10 Best SEO Practices That You Should Follow in 2023

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Fluidity is the toughest part in regards to SEO practices. Each year, about 500-600 times, Google updates its algorithms. At least one update every single day of the year is what it means here. At the end of the day, the SEO experts who have dedicated their entire lives work to figure out rank criteria still end up struggling.

The following is the list of the top 10 important SEO practices and techniques of 2021 that can help keep you from constantly refreshing the update page of Google.

1. Understand Your Site’s Core Web Vitals

You might not have heard about the core web vitals in SEO practices. It is, however, important that you are making yourself familiarize with the metric benchmarks working behind them in 2021. Google will roll out the Page Experience in a new algorithm that ranks the pages based on its core web vital scores in May.

2. Optimize for Google Passage Ranking

Through passage ranking, the ranking of the individual passages onto the web pages ranked easily in coherence with the entire page.

So, why does it matter here? Google can pull out the sections from a page even if that page is covered in a different topic than what is being displayed in the SERP is what it means here.

3. Focus on Featured Snippets

The featured snippets should become a part of your SEO practices and strategies in 2021 if it is not already. Featured snippets appear in position zero or at the very top of the SERP page in a rectangular box being also known as the holy grail of search.

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4. Learn the EAT Principle

The long-term SEO company success can be mastered well with the help of the EAT principle despite the constant change in the algorithm. It does sound pretty great here.

Expertise, authority, and trustworthiness are what EAT stands out for. The measurement of your brand’s reputation on the web is what it is essentially. Compared to the ones that are unknown, Google ranks more established, brand authentic, and trustworthy sites.

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5. Support Multiple Long-Tail Keyword Phrases

The search engine becomes more advanced with every algorithm update that Google releases. Google has also announced that it can understand the relevant subtopics of specific keywords now.

For SEO practices, there will be a lot more Competition over the shorter tail keywords. You will have higher chances of ranking for that relevant phrase and possibly related phrases as well if you are using long-tail keywords or more specific keywords with three words or more.

6. Create New Content

There are times when the marketers get too caught up in the details of their on-page SEO practices, neglecting to focus on the creation of new quality content for their searchers, although it might appear quite obvious. Over 4.4 million blog posts are published each year, and it is something that you should keep in mind. So, it is pretty easy to fall behind if you are not producing new content on a regular basis.

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10 Best SEO Practices That You Should Follow in 2023 2

7. Update Old Content

You cannot neglect to update the old content, although you may be busy creating the new ones. In 2021, this is an important SEO practices and techniques.  Your old content will fall off the map and become irrelevant if you are only publishing your new content. Do not miss out on the opportunity they are offering since you probably invested a lot of time into those older posts.

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8. Focus on User Experience

Every tactic should somehow relate to improving the user experience when it comes to SEO practices. And this is what it is all about. This will be more important than ever before in 2021.

It is all about user experience when it comes to the new focus on the core web vitals. Google also takes into account the bounce rates, click-through percentage, and dwell-time on top of all. Having the user click on your result for spending time in terms of clicking on different pages and spending at least 3 minutes on your site is the goal involved here.

9. Don’t Forget About Images

On Google Images, over 20% of all U.S. web searches happen. It is important to know how to optimize any image for the search for conquering SEO in 2021.

You need to make sure that the images you are using are relevant to the keyword and are of higher quality. Just by looking at your image, it should be clear to the users what the content is about.

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10. Build Up Your Backlinks

The heart of SEO is its backlinks. You cannot ignore building high-quality links back to your site being a solid SEO practices and strategy in 2021 used by the reputed SEO company.

In order to build brand authority, backlinks are the best way. Expertise, authority, and trustworthiness will be quite important here, as we have already determined in 2021. Your EAT factor is boosted, and Google sees your site as a valid answer to the searchers when a site with already established reputable authority links back to your site.

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Beat Out Competition with the help of these tips

With every single Google algorithm update, it is impossible to keep up. It is still quite difficult for the busy marketer to keep track of the latest trends, which are helpful. Optimizing for people is the biggest SEO practices and technique that should be kept in mind.

For the search engine, quit trying to write content. People and experience are at the core of every SEO practices and techniques and trick out there in 2021. You can use these techniques to tinker, optimize, and refine all your efforts.

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