Best Online Collaboration Software for Remote Meetings

Vizetto is the most advanced and exuberant technologies are combined with virtual and hybrid event platforms to deliver a truly immersive experience to participants with software for remote meetings. It’s a sturdy resolution for a spread of virtual and hybrid events. Virtual event area wherever event organizers will Whiteboard for his or her audience, attendees will get all their queries answered, and area for sponsors of a happening to complete their complete. You can use vizetto virtual meeting platform and leveraging your virtual meeting with the client’s without any problem.

Interactive whiteboard:


The success of your virtual conferences with software for remote meetings comes all the way down to obtaining the simplest worth out of your interactive whiteboards, which is achieved simply by victimization them as a visible aid, versus simply another big size TV screen, to form your meeting experiences additionally unforgettable. Pull up content, show diagrams, add annotations and digital ink and be visual. Suddenly, you’ve broken the curse of remote conferences that suck just because your virtual conferences currently have Associate in nursing interactive elements to them. These participating virtual conferences embody and don’t seem to be restricted to being:

  • Dynamic – having the ability to herald extra content while not sacrificing the standard of your presentation on a whim which will ignite a two-way dialogue between you and your audience
  • Interactive – having the power to gift and even be able to take notes, produce annotations and be visual while not propulsion your attention removed from the screen or losing the interest of your audience
  • Memorable – citing your camera and produce front and center aboard your content whereas presenting while not having to permit PowerPoint to require over
  • Elevate Participants – Pin your video within the space and permit everybody to ascertain you in an additional natural manner. Add Associate in nursing audience monitor and simply see your participants.
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The Home Boardroom:

  • Interactive Whiteboards and smartboards, used properly, will rework your central office into the house council chamber for any virtual meeting. They permit you to:
  • Stand ahead of your information and data that changes your energy throughout your next virtual sales presentation
  • Immerse your audience into your presentation and create them want you’re standing ahead of them even during a hybrid meeting
  • Use intuitive visual communication and gestures like inform at your content or victimization your arms and fingers to circle one thing within the air to form some extent that is essential for on-line displays
  • Forget regarding the pc and UI and be fluid and natural within the approach you gift

The ideal setup can enable you to show to the interactive whiteboard, write and work, and quickly flip back to face your audience and see them directly. This can be specifically what happens during a real council chamber after you rise at the front and begin your presentation with software for remote meetings.


BENEFITS OF victimization REACTIV SUITE: gift completely different format files, combine and match any get in your presentation, create live notes victimization ink in documents, pin your video, and elevate your presence. Reactiv SUITE permits you to own it all simultaneously! Show all necessary information, videos and even draw your ideas on the screen. Reactiv SUITE will assist you to blur the lines between alternative on-line displays to a killer presentation


With Reactiv SUITE, the presenter forever stays at the front and center to assist you to connect with the audience during an additional personal approach. You can simply drag any of those files onto your ‘Digital Table’ throughout your sales agitation and present without borderlines.

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