Best Apps to Embed Instagram Feed on Shopify Store

As per the data made public by Shopify, there are more than 820,000 merchants on their platform. So, if you are one of them and looking for simple ways to stand out from the crowd. Then you are at the right place.

Shopify is the most popular commerce platform that allows everyone to open an e-store and sell goods., But what makes Shopify such a popular platform? Out of many reasons, one major reason that stands out is its regular support to its user, which includes apps to embed Instagram feed that you can install from its App Stores.

Now, getting back to the topic at hand about getting an edge over competitors. In this competitive world, you need to have an X-factor in your store to attract customers, and you can achieve that by embed Instagram feed with your Shopify store. Admit it, one cannot rely on just one source for their growth, and in this era of cross-promotion marketing, it is now essential to have integrations to stay up to date and capture a huge audience.

Shopify and Instagram integration can be made easy by using the Instagram Feed Shopify app. For your convenience, we have listed Shopify’s best Instagram feed apps below.

Best Embed Instagram Feed Shopify App

Instagram Feed by Tagembed

What makes an app an ideal app?
Great features? Amazing benefits? Budget pricing? Instagram Feed by Tagembed has it all.

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It is an amazing app that helps you collect Instagram feeds and then allows you to curate and customize them before displaying them beautifully on your Shopify store. The tool adds vibrancy and liveliness to your store. After installing the app, you just need to follow two-step instructions and your store will be ready with Instagram feeds.

Users can even customize their widget by choosing from different themes, styles, font sizes, font styles and more. It adds charm to the website and while, you can match it according to the style of your website, it makes your store look well-organized and graceful. And as we know, a good-looking store always creates a great impression and accumulates huge audience.

The app also offers a moderation feature, which allows users to block unwanted and spam posts from their embedded feed, making the feed related to the business, which increases user engagement.

You can use all these features and more, free of cost. The app offers a free forever plan, which makes this app profitable and desirable for a business. Moreover, other than Instagram, it also allows the integration with 15+ other major social media platforms.

Instafeed: Instagram Feed App by Zegsu

It is another useful Shopify Instagram feed app that increases user engagement on your website without any coding.

The tool provides a responsive widget that displays images, videos, and texts without affecting the website’s speed. Moreover, the widget adjusts automatically according to the different screen types. Hence, you don’t need to change the display setting according to different devices. Moreover, to maintain the vibrancy of your online Store you can even set the widget to display only images and hide texts.

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Instafeed ‑ Instagram Feed

This app allows you to display Instagram feed on your Shopify page as per your requirements. You can use this app to showcase customer testimonials, social proofs and reviews from your Instagram Business page. These measures help customers in their buying decision and assist you in converting your visitors into your customers.

With the help of the customization feature, users can showcase their artistic side and personalize the widget as per their needs.

The app has a simple installation process and provides a free trial to explore the tool and its features.

Instagram Feed by Elfsight

Although Instagram allows its users to embed feed by copying the link of the post and pasting on the Shopify backend, there are limitations. One of the major flaws is that users have to copy the code of each post manually. To counter this limitation, you can install the Instagram Feed Shopify app by Elfsight on your Shopify store, it automatically updates the posts from Instagram. So, as soon someone posts the content related to your business, it will be displayed on your eStore.

The app supports 12 popular languages, which makes this app a useful tool for your global customers.

Installing and running this app is very easy and does not involve coding. So even if you don’t have any coding skills or coding knowledge, you can still operate the app without any trouble. Besides the customization feature, it also allows you to show or hide like counts, share counts, and comments. So, if you have a huge number of likes on your posts, then by displaying them, you can showcase your social media strength.

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Instagram Feed/Instafeed Slide

Instagram Feed/Instafeed Slide provides the easiest way to display Instagram galleries in style.

It is a simple-to-install tool that integrates your Instagram account with your Shopify store. Other than Instagram, you can even integrate it with Instagram, which helps you build more audience and boost your reach.

The app is free to install but involves additional charges as per different services.

Over To You…

These are the best apps to embed Instagram feed on Shopify that allows you to integrate Instagram with your Shopify store. These tools are judged based on features, advantages, and pricing. These apps have more features than mentioned in the blog, and you can easily explore them by installing them on your Shopify website. In addition, these apps are easy to install and provide great returns.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and find the appropriate tool for your eStore and enjoy amazing benefits.