The Most Reliable VPS Singapore Provider: Serverwala

When it comes to web hosting, every business website wants a hosting service that is fast, secure, and reliable. You must choose a Web hosting service that is the most suitable for your website and fulfills all the requirements. When you know what kind of web hosting you want to host your website on the next thing you should pay attention to is choosing a reliable VPS Singapore web hosting provider.

When we talk about reliable web hosting, VPS is the one that has been a popular choice. In this article, we will focus on VPS Singapore, and when it comes to a reliable VPS Singapore provider, why you should go with Serverwala.

What does Singapore VPS mean?

VPS Singapore is a virtual private server where virtualization technology separates a server into virtual servers. Each virtual server has resources like RAM, CPU, Disk space that’s not

shared with other users on the same server, which gives users a private environment to host their website in.

Now, that we know what is VPS Singapore, let’s move on to the benefits it offers

Benefits of Singapore VPS Hosting

Here are the benefits of Singapore VPS Hosting that makes it stand out among other web hostings:

  • Improvement in performance
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Website performance is considered good when it loads quickly and works without lagging. Without a fast-performing website, visitors won’t engage with your website, they won’t stay for long which will result in them leaving your website with an unsatisfactory user experience. All of this will eventually harm your business. But, if you use VPS Singapore you will see improvement in your website’s performance because VPS gives users separate resources so there’s no possibility of your website’s speed slowing down because of other users’ websites.

  • User’s control

One of the major benefits you get in VPS Singapore is that users have complete access to their server which means they can operate it the way they want. They can easily make changes to the server if and when needed. For example, if they want to install an application or upgrade software they are free to do so.

  • Enhanced and reliable security

Security is very important for every business website because there is a lot of important data businesses deal with and the security features of Singapore VPS give your data the kind of safety it needs, security features like a firewall that protect data from malware attacks.

  • Scalable

VPS Singapore comes with scalable plans. Clients can easily upgrade their resources to align with their business growth and goals.

  • Budget-friendly option

Singapore VPS is a cost-effective option. It consists of all the features and security required to maintain a fast-performing website. It has features similar to dedicated hosting at is more secure and reliable than shared hosting. It is a suitable option if you need secure and reliable web hosting at less cost.

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Features of Serverwala’s Linux and Windows VPS Singapore

When it comes to a reliable Singapore VPS Hosting Provider, Serverwala is a great option. Before we move on to the features of Serverwala’s Singapore VPS Hosting features, here’s a little brief introduction to Serverwala.

About Serverwala

Serverwala is one of the prominent web hosting and data center service provider. They offer services such as VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, colocation, and other managed services. Their web hosting services are top-notch and their 24/7 customer support is what they are known for.

Their VPS Singapore hosting plans comes with the following features

  1. Their customer services are available 24/7. Clients can contact them through live chat, ticket system, email, skype. In case of, any technical problem clients can contact directly and get an immediate solution.
  2. The Full rooted access feature lets the client operate and manage the server according to them. There’s no limitation when it comes to making changes. Clients can install any software they want to meet their business goals
  3. They ensure that clients get 20 times faster connectivity from secured networks. They offer 1 Gbps network speed.
  4. Clients are given unlimited bandwidth so that they can meet their website’s goals easily and they are also allowed to transfer 50 TB of data monthly.
  5. They also give 99.9% uptime assurance, dedicated IP, SSD disk drives, and a seven data money return guarantee
  6. All of their VPS servers are completely secured with firewalls so that data doesn’t encounter DDoS attacks
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Serverwala’s Cheap VPS Singapore Plans

The best part about Serverwala is that they give all the above mention features at highly affordable prices.

Linux VPS Singapore Plan

linux vps Singapore

Windows VPS Singapore Plan

windows VPS Singapore


To sum it all up, Singapore vps hosting is a very reliable web hosting service. It has all of the features that make it a reliable choice plus it’s also budget-friendly which is great for businesses who cannot afford expensive web hosting services but need to improve their website’s performance plus, when it comes to reliable Singapore VPS providers that not only provides top quality services but also offers it at the cheapest price, Serverwala is the one to go for.

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