All You Should Know About Production Coordinators

While a single person or two can successfully make a video that reaches the masses, film projects are huge in terms of the workforce. At least two hundred people are involved in the making of a film project which may complete in a time span of six months to one year. At times, more people are involved. Managing them is not an easy task; therefore, there is a specific position for it in film projects.

What Are Production Coordinators?

In simple words, production coordinators are the professional who coordinates the details, arrangements, and typical tasks related to film projects, film sets, cast and crew, and much more. They have the responsibility of streamlining all the communication and arrangement. The absence of a production coordinator from the set can create chaos and uncertainty.

Dig deeper into this article to explore all the details you should know about production coordinators, and make sure to scout one for your project.

Top 7 Roles and Responsibilities of Production Coordinators

A lot more happens on the film sets and behind the scenes as compared to what is shown on the screen. You can get an idea about it from the wedding shoot of a couple. The video only highlights their best moments, while the wedding is much more than those few minutes. In all of this, the production coordinator is the most critical person, as they have the responsibility of taking care of everything.

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Here are the major roles and responsibilities of the production coordinator you should be aware of.

1. Main Contact Person of Production

The basic role and responsibility of production coordinators in the film projects are that they are the main contact person of production. If there are any concerns and queries from the cast, crew, or outsiders for the production, the coordinators will address and resolve them. Therefore, ensuring their experience and professionalism is critical. Most of the filmmakers consult corporate film production companies to get professionals on board.

2. Organize Production Paperwork

The next role and responsibility of production coordinators in film projects are to organize the production paperwork. It includes the bills, production reports, call sheets, shoot schedules, insurance paperwork, visas in case of international shootings, etc. They have to fulfill the clerical responsibilities and make sure all the documents are well aligned.

3. Manage Shoot Schedule and Transportation

One of the most crucial responsibilities of production coordinators is that they have to manage the shoot schedule and transportation. Most of the time, the productions are responsible for picking and dropping off the cast and crew for work. In addition to it, the production takes the cast and crew to film locations for which the coordinators need to manage the schedule and transport.

4. Coordinate Cast and Crew

One of the major roles and responsibilities of the production coordinators is to coordinate the cast and crew. There can be issues in work, costumes, styling, food, transportation, or anything on the set. The coordinators will need to resolve the situation and make sure to resume the work. In case there is an issue with equipment, the coordinators will handle that too.

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5. Supervise the Assistants

Another important responsibility of production coordinators is to supervise the assistants. Every department in a film project has an assistant who usually keeps track of the needs and requirements of the cast and crew and ensures their processing. The production coordinators are responsible for supervising the assistants, assigning them responsibilities, and tracking their performance.

6. Handle Permits

Another significant responsibility of production coordinators is that they have to handle the permits. To make films, the authorities need to get permits for shoot locations, using some historical place or token, and coordinators are responsible for handling that. They also manage copyrights, contracts with cast and crew, and other permits that might be necessary for shooting and the overall project.

7. Run the Production Office

The last but most critical responsibility of production coordinators is to run the production office. It means that they have to be present in the office at all times unless they are needed on the set and take care of inventory and supplies. Moreover, they also need to manage official emails and phone calls. Lastly, they need to work on-call sheets too. If you are looking for professional coordinators, you can hire corporate film production Dubai based companies and eliminate all your worries about planning, arrangements, and coordinating shoots.

What to look for in production coordinators?

If you are out and about hiring production coordinators, you must ensure that they are punctual and have time management skills. Moreover, strong communication and organization skills are more than necessary for production coordinators. If you need one on an urgent basis, get in touch with professionals and make sure to get experienced coordinators onboard.

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