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The Web Development Company Lahore presents your brand and introduces it to the world. Today, online business and e-commerce are more important than ever. You cannot design a weak website that sends the wrong message about your organization or product.

What makes a bad website design?

Apart from being visually appealing, bad website design is not effective. In most cases, users return to the search engine results page (SERP) as soon as they leave the site, which results in higher recovery costs and rankings. Web Development Company Lahore could offer a raw sale. Of course, in most cases, that awful website design was trendy, and at the time, it looked attractive, but now it seems ineffective. This is not what you want from your website.

Today, Web Development Company Lahore includes ever-improving technical features and powerful visual elements that lead users to websites and sales outlets. The ultimate goal is to attract audiences and then drive conversions. With that in mind, focusing on features and user experience, in general, is even more important.

Look at five bad website design examples and trends that don’t work. They all have one thing in common. It aggravates the user. Like a brick and mortar store, Web Development Company Lahore make the flow as smooth and unobtrusive as possible and gently guide visitors to see what they have purchased.

Bad website designs such as store layouts can confuse consumers and make them buy elsewhere. Eliminate these five trends and get your customers back to your website.

  1. Popup

It was one of the worst forms of web design and is still used today. Initially, popups are designed to attract the user’s attention, but they completely obscure the visual appearance and feel of the site. Second, they are not very effective (not to mention stress relievers). Please ask yourself. When was the last time you read the popup ad?

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Most people have enough time to get the “X” key. A popup will cause the user to drop off the page simply because they do not want to deal with the interruption. There are more effective ways to get users to sign up for newsletters and announce upcoming sales.

  1. Automatic Video Playback

Immediately behind the popup video is automatically played. With more than 60% of their time spent online, people can use mobile devices anywhere. The last thing you want is the site you visited to show unexpected noise ads and videos. It distracts and has a negative impact on your site or product.

And to tell you the truth, who visited sites that were not online at work and “unrelated to work” and heard big ads in the office area? You must have removed that site in the future, right?

  1. Flash Introduction

Flash Intro Short animation (usually accompanied by music) lasts from a few seconds to a minute or more and should be viewed before visiting the website. It became popular a few years ago when designers saw it as a great opportunity to add some talent to their imprisoned audience.

The problem is that viewers are not caught and want instant gratification! Flash Intro can cause annoying users to return to the SERP when they first join your site. If you have visited your site before and know what you want, the Flash entry will cause unnecessary frustration and will not be reflected in your organization so it will be a barrier to sales.

  1. Stock Photo

Stock photos are a sign of bad website design. This is used in blogs and posts but is completely different when used as a visual component of the site. It does not matter if some are scattered throughout the site, but stock company photos are expensive, and free sites share photos that do not meet professional standards.

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Web Development Company Lahore encourages you to use images that include your workplace, projects, and team members to give a real feel to your site and build trusting relationships with visitors. Similar to customer testimonials and case studies, professional images of your business can help you evaluate your potential brand, credibility, and loyalty. It’s all a purchase promise. So, spend money on professional photography. 

  1. Bad Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is a great technique if done correctly. Mistakes can confuse users, but this is undesirable. Think of some things that can cause you to scroll in the wrong direction.

Websites slow down and load longer. Google Core Web Vitals is the gold standard, so you need a responsive, mobile-friendly, and fast website. Poor parallax scrolling reduces the site and negatively affects SERP rankings.

Tracking your site with key analytics, improvements, effectiveness testing, and monitoring won’t be easy. It doesn’t work on mobile – it’s called good! Do not give up. Web Development Company Lahore are many great website design options to make your site unique and effective. Here are three of our favorites.

When looking for inspiration for designing your website, keep in mind three ideas:

  1. Colors, Colors, Colors, and Blanks

Colors are often used in powerful website design layouts. Bright and vibrant colors show strength and endurance. Soft colors often mean a calm, healthy and relaxed spirit. We don’t sell a package of extreme sports adventures with a simple pink and soft green color palette. Ideal for day spas and yoga studios. Color gallery messages are important to determine, but you still need a lot of white space to create a clean, streamlined landscape that is easy to read and absorb. So use both fully to maximize your site’s effectiveness.

  1. Emerging Examples
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Web Development Company Lahore wants to work with top designers and developers to design a new website. Add to that list – Top Describer! It would be best if you had someone who could convey your brand message and create amazing digital examples that will lead your customers to the page. Using a hand-painted artist or a description of a digital software expert, you need to give your site a unique and unique look that you will not find anywhere else.

  1. Accessibility

In general, we are a country where addition is everything! Ensuring accessibility is built into your website design, web development in Lahore sends you a message that inclusion is important to you and your business. From visual impairment to hearing, cognitive and motor challenges, the best website design involves an experience that adjusts the navigation of online pages for more than 15% of the population.


Trends make your site look fresh and relevant, but they usually have an expiration date. Using old trends, especially ugly or ineffective ones, can easily affect conversion rates. After reviewing the Top 5 Bad Web Design Trends, you should be able to decide if your site needs to be adjusted to provide the best experience for your customers.

If you plan to upgrade an existing site or start a square site, do not rely on your website design. Web design services are very important to leave to inexperienced or incompetent people. You are looking for a Web Development Company in Lahore with many years of proven digital marketing and website design experience.

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