How to Transfer Data to New iPhone from PC/iPhone/iPad

With the launch of the iPhone 15 on September 13, 2023, numerous dedicated enthusiasts are contemplating the acquisition of this latest iPhone model featuring the brand-new iOS 17 operating system. Yet, in this scenario, a crucial consideration is how to seamlessly transfer data to the new iPhone 15, as well as securely erase your old iPhone 14, 13, 12, and 11.

Well, this guide will show you how to transfer data to new iPhone from your PC, iPhone, or iPad.

Why Not Choose iCloud or iTunes to Transfer iPhone Data?

Generally speaking, iPhone users may consider using iCloud or iTunes to transfer data to new iPhone. However, the two official tools rely on a good and stable network connection, so you may easily encounter some issues like “iCloud/iTunes stuck on backup or transfer”.

In addition, iCloud only offers 5GB of free storage space to store your iPhone data and iTunes will wipe your old iPhone clean after transferring data to your new iPhone.

Safest Way to Transfer Data to New iPhone from PC/iPhone/iPad

In this case, it’s highly recommended to use FoneTool – a free and safe iPhone data transfer tool. With FoneTool, you can easily transfer data from your old iPhone/iPad to your new iPhone with one click or selectively transfer data to your iPhone from your PC. More advantages of using FoneTool are listed below:

  • Data Transfer Versatility: FoneTool allows you to transfer data between various sources, including iPhone/iPad to iPhone/iPad, PC to iPhone and vice versa.
  • Offline Transfer: Unlike iCloud or iTunes, FoneTool enables data transfer without requiring an internet connection, ensuring privacy and convenience.
  • Data Encryption: FoneTool prioritizes data security by employing encryption methods to protect your sensitive information during the transfer.
  • Fast Transfer Speed: FoneTool offers efficient and high-speed data transfer, saving you time when moving large volumes of data.
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So, how to transfer data to new iPhone from your PC, iPhone, or iPad? Get and install FoneTool on your Windows PC, and then follow the instructions to move data to your new iPhone.

Part 1. One-Click Transfer Data from iPhone/iPad to New iPhone

Before starting data transfer, please make sure that the iOS version on the target iPhone is equal to or higher than that of the source iPhone/iPad. Then, follow the simple steps:

Step 1: Begin by connecting both of your devices to your PC > Launch FoneTool > Select Phone Transfer > iPhone to iPhone and then click the Start Transfer button.


Step 2: Ensure that the target iPhone (the one you want to transfer data to) and the source iPhone/iPad (the one you want to transfer data from) are in the right position.

Step 3: Enable Backup Encryption for the transfer > Simply click Start Transfer to start the data transfer process.


Part 2. Selectively Transfer Data to New iPhone from Windows PC

If you have backed up your old iPhone to your PC before, you can also make use of FoneTool to selectively transfer data from your PC to your new iPhone.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Begin by connecting your iPhone to your Windows PC. When prompted on your phone, tap Trust to allow the connection.

Step 2: Launch FoneTool to its home page > Locate the option Phone Transfer > Select PC to iPhone and click Start Transfer to initiate the process.

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Step 3: Click the folder icon to add the specific files you wish to import to your new iPhone and click OK to confirm,


Step 4: Once you’ve chosen the files, simply click the Start Transfer button, located at the bottom corner of the interface, to initiate the transfer.


In addition, FoneTool allows you to backup iPhone to Windows 10 PC and selectively restore your iPhone backup with one click.

The Bottom Line

When you buy a new iPhone 15, you can make use of FoneTool to transfer data to new iPhone from your PC, iPhone, or iPad. With the help of FoneTool, you can easily sync data to your new iPhone and remain information on your previous iPhone. Even if you want to sell your old iPhone, you can utilize FoneTool to securely erase iPhone. Besides, FoneTool can help you delete duplicate photos on your iOS devices or PCs. Why not use it? Download it at once!

It is worth mentioning that if you download it now from the FoneTool giveaway page, you can get a 1 Year License for free of FoneTool Professional(worth 39.95).

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