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GoDaddy Hosting Review – Everything You Need to Know



In case you’re searching for web facilitating, you’ve presumably seen GoDaddy’s name referenced commonly. This American host is in reality perhaps the biggest part in the market all throughout the planet. Nonetheless, this doesn’t really imply that the administrations offered are acceptable. This is the thing that our group of specialists set off to check as a feature of this test and audit on Godaddy Hosting Review. We’re giving you how we feel straightaway.

As referred to in the introduction to this 2021 review on GoDaddy hosting, the web have comes straightforwardly from the United States. Especially Scottsdale, Arizona. 

GoDaddy was set up in 1997, making it evidently a pioneer in the field. The association has reliably guaranteed a space name the chiefs organization, similarly as a working with organization. 


According to their position site, GoDaddy hosting as of now has more than 20 million customers worldwide and manages no under 80 million region names. With such figures, there is no doubt that it is the most notable host.

Regardless, would he say he is a good host for India? 

Nothing is more dubious, particularly resulting to making this investigation on GoDaddy hosting. Our social affair had the decision to explore the host. Moreover, the terminations that stream from this might paralyze you… 

Its qualities: 

  • Receptiveness rate (uptime) 
  • District Name Offered – Microsoft Messaging 365 
  • Arrangement of convenience 
  • Linux and Windows workers
  • Shortcomings: 
  • Disillusioning execution 
  • Much censured have on the Internet 
  • Unser equipped client care 
  • Picking the area of the loose server farm 
  • Costly convenience after reestablishment
  • Execution: Availability, Loading And Speed 

Accepting you need counsel, the foremost thing to ponder while picking accommodation is the show and steadfastness promoted. That is the explanation we’ll give you the outcomes of the tests we had the choice to lead with GoDaddy accommodation as a part of our review. 

Most importantly, we need to uncover to you that the openness rate ensured by GoDaddy has been affirmed. More than some time of testing, we saw an uptime moving nearer 99.9%. Which is by and large fantastic. 


The thing may be said about the stacking times and the overall speed of our test site (which follows us for the affirmation of all of our reviews, including the appraisal focused on IONOS of 1 and 1)? 

Well on that side, we’re not as satisfied. the best performing hosts of 2021. 

To show it, here are the results of two tests finished on GTMetrix and Pingdom. Unquestionably the stacking time is to some degree lazy (more than 1.6 seconds on GTMetrix when Hostinger approaches 300 ms). 

Nonetheless, we should exhort you that we used exactly the same site (structure, theme, modules presented, etc) The qualification in execution recorded is thusly totally related to the idea of the host. 

What is our choice for this piece of our viewpoint on GoDaddy? Our assessments are doubtlessly mixed. We expected much better from an association and a host like this.


GoDaddy Hosting Ad Authority Interface Test 

Need to get a concise gander at the association interface passed on by the American host? For the present circumstance, you did well to come and examine our full study of GoDaddy. 

We’ve had the choice to take a lot of screen catches to give you an all out diagram of it. Likewise, the least we can say is that we found the whole thing wonderful. 

The interface is awesome, easy to use or all the more all aggregate. You will really need to see every one of the information related to your working with (% of usage, checking of execution and adequacy of the help, settings, cPanel board, etc): 

GoDaddy © Hosting Administration Interface 

Examining the space related with noticing your comfort and in this manner your Internet website page, this is the thing that it seems like: 


Considering everything, we don’t have a great deal to complain about by a similar token. Our review of GoDaddy hosting is astonishing. You can check your sales with a solitary tick, change your portion procedure, or delegate induction to your association space. 

Rather than execution, our appraisal of the association interface offered by GoDaddy is astonishing. To where we basically have nothing to blame him for.

Security and Protection 

Do goDaddy’s means ensure the security of your visitors, your comfort, and especially yourself? 

Expecting you need our point of view, yes it is. Also, luckily we need to exhort you. If it had been the opposite, it would be a certified shock for a huge gathering of this size! 


To get your manager account, for example, you will have the choice to order twofold approval: 

To the degree the security of your comfort is concerned, godaddy promo code obviously sets up adversary of DDoS confirmation to oversee potential attacks composed at your site. 

Regardless, realize that not all offices offered by the host go with a free SSL confirmation. So you should spending plan for that before you pick a course of action. Likewise, when you understand that a SSL confirmation costs 83.99 euros/year at GoDaddy, it doubtlessly makes you think. 

For assessment, Hostinger, PlanetHoster or the French host o2switch all offer a SSL confirmation. Besides, this indisputably! 


To be sure, our viewpoint with respect to GoDaddy is mixed. From one perspective there is marvelous, and on the other there is a serious slip-up (the shortfall of a SSL verification recollects for all accommodation offers). It’s reliant upon you to check the potential gains and drawbacks.

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Cloudways Web Hosting Review



Cloudways Web Hosting Review

Here is a complete blog about Cloudways Web Hosting Review. Cloudways is a cloud hosting platform that allows you to create optimized Cloud servers with the most popular Cloud providers like DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Kyup.

They offer both managed Cloud servers and Cloud VPS hosting options in 11 data centers around the world with free Cloud server migrations. Cloudways also offers an easy-to-use interface for all users including developers, designers, marketers, agencies and beginners who prefer simple user interfaces when handling their virtual private servers (VPS).

As of today Cloudways has more than 7500+ customers worldwide running thousands of WordPress websites on its Cloud platform. They provide 24×7 customer support through live chat or email ticketing system.


How Cloudways Works?

Once Cloudways users sign up, Cloudways team will review their Cloud server setup. Cloudways’ Cloud platform is fully automated with no manual configuration or downtime involved during site deployment. 

The staging environment on Cloudways allows you to test your website without affecting any existing data before launching into production. Once your testing is complete, simply click the “Launch” button on the plugin and enter some details about your new web hosting provider. 

This will take few minutes for initial upload of files to be completed, after completion navigate to the domain name that you have used while account registration process. Your website has now moved over to its new Cloud host! To get started using Cloudways all you need is a valid credit so that they can charge you in case you run out of credits after your Cloud servers are launched, Cloudways also offer free trials that allow users to try Cloud hosting for free.

Key Features of Cloudways Web Hosting: 

Cloudways offers several features including automatic SSL certificates, one-click installations for popular CMSs and applications, server backup services, hourly server monitoring and 24/7 technical support. 


Supported Cloud providers including DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Kyup. Cloudways is constantly working with its partners to deliver the best possible hosting options for businesses of all sizes. 

They have partnered with top Cloud infrastructure providers like Cloudflare to provide CDN services on Cloudways platform which allows users to speed up website performance through caching techniques. Cloudways also works closely with plugin developers in the WordPress community, Cloudways has partnered with CloudwaysCDN plugin to offer Cloudflare integration on Cloud hosting platform. 

Cloudways also provide Cloud-based server management tools for WordPress users. Cloudways provides CloudwaysBot which allows you to talk with Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean and Kyup providers in their chat interface.

Cloudways uses the latest technology that ensures that each website hosted on Cloud Platform is secure from all types of cyber attacks. They have integrated advanced security features via firewall rules, SSL certificates by Let’s Encrypt & HTTPs headers, WP fail2ban to prevent brute force attacks. 


See More: GoDaddy Hosting Review – Everything You Need to Know

One can also track who is accessing the site using Cloudways logs feature which provides logs when someone tries to access your website using a username and password. Cloudways uses Cloudflare plugin to integrate Cloudways platform with Cloudflare CDN services to deliver better website performance and security for all websites hosted on Cloud Platforms.

Website Migrations: One of the biggest advantages that Cloudways offers is the ability to migrate any existing website hosted on its competitors including BlueHost, HostGator, SiteGround, GoDaddy etc., Cloudways can migrate unlimited websites at no extra charge.

To take advantage of this offer you need to sign up for Cloud hosting directly from Cloudways website or get in touch with them via phone or chat support. They also provide free weekly backups so that users can easily restore their web hosting account in case any data lost in between server upgrades or re-installations. 

Cloudways also provide Cloudways Dr migration plugin to help users easily migrate their website from one Cloud server to another Cloud server without impacting the user experience of visitors.


Website Background Information: 

Cloudways has been founded in 2012 and they offer Cloud hosting solutions that allow you to host, manage and scale your applications with ease. Cloudways is a cloud web hosting platform which allows website owners deploy a website on Cloud servers within few minutes without any technical know how. 

Cloud hosting services are provided by Cloud infrastructure providers like DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Kyup. Users can choose from different types of Cloud VPS plans depending on their requirements including starter plan with 512 MB RAM, Standard plan with 1 GB Memory.

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How to Scan and Delete Duplicate Files from Dropbox




If you want to avoid paying for more cloud storage on Dropbox, then consider finding and deleting duplicate files from Dropbox. By deduplicating the data, you can easily make room for storing other valuable data that was previously occupied with tons of exact and similar-looking photos, videos, documents, and other multimedia data.

Having said that, let us now look at the best method of finding and deleting duplicate Files in Dropbox.

What Is The Best Way To Scan and Delete Duplicate Files from Dropbox?

Well, when it comes to finding and deleting duplicates manually, things can get pretty cumbersome with cloud storage platforms like Google Drive & Dropbox. But, if I say that there is a professional utility that can complete the task, will everything turn out as expected? Undoubtedly it will be!


We recommend using Duplicate Files Fixer, designed and developed by Systweak Software. The application is light on system resources and makes the entire task of deduplication a hassle-free one. It offers all the essential features required for freeing up valuable Dropbox storage space, Google drive space and your entire computer. Not only this, you can even rely on Duplicate Files Fixer for finding and emptying Empty Folders. What’s more? It’s a multi-platform utility!

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the step-by-step instructions to use this best duplicate file finder and delete Duplicate Files from Dropbox.

STEP 1 = Download and then install the Duplicate Files Fixer latest version on your computer.

STEP 2 = Upon successful installation, launch the duplicate file finder and navigate to the Scan Mode option. It can be found at bottom right corner of the screen. From the Scan Mode, you need to select the option that says – Scan Dropbox.

Scan Dropbox

STEP 3 = At this point, you will be asked to Sign in with your Dropbox account. Just enter the account credentials you wish to scan and delete duplicate files from Dropbox.

Dropbox Signin

STEP 4 = Grant necessary permissions to proceed and allow Duplicate Files Fixer to get its job done without any hiccups.

Dropbox Grant Permission

STEP 5 = As soon as you do that, you need to reconfirm your action and a message like “Received verification code. You may close this window’ should appear on your screen.

Now you are all set to find and delete duplicates from Dropbox.

STEP 6 = Launch the duplicate file finder on your device and click on the Add Folder button.

duplicate file finder

STEP 7 = From the next screen, you need to add all the necessary folders you wish to scan and hit OK button!

necessary folders you wish to scan

STEP 8 = As soon as all the necessary folders are added, you can hit the option – Scan for Duplicates and that’s it! Wait for Duplicate Files Fixer to do its job and list all the duplicates from Dropbox.

Scan for Duplicates

Depending on the amount of data stored on Dropbox, the entire process of scanning can take a significant amount of time. So, you need to keep patience!

process of scanning

STEP 9 = In a few moments, you will be able to see preview the duplicates from Dropbox. During the process of going through the list, you will be able to determine which files you wish to delete.

preview the duplicates from Dropbox

STEP 10 = Now you have two options in front of you. You can either mark the duplicate files manually or click on the Automark feature, located at the top left corner of the screen to let Duplicate Files Fixer mark all the exact and similar looking files automatically.


STEP 11 = Now hit the Delete Marked button and click on the Yes button again to confirm the action!

Delete Marked button

Keep patience and let this duplicate file finder finish the process of deduplication. You will be surprised to see the amount of space that has been reclaimed by removing duplicates from Dropbox.

That’s all! In a few moments, you have successfully cleaned unwanted duplicate files from Dropbox. Isn’t Duplicate Files Fixer an amazing tool to get the job done? It comes with a modern and straightforward dashboard with easy-to-navigate buttons for hassle-free experience.

Is there a way to manually find and clean duplicate files on Dropbox?   If you have enough time and patience in your hand, then you can go ahead with the manual way to find duplicate images, videos, documents, audios and other multimedia data. But make sure, you take a backup first, so that if in case you delete any file by mistake, you still can have them back.   Log in with your Dropbox account. Go through different folders and open them side by side. Now start comparing them based on common filenames. Start deleting duplicate files on Dropbox!  

So, did you find this guide on how to delete duplicate data from Dropbox? useful? If yes, then drop ‘YAYY!’ in the comments below. Do you know or use any other such tool that can help to find and delete duplicates from Dropbox? If yes, then mention them below!


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Host Your Website on Serverwala Ideal Solution Dedicated Server in Delhi



Dedicated Server in Delhi


While your web business is new to having up to a moderate amount of web traffic, you can opt for any good web hosting server. Once your web business begins advancing and acquiring more traffic, then you need to find a robust, powerful, and flexible hosting server. One name that comes up with such a situation is dedicated server in Delhi. That is because a dedicated server enables you to host your online business with maximum freedom, security, and high reliability.

But, to obtain a dedicated server hosting plan, you must seek the right hosting provider for acquiring supportive hosting facilities. In this article, we will provide you with insights into the Serverwala cheap dedicated server Delhi that serves as the ideal hosting solution. But, let us first highlight a bit about the working and design of the dedicated server.

Know About Dedicated Server in Delhi

The dedicated server is meant to function for the individual user. When you rent a dedicated server from a hosting company, all its resources and space belong to you. The control of sharing them with other users or not lies with you. Moreover, with the Delhi dedicated server hosting, your online business obtains an isolated and private environment. This helps you to strongly secure your data from all external threats.


Further, you can also get full administrative access to your server from your dedicated hosting provider. It enables you to acquire full freedom and flexibility to operate your server in whichever way you desire. Following are some of the benefits that you can acquire even with the cheap dedicated server Delhi while having its root access –

  • You can configure your server based on your web business needs. That means you can set up the server settings in a way that can be most suitable for your business.
  • You can run the most compatible operating system at the base of your server, which can support the maximum number of web applications that are needed by your online business.
  • You get the right to customize the applications and other programs for your online business. You can add, modify, or dismiss the programs according to your requirements.
  • Unlike shared server hosting, you can run any number or type of application. Also, you get the power to operate the heavy-resource applications effectively.
  • Apart from having a secure hosting platform, you get the possibility to add further security layers to protect your web business data from all kinds of data breaches and potential attacks.

Who Needs Dedicated Server Hosting in Delhi?

The cheap dedicated server Delhi can be employed and conducive for a high percentage of web business owners. However, mentioned here are a few cases in which dedicated server hosting is highly required.

  • To host multiple websites of a web business
  • To start the reseller hosting business
  • For gaming purposes as they need high computational power for smooth functioning
  • For running email services at bulk
  • For Forex trading as it requires high connectivity and security for the kind of information involvement
  • To host an eCommerce website
  • To host a website having a high volume of traffic

When Should You Shift Your Website on Dedicated Server in Delhi?

Although there is no such perfect time to shift to a cheap dedicated server Delhi. However, if you encounter any of the situations given below, you must consider picking the dedicated server hosting for your web business –

  • If your business website is underperforming
  • If your website is running at a slow speed
  • If your end-users facing a high website loading time
  • If your web business is facing any security issue
  • If your business website is unable to handle the traffic peaks
  • If your website is delivering frequent downtime

About Serverwala Cloud Data Center

After examining the stage and necessities of your web business, if you need a dedicated server in Delhi, finding a reliable and renowned hosting company is crucial.

As mentioned in the beginning, Serverwala is a top-notch hosting company that can accommodate all your needs related to dedicated hosting services. The company has gained recognition for rendering the cheap dedicated server Delhi with high-grade hosting facilities worldwide. Dive into the subsequent sections to know about the dedicated server’s features and plans offered by the company.

Features of Serverwala Best Dedicated Server in Delhi

  • Full Root Access
  • DDoS Protection along with other advanced security measures
  • Highest of 1 GBPS Network Speed
  • Twenty-times faster network connectivity
  • Robust and secure connections
  • Monthly data transfer rate up to 30 TB
  • Easy and quick resource scalability
  • 99.99% Uptime network assurance
  • Self service portal

Choose Your Best Plan of Cheap Dedicated Server Delhi

Under the comprehensive range of Serverwala dedicated server hosting plans and packages, you can find the most suitable one for your online business. Each plan can be easily scaled up and is highly flexible to host your web business. Further, the company ensures 24/7 technical support from certified and trained professionals with all the plans of a cheap dedicated server Delhi.


The Serverwala cheap dedicated server Delhi is an effective hosting solution for your web business to have optimal performance. While you will be able to save the cost with the company’s most affordable hosting plans, your business website’s visitors will acquire an excellent end-user experience.

Moreover, the company provides round-the-clock customer support for resolving your queries before you pick any dedicated server hosting plan. You can either reach out to the company’s experts directly or check out Serverwala’s website for gathering more information about its cheap dedicated server Delhi.


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