Why Augmented Reality Is Becoming So Important

Augmented reality (AR) is one of the biggest trends nowadays, and it’s only growing as more people use it. AR is stretching its influence across many industries, and you can find various products with AR functions in quite a few stores. However, to understand this growth, you need to know why augmented reality technology is so important to many different fields.

Gaming Industry

Currently, gaming is the most visible industry that utilizes AR technology, creating new games for phones and AR sets. One example is the popular Pokémon Go game that came out a few years back. New games come out constantly, pushing the limits of AR and growing technology.

Industry Growth

While VR and AR technologies are different, they’re difficult to separate when it comes to industry growth. They’ve both grown as an industry and continue to grow year after year together, with around 13 billion dollars in 2018 to the now projected 142 billion dollars in 2023. This is a fast-growing industry that will have a large impact on the world.

Remaking Marketing

AR technology doesn’t just affect the gaming industry. Recently, many marketing techniques use augmented reality. Some examples are virtual humans that can help guide people through interfaces or fun experiences that are part advertisement and part AR. While marketing with AR is still a small part of the market, we might see more of it a few years from now.

Daily Applications

While it’s not as common as in the gaming and marketing industries, the medical field is also investing in AR, allowing medical workers to better perform their jobs. You can also use AR to see what clothes might look like on you before you buy them online, which is one reason augmented reality is important.

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You can expect to see more AR devices and technology coming out with the growth of the technology. Many new phones already come with AR capabilities, and marketing with AR is a growing practice as well. It wouldn’t be surprising for most homes to have an AR-compatible device in the next few years.