Why Does Web Hosting Matter in SEO?

Online businesses keep growing and the companies stay eager for taking a look at the website on the first page of Google search. The modern world has also been everything about SEO and when the websites don’t rank over the first search page, they might not get any attention at all.

As you might have heard that the best place for hiding a website is not to make sure it’s on the second page. The web hosting that works swiftly and smoothly has been likely to get better at the rankings on Google Search. This can happen only through a top-notch web hosting server.

How web hosting is important for SEO is a common question. And the answer is that it impacts SEO in several critical ways. Here we shall take a look at how the poor web host will affect the SEO for a website and why it might be important for choosing a reliable web hosting for the website.

  1. The Server Downtime

It can be seen as an initial test for a web host. When the website has been suffering from downtime for web servers frequently, it can be understood that it isn’t a cheap web hosting company. Downtime doesn’t just impact the overall performance of websites but it can also get down the SEO and SERP.

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We shall also be taking a look at it practically.

When a website is staying down, it will not be seen on search engines. The search engines constantly get queries for relatable content for the website, what will happen then? Search engines aren’t going to find when there is a website and this impacts the website SEO negatively. Moreover, it can also increase the bounce rate for the website and directly have an impact on website authority.

Therefore for avoiding downtime and also getting 99.9% uptime for the website, one should be blindly choosing the best host for the website.

  1. Page Loading Times

The second factor for testing web hosts is website loading time. When the website stays slow or takes a lot of time for loading, it can be seen as the lack of web host end. There have been several reports that had highlighted the impact of page loading time on website performance.

It’s also well known now that when the website loads after two seconds, the visitors can switch towards the next good option. Therefore the website page loading time can be the sensitive factor for the reputation.

Moreover, the website having high loading times also has high bounce rates and this can affect directly search engine ranks. This hindrance of SEO can be resulting in a lower conversion rate.

Good web hosts will decrease website loading time by using advanced caching technology for resulting in high volume traffics. Keep in mind that decreased load time will mean more web views.

Some of your best online tools can be used for measuring page loading time. This includes:

  1. The Google page speed tools.
  2. GT Metrix.
  3. Pingdom.
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Say No to Shared Hosting

Shared hosting can seem like one of the most effective ways. But always keep in mind that going for the cheap option isn’t good. With a shared host, one can have several websites for shared servers as It can impact the fact that you will be compromising on hosting quality.

Goggle also doesn’t prefer websites with shared hosting as it works against SEO ethics. Additionally, one of the disadvantages of shared hosting is spam. The cheap host providers serve all when it’s spam.

This can also have a bad impact on website authority and rankings. Moreover, shared hosting will not provide you with scalability, reliability, and speed. The main con for shared hosting is the security lacks as this can also result in data theft or the website getting compromised.

Select the Local Host for Targeting Local Audiences

The server location also plays a critical role in providing the website visitors with fast browsing experiences. Having the server location closer to your target audiences can result in fast redirections for the audience to the website. Hence it is also critical for the website owners to be aware of how hosting locations can impact SEO.

The eCommerce store will target the local audience as it can likely be selling to local markets. The reason for this isn’t complex; each of the websites gets assigned with an IP address and can link directly with the geographical location of the website.

So choose the local host for making it simple to target the local audiences and it can eventually improve the web store local rankings for search engines. Server locations play some role in the web page loading times as well. When the server location is around the web audiences, it can present the data faster and the download speeds will be comparatively faster when compared to the distant server locations.

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Final Thoughts

A website that has been hosted with bad hosting can result in disaster and here we have shared several reasons for it. Therefore it’s important that one goes for a reliable web hosting services for making sure SEO is at the optimum health.

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