interface design and user experience coding
  • Should know about cross-platform app builders
  • Finally, one must understand backend computing such as security, hardware interaction, database management, etc.

What is the average salary of a mobile app developer? The average mobile application developer salary in the USA is $97,500 per year or $50 per hour. Freshers start at $77,947 per year while experienced developers’ salary is $132,525 per year based on their skills.

How Did Mobile App Development Stages & Team Roles Work?

Making apps isn’t limited to coding and design. Turning your business idea into an app requires skills, time & money. Also, app development needs 24×7 tech support during app lifecycles.

An app development process includes five main stages; i.e., Discovery, Idea Validation, UI/UX Strategy, Design, Development, and Testing & Improving.

At the discovery stage, you need to involve a project manager or product manager as the key figure in managing the whole app development process.


You need to add a UI/UX designer into the brainstorming process, compile a business concept, and transform the results for the initial app prototype.

The rest of the team members: a QA engineer for testing, an iOS developer, an Android developer, and a backend developer to create apps. Finally, when you move to the testing and improvement stage, the full app development team gets involved again!

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App Development

Everything You Should Know About iPhone Application Development



iPhone Application Development

In a tech-savvy world, we all are aware of one of the most famous and wanted phones of all the time, the iPhone. The iPhone application development is marketed and designed by Apple Inc and is a line of smartphones that never fails to impress buyers. Apple uses the iOS mobile operating system and the first-generation iPhone was launched by former Apple CEO Steve Jobs on the 9th of January in the year 2007 and the product was a huge success and sold about 100 million units only in the first four years of its launch.

More than a decade later and Apple is still leading the market with its iPhone in the smartphone industry. The popularity and craze for iPhone did not hit the downfall even after all these years because it has complete control over software and hardware that results in a synchronized operation.

The iPhone is still a dream phone for so many individuals out there because it is not only a phone but also a media player, gaming console and can even handle all the computer work as well. From Production to hardware and software parts, there are many things that one should know about an iPhone. In this article, individuals will be able to recollect many informative things about an iPhone.


iPhones Features that makes it superior to any other smartphone

Many built-in features come in the iPhone. Since it is equal to a mini-computer, it also has such features.

  • Solid Phone Features

Visual Voicemail, voice dialing and free conference calls are included in this megaphone.

  • A complete Browsing experience

 iPhone also offers one of the most convenient yet complete mobile browsing experience

iPhone also has one of the most robust email features to use and even G-mail can be synced

  • Managing applications

Since your iPhone will be a personal information manager, it has all the features that you need like calendar, stocks, weather reporting application and last but not the least, address book

  • Apple Music

How can we not include the iPhone’s most talked-about feature after the camera, of course, the music player. Apple has its music streaming platform named Apple Music where you will be able to find every song of your choice

  • Camera

If we talk about recent models then the camera has been the most terrific feature of all. Starting with one, now you can also buy an iPhone that will come with even three cameras. This is not all, you can take HD or even 4K photography and can even record videos of the same, professional-quality effects are also offered and you can take terrific still images anywhere. For a selfie too, the iPhone offers cameras that are reality inclined.

  • New Security feature- Face ID

New iPhones also come with Face IT facial scanners. This is used as a security system for the whole phone and even the applications associated with the phone.

  • Apple’s own SIRI

How can we not talk about Siri while talking about the iPhone? Apple has included Siri in recent year launched phones. Siri is a virtual assistant that helps users in performing tasks without touching the phone.

  • Wireless Charging

Apple is an innovative company and it is true because they introduced wireless charging and voila! You need not plug your device in for charging.

iPhone and its Production

Foxconn, a Taiwan based company solely used to produce all the iPhone and apple devices but this changed in the year 2011 when the new CEO, Tim Cook decided to change the manufacturing strategy of Apple to extend the number of suppliers. iPhone 4s was the first model that was launched in the year 2012 that was manufactured by Pegatron and Foxconn simultaneously.

Apple manufactures their products in India as well to sell the product in the region and for this has been announced that Apple has paid Wistron, a manufacturer based in Taiwan whose plant is situated near Bangalore where the assembly of iPhones are done.


Hardware and Amazing Sensors

Since the iPhone is a smartphone it contains hardware parts that are common in every smartphone but this device is unique in that it is equipped with a Taptic Engine and the 3D Touch. If we talk about the iPhone’s main component is its hardware then it would be its touchscreen and severe sensors that are included in the device like as barometer, ambient light sensor, facial recognition sensor, proximity sensor, gyroscopic sensor, fingerprint sensor and magnetometer.

iOS not Android

When most of the smartphones come under the category of android phones, it is not the same for iPhone because it runs on an iOS operating system also known as iPhone OS. iOS is a different of Darwin operating core and was founded in macOS.

iOS also includes the software of core animation software, this Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard component is take. Other than these the iPhone arises with many bundled applications that are developed directly by Apple and also supports downloading of 3rd party applications via the Apple Store.

Free updates are provided for Apple users for their operating systems through iTunes or wirelessly as well. The user market of the iPhone is vivid because of the unique features being provided by iPhone.


iPhone Application Development

Because of Covid-19, many individuals got to pursue their hobbies and convert them into their profession. To grow any business it is very needed to have a system that works efficiently for both the consumer and the owner. Small Business also needs functional applications that can be used by clients to view, buy and leave reviews as well.

Since the user market of the iPhone is so large, it becomes a very crucial step for individuals in business to approach iPhone application development companies to improve their business dynamics. An iPhone Application Development service provider will help you in building an application that will be highly proficient and result-oriented.

AIS Technolabs is one of the Top iPhone Application Development Services that are also very popular in the industry since they are working delivering highly optimized, efficient and functional iPhone application development solutions to enterprise-level businesses and small businesses that need initial and further growth solutions across the world.

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Smart TV App Development: How to Create, Development Cost & Key Features



Smart TV App Development

There are new trends in the global TV markets, and smart TVs are getting popular with time! The OTT service market also contributed to the positive implications in the industry. Companies are gaining traction with innovations, and thus smart TV development has become crucial. The advancement of 5G infrastructure and smart TV penetration has also boosted the marketplace. For smart TV app development, take the help of professionals to get reliable products.

Customer behavior has seen a paradigm change during the pandemic, and the digital disruptions have been expedited. Demand for smart TVs rose multi-folds, and it has become one of the sources of entertainment. The development services are trying to provide support to engage with the clients on big screens apps. It is important to know the features of getting the smart TV apps to make the right decisions. The blog will provide you with all details related to smart TV app development, its features, and the relevant cost of development.

Topics we will cover in the article:

  • What are Smart TV apps? How to Create One?
  • Features of Smart TV Applications
  • How much does it cost to build a smart TV app?
  • Final Thoughts!

What are Smart TV apps? How to Create One?

Smart TV apps are products on big screens at homes to assist you with services and entertainment. Just like mobile devices, smart TVs are having an operating system that enables easy instant of apps. Download the app on your system from the online store to use it as per the need. All major TV brands today support the development of smart TV apps to get desired business results.

Digital transformation is leading the development of engaging products to gauge user experiences. Smart TV apps allow the end-users to select the content and get seamless access to channels. The smart TV app development process is more like mobile development but differs in nature. Smart TV app developers can create games, utility, and media apps using relevant frameworks and technology.

There are multiple platforms these days with big libraries of relevant smart TV applications. You can pick from the following options while selecting the relevant platform –

  • Samsung smart TV app development
  • Android TV app development
  • Amazon Fire TV app development
  • LG Smart TV application development
  • Vizio smart TV app development
  • Apple TV app development
  • Roku TV app development

Things to Watch in Creation of Smart TV Apps

  1. Do relevant market research.

The most important thing to consider before the initiation of a smart TV app is to conduct thorough research in the market. Identify the competitors to target the audience and the apps they provide.

  1. Select a Professional app development partner.

There are all kinds of TV app development agencies who are specialized in the development of functional apps. Hire a company with good experience to deliver effective products within the niche.

  1. Talk out the app requirement with the developer.

Once the app development agency is finalized, sit with the team to discuss the specifications. Select the relevant platform to get a functional app with all features. Discuss all kinds of aspects related to the app’s functioning before the start of development.

  1. Test it on real devices once the app development is complete.

It is crucial to test the app on real devices to ensure smooth functioning. Test on real devices to ensure the seamless working of TV apps.

  1. Select the right tech stack for application development.

Choosing the right tech stack is an important decision in smart TV app development.

All the platforms are having their respective SDKs to develop relevant apps. There are also specific guidelines to be followed for the creation of apps as per the platform. The list includes the top players of the field that can use the technologies in the best way. Take the help of smart TV app developers to come up with the best solutions for easy apps.

Features of Smart TV Applications

With the help of smart TV apps, businesses can stream web content directly to big screens. Use the TV-specific features to access the app and get access to web content. Smart TVs are also providing great value to the developers to create innovative apps. Before you build an app, it is crucial to look into multiple features of a smart TV app to enhance its usability.


Smart Recommendations

Get personalized data and browsing patterns to provide appropriate content choices. You get content of different types to provide recommendations on relevant data.


You get complete security with the data storage on smart TV apps. All of them rely on cloud data storage for the safe protection of access to data.

Integrated Media Player

It allows the users to enjoy audio and video streaming on smart televisions. Users are now able to enjoy rich content on the big screen.

Compatibility with Remotes

You get a seamless navigation experience for target matters with Samsung Tizen, LG, and other options.



Smart TV apps have a structure with user-centric functionalities. It will have users accustomed to devising compatibility and remote control with minimum features.

Content Organization by Segmentation

It ensures the accurate integration and segmentation of the content by the creation of apps. The segmentation can be done by language, genre, trends, and others.

How much does it cost to build a smart TV app?

The cost of smart TV app development depends on multiple factors. It depends on the selection of operating system, complete UI/UX design, testing, and tech stack. There are also features like the integration of functionalities and the location of the app. Keeping all the factors in mind, it can be safely assumed that the app development will range between $10,000-$50,000.

Smart TV apps can be based on different development platforms and separate operating systems. Contact a relevant developer to create apps for the respective smart TV store. Make sure you take the help of professionals to understand the functions of apps. The price or cost of app production will also vary as per the location and developers. Make sure you contact the professionals and experts in their art of creating innovative apps. Share your budget constraints with the developing house to get assistance on suitable apps.


Add the features and functionalities as per the business need and demand of users. Contact professional smart TV app developers with relevant experience who can get you the best apps. The smart TV apps niche has different platforms to run the TV app. Consult with professionals to get the job done in quick time and get functional smart TV apps.

Final Thoughts!

The demand for smart TV apps is increasing across the globe, and the time is right to avail of the benefits. Adapt to the right kind of smart TV app technology to develop suitable apps. If you have an exceptional idea related to smart TV apps, then it needs to be started right away. Build upon your innovation to get interactive smart TV apps to generate revenues. Reach out to the right professionals to get your desirable app.

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