Serverwala’s Dallas Server Colocation Makes Sense?


For businesses whether small, medium or large industry Dallas Server Colocation can be a suitable option if you are thinking about choosing a data center facility. At the present time, the global market for Colocation Services is growing rapidly, but why? What reasons and benefits does it give?

We will learn in this article and also we will identify some important roles in moving Serverwala colocation Dallas is a good idea. Companies that choose colocation generally have IT strategies and skills to maintain their own environment and want to expand their business with high-technology equipment. 

Essentially, the Colocation Data center gives your business dramatic hardware service along with the benefits of a larger IT department at the comfortable cost of server maintenance.

Not only cost there are many other factors that serverwala offers with their colocation such as Rack Space, Redundant Power, Cooling Systems, and Technical Support.

They offer low-maintenance server systems that could influence your decision to move to a Dallas Server Colocation facility. More and more companies need secure hardware server systems and server operations that offer faster network pieces of equipment. Colocation is one of the data center facilities that offers offsite free-up space and budget.  

What do you think about Colocation Server?

When your business expenses reach a certain size you need to spend some money on physical hardware. A colocation Server is something like you install your server through rack and cage with professionally managed data center’s server equipment on your own premises.

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You just have to pay monthly rental fees for the space that you leased through the data center. You have to pay for your services such as cooling systems, the maintenance cost of your server, high-speed network, provides bandwidth, and physical security. 

Colocation is a data center facility that offers rental facilities to customers especially for physical space for their server or other computing hardware through a third-party data center provider. Dallas Data Center Colocation offers high-speed network connections b/w your premises and your data center provider for your server and storage. 

Why Companies Choose Dallas Server Colocation:

On-site servers can cause the largest investment for a growing business. But when your business needs in-house IT infrastructure along with flexibility. Then you have the ability to manage off-site equipment because on-site servers can demand a high budget.

But instead, if you choose a rental facility through Dallas Server Colocation then it can be an affordable option with an easy monthly subscription and also helps to prevent in other key growth areas. Here are some points that indicate why colocation is better than other web servers:

  • Colocation Dallas offers a data center facility with redundant power and technical systems with constant connections.  
  • Lower Investments and Costs Savings, you do not need to invest in-house data center. 
  • Better Resource Utilization from a data center provider.
  • If we talk about performance colocation offers the Fastest Network connection.
  • Colocation Enhanced Network Security and Privacy along with network access control to prevent unauthorized access easily.
  •  Colocation Dallas offers a high level of customization, security, and expert support.
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In the Real-World what are the benefits of Serverwala’s Dallas Server Colocation?

Dallas Server Colocation

With Serverwala’s Dallas Colocation Services, you have the ambition and opportunity to grow your business with Real-Time Monitoring Of the Network & Power.

Serverwala provides a TIER-III Data Center facility with their colocation so you can get 100% Dedicated & Unshared Bandwidth with each and every cabinet. Their server is highly Scalable for your companies’ well business growth you will get ample space, server support, and the fastest bandwidth.

Along with that you can expand or update your resources in terms of your business needs for more resources. With their off-site, Dallas Data Center Colocation serverwala offers ample backup facility as per client’s demand. 

By moving Serverwala’s Dallas Colocation Services you can reduce costs, boost your uptime ratio up to 99.90% guaranteed and mitigate security and other compliance risks. Their Server Prevents DDoS Attacks because By flooding a network, service, or server with fake traffic, DDoS attacks aim to crash a computer or network.

Serverwala offers 4 Cabinet with their colocation so clients can choose one of them according to their business plans and budget:- 

  1. Single Server Colocation:
  • 100MB unmetered
  • IPv4 Addresses (/29)
  • Free remote reboots
  • IPv6 Addresses (/64) or larger available
  1. Quarter Cabinet:
  • Quarter Cabinet 10U
  • Free Rack and Stack
  • 100MB unmetered
  • Power 110/10A
  • Includes PDU
  1. Half Cabinet:
  • Shared Locking Cabinet
  • 100MB unmetered
  • Power 110/20A
  • Half Cabinet 20U
  • Free Rack and Stack
  1. Full Cabinet:
  • 1G unmetered
  • Includes Basic PDU
  • IPv4 Addresses (/27) with justification
  • IPv6 Addresses (/64) or larger available
  • Full 42U Locking Cabinet
  • Up to 10Gbps network port available
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Serverwala Dallas Server Colocation is such a High-Performance Colocation with an advanced fiber-optic network that provides the fastest network connection with the lowest latency. They promise clients to get Ample backup service on their demand Customers can get reliable power sources and uninterrupted power supply. They offer customers to get enough power for their huge demands.

If you are thinking about leasing a colocation facility then maybe Serverwala Cloud Data Centers Pvt. Ltd can be your perfect colocation partner want to know more about plans and prices go and check their official website.