Embed Twitter Feed on Website – Why Should You Do It?

In the past few years, Twitter has been one of the essential elements for marketers for many reasons. Some of the major reasons are that it provides a great platform to market the product/brand, offers a large audience, and finally, provides users the facility to embed Twitter feed on the website.

Businesses are actively adopting the strategy to embed Twitter feeds on the website. It assists them in using Twitter beyond its limit and helps them extract more benefits from the website. And to provide ease to display Twitter feeds on the website, you can use Twitter Widgets.

What are Twitter Feeds?

When you sign into your Twitter account, the first thing you see is the Twitter feed, consisting of tweets and posts from your Twitter circle (people you follow). On exploring the platform, you can find more posts and feeds from other Twitter handles. You can showcase them on your website using embed Twitter feeds.

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Twitter Widgets are amazing tools that help you to showcase Twitter feeds on the website. You can choose your favored source to fetch the tweets and posts, and then these widgets display them beautifully on your website.

Various social media aggregators provide you with a dedicated Twitter widget to display Twitter feed without any hassle. In addition, social media aggregators help you in collecting embed Twitter feeds from your desired source (For example, any particular hashtag, Twitter handle, etc.). Allows you to curate and customize them before displaying them on your website, increasing the visuals of your website.

One might suggest that you can copy the embedding code from your selected tweet and paste it on the backend of your website to display them on your website. But this process is too time-consuming as you have to embed each tweet one by one, and also, you cannot personalize the feed as per your need. Therefore we highly recommend using Twitter feeds from social media aggregators for this purpose. Social media aggregators make your embedding process easy and allow you to customize and moderate the feed as per your requirements.

If you are thinking about what changes it can bring to your business, then here are some of the major benefits of this embed Twitter feed strategy that might convince you to use it.

Why Should You Embed Twitter Feed on Your Website?

In this age of digitalization, businesses are paying huge attention to improving their online representation. And websites are considered as the major element for the online representation of businesses. Therefore, you must have improved our website to attract more customers. And this is where this strategy plays an important role. It benefits your website in the following ways.

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1. Improves the visuals of your website

An attractive-looking website helps attract a new audience and helps create a positive impression on the visitors. While many businesses look to add some vibrant and lively elements to their website with the help of images and videos. An Embed Twitter feed is an easy hack to acquire good visuals for your website.

People often upload images or videos on their Twitter posts; displaying them on your website can bring vibrancy and liveliness to your website. Moreover, embedding the latest hashtag tweets or tweets related to your industry makes your website informative and adds charm to your website.

2. Increases visitor engagement

One of the major challenges for businesses is to hold visitors on their website; people often exit the website without exploring it, as it does not enhance their browsing experience. And this is where embed Twitter feeds come to the rescue. With the help of social media aggregators tools, you can embed unlimited Twitter feeds on your website and keep the visitor engaged on the website. It eventually can develop an interest in the reader’s minds and can increase your chance of attaining sales.

3. Builds credibility

Twitter visitors often use the platform to discuss a brand or share their opinion and reviews regarding a particular product or service. You can use tools to assemble all the tweets related to your business and showcase them on your website. By this measure, you can prove the credibility of your business, and by displaying reviews, you can win the trust of your visitors and help your visitors in their buying decisions.

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4. Strengthens Twitter presence

As Twitter is growing in popularity with each passing day, people often check the brand’s followers list and its social media strength to determine its reputation. So when you embed Twitter feed related to your business, you provide a sneak into your Twitter presence to your visitors. And also have the option to follow you there, improving your Twitter followers list. Moreover, any individual who isn’t aware of your Twitter presence or does not have a Twitter account also gets to read about your tweets and posts.

5. Encourages UGC

User-generated content provides great help to the businesses in achieving brand recognition, and it also boosts the reach of the business. Therefore, it is important to encourage people to post more content related to your business. And what can be a better way to boost them than featuring their content on the website. People feel valued when the brand showcases its content on the website, inspiring more users to post content related to your business. As a result, users get a spotlight on your website and you get an enhanced brand reputation. Therefore a win-win situation.


Twitter is an influential social media platform that has strongly established itself as one of the major elements of businesses’ social media marketing strategy. By embed Twitter feeds on the website, you can extract further benefits from the platform. So, go ahead, utilize the strategy and watch your business grow.

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