What is A Multi-Tenant Conferencing Solution?

Never in conventional wisdom, one would have thought that active collaboration with co-workers can take place outside the confines of the office. But here we are now– Covid-19 has brought about unprecedented changes in the work-life for everyone. The office ‘team calls’ have become all too familiar with other jargon such as ‘screen share’, ‘meet invite’, and ‘go mute’ among others. The new form of video telephony, also referred to as video conferencing, is the must-have communication for multi-tenant conferencing solution for all workplaces.

Well, for businesses and big enterprises this collaboration assumes a larger proportion. You need a reliable, resilient, and cost-effective solution to manage the conferencing with a centralized infrastructure for all offices. This is where a multi-tenant conferencing solution platform comes in.

A multi-tenant conferencing software enables you to offer conferencing services to different customers or business units with a single instance of the software.

This essentially means multi-tenant conferencing software can help you to support many enterprise users with the same infrastructure. Let’s find out how multi-tenant conferencing works and its benefits for businesses.

How does multi-tenant conferencing work?

The conferencing framework utilizes a multi-tenancy model, which means multiple independent instances of one or multiple applications operate in a shared ecosystem. There is a certain degree of isolation with varying levels of physical integration. With a centralized video conferencing solution, the admin can create several accounts for users or tenants. The control of the system lies with the admin, who can assign differential rights for use.

The tenants can be branch offices of an organization around the world or different customers who are using the shared infrastructure to support multi-tenant conferencing.

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Main features of multi-tenant conferencing solution:

  1. Shared Hardware Used by Different Tenants

Whether you are a conference services provider or a large enterprise with multiple branch offices, a multi-tenant conference framework lets more than one user use your infrastructure to avail conferencing services.

  1. Isolation of Users

Each user or customer is securely ring-fenced from one another and the admin can securely operate and add tenants.

  1. Centralized Control

The admin of the multi-tenant conferencing solution has complete control over permissions assigned to the tenants. This means you can configure the permission for your branch offices or tenants, as per your discretion.

Now that we have a broad understanding of the multi-tenant conferencing software and how it works, let’s move to the next section to find out more about the benefits.

Benefits of Multi-Tenant Conferencing Software

  1. Crystal clear audio and rich video

The multi-tenant solution uses SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) for call conferencing that gives you a high-quality audio output every time. The voice transmission is crystal clear with high-resolution video. The communication mirrors real-time collaboration with great audio and video quality.

You can upload your slide deck and present it in live meetings. Features such as online slideshow presentation, whiteboard, documents and screen sharing, text chat, and tools to make your virtual meeting live.

  1. Cost-effective

It would not make sense to have a large scale setup without being cost-effective. One of the prime drivers of multi-tenant conferencing software for users is the effective reduction in costs due to the shared infrastructure.

  1. No additional hardware and software

With multi-tenancy, a tenant can enjoy the benefits of conferencing without investing a penny on the hardware, software, and infrastructure setup costs. You can get on with business calls almost, immediately.

  1. WebRTC
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WebRTC Solution brings the benefits of an open-source platform for communication through a browser. Multi-tenant conferencing solution enables you to access the WebRTC for seamless audio and video communication. Enterprises and business units can access WebRTC through any popular browser and open gates to communication channels like instant messaging (IM), SMS, alongside video conferencing. There is no requirement for plugins too.

  1. White label solution

There is no need to re-invent the wheel when you can easily access a white label software. If you are worried about branding and reputation, the white label gives you peace of mind with assured value. You can customize the multi-tenant conferencing software as per your company’s brand, logo, and identity allowing the users or tenants to associate the product with you.

Use Case

Multi-tenant conferencing is utilized by many businesses today to overcome the limitations of plain-vanilla conferencing software. Take the case of a multi-national and multi-city bank. Using a multi-tenant conferencing software platform a bank’s employees and customers can securely communicate with each other.

The WebRTC inclusion can help the customers of the bank to voice their concerns and discuss sensitive financial matters with the live banking agent over an encrypted connection securely. Banking agents can view and acknowledge the statements online. Moreover, if the bank offers other products such as insurance, then the customer can discuss and file claims digitally from his home through a video call from any device.

Why should you go for Ecosmob multi-tenant conferencing software?

When you finally decide to invest in a multi-tenant conferencing solution the primary concern is getting the return on investment. There are too many ifs and buts to weigh in. Make a checklist of questions or must-haves before you decide which one is the right fit for you. To get started here are a few questions you can pose yourself.

  • What do I want from a multi-tenant conferencing software?
  • What if the multi-tenant solution does not meet my needs adequately?
  • What if the solution works at one branch office but does not take off at another?
  • What if my team finds onboarding to the new software difficult?
  • What is the time and budget that I should demarcate for investing in a multi-tenant solution?
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There could be many more such questions depending on your industry and the size of your business. You can come to Ecosmob and consult our VoIP experts to get your queries resolved, at no cost.

The feature-rich multi-tenant conferencing software from Ecosmob gives you the flexibility and quick RoI with its scalable and robust framework. Some of the features of our conferencing software web portal are:

  • Live Conference View (LCV-Monitor/Control)
  • Create, edit or delete any entity
  • Active Speaker Display
  • NIP Feature for name and PIN mapping
  • Class of Service (CoS)
  • Phone Book
  • Pop-up mail notification during a conference
  • End-to-end encrypted for security
  • Mute all participants
  • File, image and, screen share
  • Seamless audio and video calls
  • Live chats

With a simple user interface and no extra plugin, you can expedite your conference creation and execution. Our team of experts provides continuous support from development to actual use. Additionally, the trouble-free reporting renders efficiency in the management and operation of multi-tenant conferencing software.

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