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Develop a Practo Clone and Rule the On-Demand Healthcare Sector

March ahead in the digital healthcare industry with a Practo clone. Connect patients with licensed doctors. Get a quote.

Practo Clone



May 2008 witnessed a turning point in the global healthcare industry. Practo launched its on-demand doctor consultation services in Bengaluru. Today, it has partnered with more than 9000 hospitals across India. Importantly, patients can book appointments with more than 100,000 medical specialists just via their smartphones. With the Covid-19 pandemic continuing, it is the right time for entrepreneurs to come out with your Practo clone. 

Analyzing the significance of a Practo Clone Script 

It is a pre-built healthcare solution where people affected by diseases and disorders can connect with doctors. The Practo clone script contains features similar to the popular consultation platform. 

Besides that, it contains several panels like appointment booking, audio and video consultation options, an in-clinic consultation button, a lab test checkup section, and a storefront for selling medicines. Above all, digipreneurs can unite doctors and surgeons across specializations along with owners of clinics and hospitals.

Entrepreneurs can deploy the Practo clone in just a few days. This will give them a huge advantage in the ultra-competitive virtual healthcare sector. 

Why hire an app development company for launching a Practo Clone?

  • Flexible addition of brand names, logos, and taglines. as per the business requirements. 
  • Multi-platform compatibility (Android, iOS, and Web). 
  • Rigorous technical support to eliminate bugs, glitches, and vulnerabilities. 
  • State-of-the-art software for clinics, doctors, and hospitals. 
  • Multi-layer security measures like end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication (2FA). 
  • Compliance with different laws like the Indian Information Technology (IT) Act, 2000 and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), 1996. This protects the data of patients and prevents unauthorized sharing of their personal information. 

Deep Dive: The top features of a Practo Clone are

Blog Section – Undoubtedly, users must be well-informed of ailments and infections. A Practo like platform does that by displaying insightful blogs written by doctors. They can explore different topics like diet, diseases like cancer and diabetes, weight gain and loss, and general issues related to hair care, oral hygiene, skin care, stress management, etc. 

Consult Now button – Users will be cured of diseases after pressing the consult now option. They must enter their symptoms like cold, fever, headache etc., along with their mobile number. Accordingly, the search results display a list of doctors across specializations. 

Generation of online prescriptions –  It contains information about the amount to be paid (doctor fees, service charges, and commission), the date and time of the consultation, type of consultation (audios, text messages, and videos), diagnoses done, and prescribed medicines. 

Help Centre – Patients can sort out queries instantly on an app like Practo. They can approach the help desk and sort out issues related to appointment bookings, processing of transactions, sharing of digital bills, and storage of data. Members will receive instantaneous responses via email, live chat, and phone from the support team. 

Numerous payment options – Multiple payment options are available for users. They can select credit and debit cards like Mastercard and Visa, mobile wallets, net banking, and wire transfers. 

Search across specialties – Patients can choose different kinds of doctors for diagnosing their illnesses. For instance, they can select options like dentists, dermatologists, gastroenterologists, gynecologists, nutritionists, orthopaedists, physicians, physiotherapists, urologists etc. 

Users can check out the available slots, the experience of the doctors, previous patient stories, price, and their current location. Moreover, they can utilize filters like gender, consultation fees (in fiat currency), and relevance (price, recommendation, and years of experience). 

Social media login options – Apart from the usual email and phone sign-in mechanisms, social network facilities are also present. This enables patients to quickly book appointments in a hassle-free manner. 

Explore the revenue streams of a Practo like platform

  • Selling advanced software to healthcare organizations – This will help doctors and physicians to manage their appointments and finances effectively. 
  • Corporate wellness programs –  Employees of multinational companies as well as startups can be attracted with checkups and diagnostic tests. More revenue is assured by offering services like the collection of samples from home and counselling. 
  • Delivery fees – Flexible pricing can be imposed for delivering medicines directly to the homes of customers. The cost can be changed depending on the distance covered and the location of the patients. 
  • Subscription Plans – Consistent revenue is guaranteed by offering monthly and yearly subscription packages to patients. Premium members would receive benefits like extra discounts, family booking facilities, and 24x7x365 consultation options. 

What is the cost of Practo clone app development?

Various factors determine the expenditure of creating a Practo clone. It depends on aspects such as 

  • Duration taken for creating the booking website and mobile apps. 
  • Kind of programming languages and tools used. 
  • Level of customization required by entrepreneurs. 
  • Type of basic and standard features in the online healthcare solution. 
  • Salaries paid to the development team. 

Analysis: Connecting surgeries and on-demand doctor consultation

Undoubtedly, Practo is a revolutionary in the healthcare sector. It is slowly shifting its focus from primary to secondary consultations. The on-demand platform is aiming to promote affordable healthcare. 


Importantly, it wants to entice patients living in tier 2,3, and 4 cities. The numbers reflect the success of Practo Care. It has associated with 50 clinics, 100 hospitals, and 200 surgeons for this ambitious project. The Bengaluru-origin healthcare app is targeting a 5-7% market share and expansion to 30 more cities by the end of 2021.

Wrapping Up

On average, 25 million patients visit the Practo portal every year. It has ticked the right boxes with low consultation fees, protection of personal healthcare information, and quick responses from verified doctors.

Entrepreneurs can also be the game-changer in the healthcare sector now. They can team up with an app development company now and launch a Practo clone soon.

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Gojek Clone Script – Analytics Management with Cubejekx2021 App Helps Laying Strategies



Gojek Clone Script

We are living in the era of On-Demand Apps. Without these apps, we are unable to function well. This helps in carrying our tasks flawlessly, without us worrying about any chores. Whether you are planning a party or wish to take a vacation for few days or just need a painting job – An app like Gojek clone script can assist you with all these and more. It carries around 70+ On-Demand Multiservices App that allows the users to choose any kind of service and get on with their daily chores.

The Gojek Clone App is designed keeping in mind the daily essential needs of the people. We are living busy, hectic life that gives us very little personal time. Gojek Clone App has categories like Uber Clone Taxi Booking Services, On-Demand Delivery Services, and On-Demand services that help people enjoy their “Me” time.

Gojek Clone – Making Your Super App People-Centric

Your people will love using Cubejekx2021 app when you have all the right elements at the right places. This means having useful features and services that help them or benefits them in one or another way makes your app the most preferred choice.

When your users are getting the most of the services under a single app platform they will resist going to other apps.

Amongst the multitude of features, Analytics, and Reporting on a real-time basis allow the app owner to know the gaps and make improvements. This way the app owner can lay strategies aligning based on the analytics and reporting using Gojek Clone App Script.

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Successful analytics management helps Admin to make an informed decision based on the available data on a real-time basis. This includes:

  • Customers preferences, trends, their shopping habits
  • Which days the shopping is done more and which days it is showing the downward graph
  • It also helps in tapping the location from where the users are placing orders
  • You get to know the demographics of the users and their choices. E.g. which age group is buying/placing orders for the products/services etc.

Lay Successful Strategies Using Analytics Management Using An App Like Gojek

Analyzing more consumer data will increase the app’s efficiency. Additionally, it helps in identifying new business opportunities that might have otherwise been overlooked.

Gojek Clone Analytics and Reporting gives you a clear picture along with predicting the obstacles that plague your business. Whether it is a feature concern, a service not working properly, the pricing structure, or customers are having issues with the deliveries, all these and much more can be sorted using Gojek Clone Script smart features.

  • The feature acts as a tool that helps to make an informed decision when it comes to performance evaluation of Gojek Clone App, Service provider’s services, Delivery driver’s performance, product/service promotions, etc.
  • By addressing these problems before becoming the major issues enables your business to stay on track without interrupting the cash flow.
  • Furthermore, it helps in reduces downtime, customer dissatisfaction, overall Cubejekx2021 app performance.
  • Your business gets a clearer view that it is going in the right direction. When the issues are identified, the following questions get answered well:
  • The reason behind arising such issues
  • Why did it happen in the first place?
  • How to resolve these types of problems in the future from arising?
  • Which is the best way to move in the right direction?

Gojek Clone Script comes incorporated with the analytics and reporting that has made the app itself productive and efficient. 

In Conclusion

Gojek Clone Script comes incorporated with brilliant features that are freshly launched in September 2021. These features are aimed to provide a seamless service to your users. Not just one or two but, the entire feature pack is well-crafted after understanding the challenges of the users, service providers, and delivery drivers. Thus, helping you lay successful strategies based on analytics management. The data retrieved is capable of improving your business process, streamlining the communication, and overall improving the quality of the offerings.

Connect with a reputed app development company that is willing to understand your concept. Since you have the business plan and all researches in place it makes it easy for the app development team to design the app exactly how you like. Integrating your app with September New Features, and that has new improved UI/UX can help you pave the way to the business growth.

Take the Gojek Clone App Demo today and place your order now. Good Luck!

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The iOS Application Development Trends that will remain in Limelight for 2022



ios application development trends

Forever evolving, the mobile app industry has been through a myriad of improvements. It is the survival of the fittest in the Darwinian era for digital. To make it to the top of the food chain, you need to become acquainted with the changing mobile iOS application development trends. We all know that mobile is the new norm and that focus has shifted toward mobile browsing.

If you are an iOS user, we know you use your browser more than anything for all things 21st Century. iOS development Dubai is fully focused on mobile. But if we are to stay relevant, we need to also stay abreast of the iOS application development trends that will remain in the Limelight for 2022. 

Let us dig right in. 

Programming Applications for Foldable

Foldable devices are all the rage with the release of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3. The OLED displays and the operating systems are fully equipped with all the features necessary to run the device. A screen-continuity API is what makes the screen display possible. Because people were anticipating the release of this phone, many app developers have developed apps with fold support.

In fact, “foldable phone” was the buzzword in 2020; you need to not only make everything fold-compatible but also pan out your research in a way that you target people who have upgraded to the new line of phones.  

Since a larger screen requires your app UI to spread out, make sure it has the fluidity and navigation needed to operate in all the app modes – when your phone is in single-screen mode and when you are not using said mode, et cetera. Larger screens will help people perform multiple tasks at a time – keeping this in mind, and you can redesign or optimize your app. 

Artificial Intelligence and ML (Machine Learning)

Ever since the advent of the FaceApp, which is known for having risen to fame overnight because of the way it brilliantly used Artificial Intelligence. Furthermore, it adds filters to users’ photos to show what they look like when older or younger, et cetera. The revenue stream of this app grew up to $1m. Paired up with Machine Learning, artificial intelligence can do wonders for the mobile application industry. 

You would be interested to know that by the end of 2019, Apple launched Core ML 3, the latest rendering of its machine learning framework model for helping iOS developers create apps. This would help them in incorporating AI facilitations into their apps. When making yours, make sure you incorporate AI and ML in your apps to provide a more concrete experience to your users. 

Chatbot Use

With the job scope expanding its boundaries, Chatbots are coming in a lot of use.

Over half of purchasers need more (DIY) custom help instruments to make an internet-based buy. Moreover, chatbots are an ideal method to broaden that kind of client relationship with the executives. In 2021, the coordination of chatbots to portable applications will heighten from being genuinely simple to a wild level. 

As of date, there are around 2.5 million applications in the Google Play Store and around 1.8 million in the Apple App Store. Nonetheless, you will be astounded to discover that only a couple of applications have conveyed chatbots to work with better UI/UX administrations. 

With 80% of ventures expected to utilize chatbots by 2021 and clients liking speedy and exact replies, it is genuine business freedom to coordinate a chatbot to your versatile application — one of the significant portable application advancement patterns to search for in 2021.

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Integration for Wearable Apps

Wearable innovation is logically developing from one side of the planet to the other. As indicated by Statista, the number of associated wearable gadgets came to 453 million out of 2017 and is relied upon to reach 929 million by 2021.

With innovative headway, we can anticipate that wearable applications should before long turn into a significant piece of our regular daily existences. 

Apple, at the WWDC gathering, as of late reported its WatchOS update. Apple Watch applications presently don’t need a companion iOS application development trends and will have their own App Store. This unmistakably connotes the ascent in wearable innovation — one of the significant versatile application improvement trends in 2021. With applications that work freely from the iPhone, Apple has updated the height of the Apple Watch to that of an autonomous gadget that clients can use for their advanced necessities.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

‘Pokémon Go’ may have been a temporary storm on the eastern seaboard, but AR and VR are here to stay.

The AR and VR innovation—one of the top versatile application advancement trends—isn’t simply preparing and expanding the great gaming applications; likewise, it is effectively used for various other use cases. The mechanical monsters like Apple and Google are now advancing huge loads of new use cases utilizing AR.

For instance, Google will present another AR highlight for Google Maps, which would furnish individuals with bearings from their camera telephones progressively. In this manner, in 2021, AR combination will be one of the fundamental portable application advancement trends that would be forming the versatile business by making a consistent encounter for clients.

In the Nutshell

Stick to the iOS application development trends, and you, yourself, will remain in the Limelight for 2022. 

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5 Key Mobile App Development Trends of 2021



mobile app development trends

Mobile app development trends is one of the most rewarding and in demand of skills in the industry right now. The popularity of mobile apps is attributed to the amazing utility and entertainment they provide to millions of users around the world in the palm of their hand. As the numbers of these online users cross billions, with more than 50 percent of them being mobile-based, there is never a shortage for more interesting and innovative mobile apps.

In order to remain competitive, mobile apps are no longer used for a single purpose, instead they are used for a range of reasons, the most notable being customer engagement, branding, and increasing the overall reach to targeted markets and audiences. It’s important to align mobile app development strategies that reflect the latest trends and happenings in the industry.

Since mobile apps are driven by advancements in technology, it only makes sense to have development foresight for the next few years in mind. Hence, we have highlighted some of the trends gaining momentum in 2021.

What are Mobile Applications and Mobile App Development Services

Mobile application or mobile app or simply app, is a computer program or software application that provides a specific functionality or serves a certain utility to its user. These are meant to be used on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices, etc.

Mobile app development trends refers to the systematic process of designing, developing, testing and deploying mobile applications into the market or app stores to be precise. Mobile applications are developed for two primary platforms – iOS and Android. Mobile app development trends can be performed in house depending on the resources available with a company or in many cases outsourced to mobile app development companies.

Statistics Surrounding Mobile Application Development

When you consider the global number of smartphone users crossing the 3 billion marks after 2020, the market for mobile app development trends is enormous. If you factor in all the other mobile devices, there is roughly a smart device for every person on the planet. Advanced economies and developing countries gaining greater accessibility to smart mobile devices and affordable mobile internet are fueling the need for newer mobile applications.

The average mobile user spends 90% of their time on mobile apps than they do on browser-based applications or other activities. From a growth aspect, mobile app development trends for both Android and iOS started off with less than a thousand apps on their app stores and now boast well over 2 and 4 million mobile apps on each platform.

Despite having the market share, Google Play stores sees less competition than their App store counter with nearly double the capacity of downloadable apps. According to Statistic, more than a 100,000 apps are launched on the google play store every month as opposed to 30,000 of iOS.

5 Key Mobile Development Trends to Look forward in 2021

  1. Innovative Mobile User Experience

Majority of the online user population is mobile-based traffic interacting through smartphones and other mobile devices. The effective display of content on the mobile interface is vital for a smooth user experience. Impractical UI/UX design and layouts lead to inconvenience faced by the online user, which result in session drop outs and even uninstalls.

In order to minimize such occurrences, businesses are moving towards innovative and intuitive design styles that not only optimize customer experience but also fulfill other business objectives through great UI/UX designs.

App designers and developers are making use of interactive content layers, cutting edge design patterns, content manipulation techniques, to increase customer engagement and improve design dynamics.

These elements provide a more immersive and 3-D app activity experience. The bar for user interface design is being set higher and higher as advancements are continued to be made.

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  1. Mobile Commerce

As more businesses shift towards the digital space and provide services through web and mobile applications. The trend to make mobile purchases will continue to rise in the upcoming years as the ever-growing mobile traffic adopts to mobile commerce. With advancements in wallet-based technologies, users no longer need to carry cash, physical debit and credit cards to make purchases.

All of that can be done through wallet features being provided by the likes of Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

  1. IoT Applications

According to Gartner there are close to 26 billion connected devices across the world currently in use, which includes smart devices, appliances, medical devices and all other types of devices that can be used under IoT.

These devices are connected to the internet and transmit data with other connected devices or to a cloud-based mobile application. These mobile applications act as a ‘remote control’ to control the smart device as per the need and requirements of the user.

As a technology of the future, both Google and Apple are heavily investing and working on their offerings for IoT, same is the case with Amazon. As the numbers of smart devices across the globe increases and the adoption of it becomes more common in the global middle-class population, IoT based mobile app development trends will be very much a trending topic of 2021.

  1. Healthcare and Wearables

As technology advances, it has seeped into other industries and health care happens to be one of them. The use of wearables has skyrocketed in healthcare monitoring and as a form of accessory. Because of this, more people have begun to use smart devices over traditional watches.

This has opened up new opportunities for vendors, app developers and other accessory makers to start providing the corresponding services. The smartphone application has become the hub for all these smart devices to connect with and provide new forms of information to individuals that was previously unthinkable.

Opening up a new range of products, services in areas such sports, fitness, fashion, hobbies and healthcare. Hence wearable devices are fueling the next generation of mobile application development trends.

  1. Security

No matter how advanced mobile technology gets, there is one lingering issue that somehow makes it to the spotlight, and that is application security. Malware and Ransomware attacks have quadrupled in the last few years and small and major businesses are at risk with their existing and developing mobile application projects.

In order to stay ahead, continuous efforts are required to improve existing technologies and implement the latest coding practices to reduce vulnerabilities and enable additional safeguards. Developments in security technologies for mobile application development will always be a trending subject for years to come, especially when pursuing in house development and third-party mobile app development services.

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