How to Increase Productivity on Mac in 2022?

Every Mac user wants to be more efficient in addition to using all of their efforts on the Mac machine. Fortunately, the Mac is among the most accessible devices today, & macOS is designed to serve both novice and experienced users.

However, you cannot assist but start picking up specific helpful strategies over time that can save your time and efforts every day to increase productivity on Mac. Mac also has a slew of new tools that may help you optimize your workflow & make use of all your regular day-to-day experience on Mac.

In this blog, we will mention ways to increase productivity on Mac so that you become more efficient on your Mac.

Best Ways to Increase Productivity on Mac in 2022

  1. Use Group Stacks By

You are not the only one if you are using your desktop as just a garbage dump for all your files, documents, folders, and shortcuts. It is convenient for putting everything in one place, but it may also mean wasting minutes & seconds looking for the required file when you need it urgently.

Stacks can help you give some organization on your desktop: It will automatically sort files & folders & stack up everything in a category. Therefore anytime, whenever you click anywhere on a vacant area on the desktop, open the View menu & then select Use Stacks. Then arrange your files, go to View and click Group Stacks By. This will indeed boost your productivity on Mac.

  1. Use Text Replacement to Type Faster
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You do not have to continue typing out often used text, such as your name or the smile emoji since your Mac could do that for you. Enter in a previously agreed-upon shortcut such as “omw”, and then macOS immediately extends this to the entire string of characters that would be On My Way.

  • To do so, enter the Apple menu> System Preferences>Keyboard>Text.

A few examples are given, and you may add more by clicking the plus (+) button. Such text replacements will apply to all Mac applications that allow you to enter text.

  1. Save Searches

Don’t waste time doing typical searches from the beginning since macOS allows you to save previous searches in Smart Folders, which are essentially virtual folders. These folders continually get updated by the search results.

Start a search in the Finder as usual by using the search box at the top-right & any filtering parameters you wish, then click on the plus (+) button to add various criteria). When you have finished configuring your search, click Save: Assign a name to the search/Smart Folder so that you may access it anytime with the Sidebar.

  1. Lion Gestures

Gestures are among the most efficient methods to increase productivity on Mac. The majority of users find them helpful. Although not everyone enjoys them, those who do discover that many activities can be completed considerably more rapidly when they have mastered the fundamentals. The glass pad on Mac laptops and devices provide accurate gesture detection similar to an iPhone’s screen, & they are regarded as unmatched input devices, particularly when contrasted to their PC counterparts.

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Some movements, such as pinching to zoom in or out, are simple to learn and use. In the Safari browser, a fast double-tap using two fingers zooms in the region in question. Moreover, switching desktops is very simple in the full-screen mode by swiping 3 fingers. Also, if you want to scroll forward or backward in Safari, then 2 finger swipe right and left will do the job for you.

  1. Use Duplicate Files Fixer

Many a time, it is not just the shortcuts that increase the efficiency, but the speed of the Mac also helps give better results. We do a lot of work on Mac, and several files accumulate daily, out of which there are many duplicate files on Mac. These duplicate files, when stored in large number on Mac, make it slow and therefore decreases the efficiency of Mac.

Features of Duplicate Files Fixer:

  • There’s no requirement to spend hours manually hunting for duplicate data/files. To save effort and time, remove duplicate files, photographs, music, and movies with a single click.
  • Using a competent duplicate file remover is the most straightforward approach to clear up a lot of storage. Recover disc space with ease with Duplicate Files Fixer.
  • Duplicate Files Fixer has all the tools required to locate and eliminate duplicate files. Besides scanning HDD / SDD, external media can also be scanned with it.
  • Once the scan is completed, you may examine a detailed view of duplicate data/files, photographs, music, and video content before deleting them.
  • You may check duplicate files not only for identical content but also by file name, generated date, similar name, and changed date.
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By using Duplicate Files Fixer, you can easily remove duplicate files and photos from Mac and make your computer more efficient and smooth.


In this blog, we have learnt some valuable methods to increase productivity on Mac. All the methods are very easy to perform and can be done by anyone well-versed in Mac’s functioning. Try these methods and let us know your experience in the comment section below.

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