7 Emotions Every Sales Expert Needs to Drive Sales

Understanding the role that emotions play in successful sales is critical to success. However, trying to comprehend a buyer’s emotional state to make a sale to them can feel overwhelming.

Sales experts can evoke a deeper level of interest in buyers by relying on their emotional intuitions and sensibilities. After all, making an emotional connection with buyers is just as crucial as providing all the logical details during a sale.

To help your organization thrive, ensure agent training curricula cover technical and emotional customer handling tips.

In Seth Godin’s words, “The only purpose of customer service is to change feelings.”

If you’re wondering where to start, here are seven core emotions that your team should learn to reciprocate to ramp up its sales expert and revenue:

  1. Lay a Hopeful Foundation

One of the essential sentiments you must master as a sales expert is hope. The pandemic-driven world has caused emotional upheavals for everyone one way or another.

So, when customers can find even a little optimism in their interactions with a business, they are bound to come back for more sooner or later.

Get a thorough sense of what a customer or a prospect aims to feel by purchasing from you. Study your product or service to find what it offers that can make your audience feel motivated and optimistic.

Tailor the way you interact with them and pitch to them in accordance with your observations. Convince them to believe that your products and services will mean a brighter future for them.

  1. Address Fear or Hesitation
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When a product brings disappointment for a buyer, they’re bound to feel unvalued and unsatisfied. In such a situation, being able to express their concern to a patient agent can prove to be very helpful.

Instead of pushing potential customers to buy your products by instilling a forced sense of urgency in them, take time to study what they may be missing out on by not using your company’s services. Using intelligent speech analytics tools can prove to be a major game-changer here.

Use the knowledge derived from collected customer data to steer them into understanding how the products and services are relevant to their problems. Alleviating a customer’s fear will contribute to their purchase decisions and experience.

  1. Discuss Contributors of Frustration

Frustration and anger can be the driving forces behind customers seeking immediate resolution. These emotions typically show up when a product gets damaged, or service is hindered. Customers feel compelled to take action and may also feel impatient.

As a sales expert, the first and foremost step to dealing with such situations is acknowledging what the buyer is experiencing. The next step is to try to identify the source of the problem.

If the reason behind this sentiment is a buyer’s day-to-day problems, then talk to them and help them reach the hopeful stage again. Understand their topmost priorities and analyze their complaints to provide the quickest possible resolution.

  1. Motivate Buyers to Feel Excited

Stirring the right amount of excitement in your customers will give them the push they need to buy from you. If a person experiences no satisfaction while interacting with your sales experts, they will have nothing to hold onto.

Using your business acumen to leverage the right kind of technological upgrades in your communication will serve the purpose in most cases. Provide your audience with product demos. Understand how they plan to use your products and services.

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Nothing works better than seamless engagement and motivation. Offering them an incentive to converse with you and figuring out precisely what gets them going during this process will be immensely helpful.

  1. Make Your Audience Feel Prioritized

According to Accenture, 48% of consumers want special treatment from brands for being ‘good customers .’Your sales experts can make your customer feel special by offering exclusive treatment for all new products and services.

As soon as buyers think they are being offered special treatment, they tell their friends and family about it. And obviously, it is then their friends and family’s turn to want to feel special.

Appealing to your audience’s desire to be first will automatically provide you with a competitive advantage against other players in the market. Giving them some additional benefits and services will take you ahead of your competitors.

  1. Instil a Sense of Empowerment

As a sales expert, when you pitch a product or a service to a buyer, you feel an innate sense of pride. It should be imperative to want to teach the same feeling to your clients.

Giving buyers details on how your services can make their lifestyle smarter and easier will entice them into purchasing from you. One way of understanding this is by looking at how toll-free numbers can improve a business’s image in the eyes of its audience.

Empowering people and making them feel proud of their purchases also negates thoughts of shame or self-doubt that they may feel while shopping.

  1. Learn the Power of Empathy

Even a little bit of empathy goes a long way. Validating your buyers’ feelings and responding to the agreement can be a massive booster for more sales.

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As a sales expert, being a listener when your customer needs one, sympathizing with them when they need a shoulder, and understanding them emotionally are essential qualities.

Establishing a safe emotional space for your buyers and taking extra steps to make their journey positive, such as producing environmentally-conscious products, can awaken their generous side and make them trust your brand even more.

To sum up

Establishing an unbreakable emotional bond when pitching a sale to your customers should be your biggest priority. Leveraging the right technology to help your sales experts reach out to your audience personally will dramatically fuel your sales.

Use simple and practical features such as call tracking and recording to monitor how your customers respond to conversations or speech analytics to decode their emotions through their vocabulary.

Put the results and customer data collected into action for efficient agent training and rectifying customer journey loopholes. The ultimate goal of making a sale is to let your buyers feel financially and emotionally confident.

And once you deduce the perfect blend of rationality and feelings, the connections you build with your customers will help you retain them for life!

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