How AI Can Improve the Web Hosting Industry?

Web hosting plays a crucial role in the technological world. Web hosting Industry offer organizations and individuals to make their website live on the internet. They are categorized into shared hosting, dedicated hosting, virtual private server, reseller hosting etc.

Web hosting providers are responsible to run and maintain the website present on their server. They are accountable to provide speed, flexibility and security. 

Artificial Intelligence is a new and trending field in the digital world. It is a smart technology where machines act like humans. 

They can perform the task of visual perception, speech recognition, language translation, decision making and many more. AI has the potential to think, learn and execute.  Increase in advanced technology is forcing various industries like education and healthcare and even hosting services to adopt AI.

 AI in the hosting industry can help you in detecting threats so that you can take preliminary steps.  

In this article we will know about how AI is helping the hosting industry to perform with more productivity. 

Web hosting industry
How AI Can Improve the Web Hosting Industry? 2

Web Hosting Industry Provides High Security

Cyber criminal tries to crack the network algorithm of the web owners so that they can leak the data or harm the relevant information. 

Due to an increase in the number of cybercrimes hosting providers and their clients are becoming more aware towards the security of the data. 

However it is a bit difficult to track all the threats and malwares manually and for this we need an intelligence machine who can keep an eye on the malicious activities. 

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Artificial Intelligence solution helps in identification of these threats and creates an early warning system before there is much harm. It keeps an eye on different encrypted patterns on the system and alerts the hosting company and clients before it’s too late.

Improving Performance of Domain

A domain name is the web address for a website. It represents the brand name of the company and tells more about the products and services offered by the company. 

Sometimes cyber-criminal duplicate the domain and try to set up a dummy website and use it for their specific purpose.

 Artificial Intelligence tracks the purchase of duplicate domains and detects the IP if someone tries to use our domain on a proxy server. This alertness by AI protects the domain and its reputation.  

Not only this as AI can Learn new things and Unlearn and execute the things on its own. It watches the coding and decoding pattern of data and adds new patterns. It assures you to know about the traffic statistics on your website and the conversion rate from that website. This improves productivity. 

High Performance 

It is very essential to get the productivity out of your work. AI ensures that you do not waste your time and efforts on minor issues.

 AI can make its own decision which helps your potential employees to be more productive in the specific area. AI takes less time and processes things with high accuracy which ultimately brings high performance.

Automation in Self Repairing and Updating

Maintaining a website or an application is a necessity to perform better. Not only websites, it is essential for every digital machine and platform to function more effectively.

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 Maintenance is performed by professional experts which is quite expensive. AI eases your work of maintenance as it comes with automatic update smart technology. 

Web Hosting Industry can install AI technology to smoothen the process of maintenance.  Installing AI will prove in higher effectiveness and productivity. 

This is because now the system is capable of handling small and minor issues by itself. By this IT staff members can focus more on the major issues and can utilize their intelligence to be more productive. 

AI is capable of performing the basic and the most important steps of self-scan, troubleshooting and repair. Hence, AI in the Hosting Industry is becoming a need for adoption.  

Improved Accuracy 

Artificial Intelligence ensures that every task is performed by high accuracy.  It focuses on the site performance and makes sure that no critical disaster can hamper its workings even running on high traffic.  

It can be used for giving automatic chat responses and delivering calls which ultimately reduces manpower needs and human efforts. 

Data Driven Reports

Artificial Intelligence can be a most effective tool for generating the companies’ important reports. 

They help in analyzing the past and the present data and information. It notes the changes encountered in the data. They can be a tool to know your potential and loyal customers by analyzing purchase rate and cost of purchase and many more. 

Due Diligence

Digital software’s, algorithms and programs help in checking the domain name availability of whether they are taken or not.

 With the use of AI a company can protect Web hosting Industry themselves against unauthorized domain diligence and unexpected mishaps. 

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They can learn how to track the domain names which match the same. There can be a branding issue by which people can make profit out of your domain to prevent this AI plays a major role to deal with domain registration to branding issues. 


In conclusion, Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more popular in all the types of industries mainly in the healthcare and education sector. 

When we talk about its role in the hosting industry it can be the best solution to maintain the websites more effectively. 

Especially, talking about the web hosting industry, AI provides high security, automated maintenance and repairs, domain name reputation security and many more. 

Protect your website from all types of malicious attacks by getting early warnings.  The best feature of using AI technology is it reduces human efforts and can deal with the issues and problems with itself. 

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