Gojek Clone App – Launch A Most Powerful Super App With White-Label

It would’ve been difficult even for the most renowned tech clairvoyants to predict that one of the biggest names in the on-demand industry would come from Indonesia. Today, it is an undeniable reality that Gojek clone app is the poster child for any multi-service on-demand app.

Although there might be flickers of such super applications from China, Japan, India, and Singapore, nothing beats the awesomeness of Gojek.

A Bit About Gojek

Gojek, as you may have known, is a multi-services application fittingly referred to as a super app. It started as a simple call-center for bike taxi services in 2011, and today, it has grown to offer more than 20 different services spread across different domains like food, transportation, handyman services, financial services, household services, and even fuel delivery. The company is valued at more than $10 billion, making it the first of its kind from Indonesia. It has been so instrumental that it has positively impacted the GDP per capita income of Indonesia.

All these numbers, if they weren’t enough, only stand minuscule in front of the formidable portfolio of investors that Gojek has managed to garner. The investors in Gojek include big names like Google, Facebook, Tencent, and Softbank.

Gojek has expanded its operations in multiple countries including but not limited to the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, and Laos. It has even established an offshore development center in the city of Bangalore in India.

What Contributed to the Success of Gojek Clone App?

The simple and the most profound contributor to the success of Gojek is the convenience it brings. Instead of downloading different applications, entrusting your login information to multiple companies, and wasting your mobile phone space, you can download just one application that gives you access to all services.

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It also becomes easy for the user to make payments, keep a record, and easily use refunds. For example, The user will buy groceries only once or two times in a month. They cannot wait until the next month to use the refund. However, with a super app, you can just use the refunded amount for ordering food or for booking a taxi.

One of the biggest floodgates that the super application ecosystem has opened up is the possibilities of gig employment. This gives opportunities for a lot of skilled and low-skilled workers to earn an additional income. Even if you know how to drive a car or ride a motorcycle, an app like Gojek can promise substantial revenue to sustain yourself. The pandemic was a testing time because all the factors that contributed to transportation had almost stopped existing. However, parallel to this, there was also an increase in the number of people consuming on-demand services at home like food delivery and grocery delivery.

With an ecosystem like Gojek, people who are engaged in driving taxis can now be used for transporting material from one place to another. In this way, not only does the revenue of the company balance out but they also manage to maintain the loyalty of their gig employees which might not have been possible if they had offered only one service.

Even for the super app company, there are a couple of massive advantages. More often than not, the super app company does not develop mobile apps or utilities. There are third-party app developers who take care of this process and they manufacture applications that will seamlessly integrate with the existing ecosystem. Therefore, no time or money is spent by the super App company in developing a new Gojek clone app.

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The super app company will not even need to spend on marketing. What could be otherwise a massive branding and lead generation exercise has now been reduced to a simple software update over the app. A simple push notification will also ensure that people become aware of this new service being offered.

Even for the little mobile app development company, it presents an easy exit. They can just sell their mobile app to a super app company, and they can earn immediate revenue instead of waiting for months or maybe years to find the right marketing effort meet with the fruits of it.

Perhaps the biggest advantage that the super app company brings to the table is the fact that it can bring in rich data that can help in profiling a user. This data cannot only be used for advertising purposes but can also be used for providing and facilitating financial services. Since the data-driven accuracy is better than anything else, the default rates are quite less when it comes to microfinance. It also becomes easy to process the loan as the bank account is already linked to the original super-app account.

In all of this, it cannot be denied that the market is still wide and open. You cannot find an app like Gojek in the United States or in Europe. This presents a lucrative opportunity for any aspirating entrepreneur to build their own app like Gojek.

Why Go White-Label?

There are different ways in which you can build your own super app like Gojek. If you were to build your app from scratch either by hiring your own developer team all day or outsourcing it to a mobile app development company, it would be a cumbersome and daunting affair. On one side, it is going to take a lot of development effort which translates into high costs and time. In addition, there is no assurance that the Gojek like app will be free from glitches. This will be that you will need to fill out an additional cost in fixing those bugs.

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Alternatively, you can go for a white label solution. A white label Gojek clone app is available as a ready-made product. The Gojek clone script is easy to customize and you can garnish it with the features of your choice both on the technical and visual front. The Gojek clone software has already been subject to a lot of testing, and it would mean that your Gojek app clone will be free from bugs that might interfere with the expected basic functionality.

Needless to say, the Gojek clone source code-based solution can also save a lot in terms of both time and money. In most cases, companies that specialize in Gojek clone app development give both dominant mobile versions: the Gojek clone iOS version and the Gojek clone android version.


All that is left for you to do is to get in touch with the company that specializes in the development and customization of the Gojek clone app script. They will take care to customize your Gojek clone software, so it fits in line with your requirements. The Gojek source code can also be expected to have high-end security features, so you can launch your super application business without any hassle and in the shortest possible time.

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