Tips to Follow for Increasing Your TikTok Followers

TikTok is an explosive social network that is conquering many users around the world. In this tutorial we will talk again about the famous music social network, explaining how to grow on TikTok and have followers by following some practical tips. I have already told you the best hashtag TikTok followers use and also of how to earn money with TikTok followers.

To receive large numbers and views for your videos, and many following and “liked” must stand out from the crowd, following some basic tips we have gathered in this guide.

Think about it: if you’re equal to the masses or, worse yet, making videos identical to those of other TikTok users, why would anyone prefer you? You will hardly reach the “for you” section (remember when I told you how to enter the “for you” section of TikTok followers?).

So, the first tip is to think about how to stand out. Here’s everything you need to know to become famous on TikTok and grow your fans.

How to increase followers on TikTok

Now let’s look at some ways to increase followers on TikTok. Obviously they are not 100% effective methods, no method always works, but there are some tricks that can help you Increase the number of your TikTok followers.

Manage Your Profile Well

The basis from which you should start is always and at all times your profile. Try to be as complete as possible. You can do this as follows or after you have registered. All you have to do is go to the Profile section from the bottom line and go to Edit Profile .

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From this menu you will be able to change your name, put a photo or video as a profile picture, but also add your Instagram and YouTube accounts .

Another important tip is to switch to a Pro account. This way you will have all the information related to your videos and your followers available in the Analysis section. So you can see what your followers like and when they are most active. Works best with your own fan base is the best way to find new ones.

Correct Hashtags and Short Captions

As in any society, the hashtag is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. Hashtags should not be placed randomly, they should describe the content of the video as best as possible, as hashtags that are not inherent in the video could have the opposite effect, ie penalize the post.

Some experiments performed by users have declared it a hashtag such as #foryou, #foryoupage or #fyp can help you spread the word. complete the video in the section For you, the best to convey our video to the largest possible audience. It’s not a universal truth, of course, but these hashtags help. It can also be useful Take a look at the hashtags that are popular in the Discover section , accessible from the menu below.

For video descriptions, call it legends In the social world, TikTok is said to go against the tide of Instagram, I love short, perforated subtitles instead of longer and more articulate speeches. Also because the focus should always be on the video, not the description.

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Quality Content and Consistency: The Key Points

Hashtags and even subtitles are important for a video, it’s true, but the main goal of all is and continues to be content. You always need quality content, a good shot, that makes sense and that entices the user to see it to the end. In fact, the TikTok followers algorithm is said to select the videos that will be included in the For You section based on their viewing time.

The more a video is watched or even more times, the more likely it is to end up in the suggested section, exponentially increasing the potential audience.

This is where the issue of originality and position come in. Try to focus on something that has not been done yet or is not very popular yet. Copying others is not bad, in fact it can be useful in the short term, but to create a stable and enduring fan base you need to be different and unique.

Attract Your Fans

As mentioned above, in gaining new followers the base from which we start is always the one we already have. If we forget what our fans want, we can achieve the opposite result, that is, lose them. First of all, think about who is already following you, engaging your fans is the best way to get new ones. .

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One of the best ways to attract your fans is. create interesting videos I can ask your opinion on the issues so comment and post I like, because that is always the goal, to have a lot of interactions in a post to enter the section For you.

It is very common to practice splitting the video into two parts. Do an experiment or something interesting and stop the video without showing the end by naming it “Part 1”. This way, you will push your followers and non-followers to visit your profile. You can also request a minimum number of “likes” or comments to post the last part of the video.

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