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While your web business is new to having up to a moderate amount of web traffic, you can opt for any good web hosting server. Once your web business begins advancing and acquiring more traffic, then you need to find a robust, powerful, and flexible hosting server. One name that comes up with such a situation is dedicated server in Delhi. That is because a dedicated server enables you to host your online business with maximum freedom, security, and high reliability.

But, to obtain a dedicated server hosting plan, you must seek the right hosting provider for acquiring supportive hosting facilities. In this article, we will provide you with insights into the Serverwala cheap dedicated server Delhi that serves as the ideal hosting solution. But, let us first highlight a bit about the working and design of the dedicated server.

Know About Dedicated Server in Delhi

The dedicated server is meant to function for the individual user. When you rent a dedicated server from a hosting company, all its resources and space belong to you. The control of sharing them with other users or not lies with you. Moreover, with the Delhi dedicated server hosting, your online business obtains an isolated and private environment. This helps you to strongly secure your data from all external threats.

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Further, you can also get full administrative access to your server from your dedicated hosting provider. It enables you to acquire full freedom and flexibility to operate your server in whichever way you desire. Following are some of the benefits that you can acquire even with the cheap dedicated server Delhi while having its root access –

  • You can configure your server based on your web business needs. That means you can set up the server settings in a way that can be most suitable for your business.
  • You can run the most compatible operating system at the base of your server, which can support the maximum number of web applications that are needed by your online business.
  • You get the right to customize the applications and other programs for your online business. You can add, modify, or dismiss the programs according to your requirements.
  • Unlike shared server hosting, you can run any number or type of application. Also, you get the power to operate the heavy-resource applications effectively.
  • Apart from having a secure hosting platform, you get the possibility to add further security layers to protect your web business data from all kinds of data breaches and potential attacks.

Who Needs Dedicated Server Hosting in Delhi?

The cheap dedicated server Delhi can be employed and conducive for a high percentage of web business owners. However, mentioned here are a few cases in which dedicated server hosting is highly required.

  • To host multiple websites of a web business
  • To start the reseller hosting business
  • For gaming purposes as they need high computational power for smooth functioning
  • For running email services at bulk
  • For Forex trading as it requires high connectivity and security for the kind of information involvement
  • To host an eCommerce website
  • To host a website having a high volume of traffic
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When Should You Shift Your Website on Dedicated Server in Delhi?

Although there is no such perfect time to shift to a cheap dedicated server Delhi. However, if you encounter any of the situations given below, you must consider picking the dedicated server hosting for your web business –

  • If your business website is underperforming
  • If your website is running at a slow speed
  • If your end-users facing a high website loading time
  • If your web business is facing any security issue
  • If your business website is unable to handle the traffic peaks
  • If your website is delivering frequent downtime

About Serverwala Cloud Data Center

After examining the stage and necessities of your web business, if you need a dedicated server in Delhi, finding a reliable and renowned hosting company is crucial.

As mentioned in the beginning, Serverwala is a top-notch hosting company that can accommodate all your needs related to dedicated hosting services. The company has gained recognition for rendering the cheap dedicated server Delhi with high-grade hosting facilities worldwide. Dive into the subsequent sections to know about the dedicated server’s features and plans offered by the company.

Features of Serverwala Best Dedicated Server in Delhi

  • Full Root Access
  • DDoS Protection along with other advanced security measures
  • Highest of 1 GBPS Network Speed
  • Twenty-times faster network connectivity
  • Robust and secure connections
  • Monthly data transfer rate up to 30 TB
  • Easy and quick resource scalability
  • 99.99% Uptime network assurance
  • Self service portal

Choose Your Best Plan of Cheap Dedicated Server Delhi

Under the comprehensive range of Serverwala dedicated server hosting plans and packages, you can find the most suitable one for your online business. Each plan can be easily scaled up and is highly flexible to host your web business. Further, the company ensures 24/7 technical support from certified and trained professionals with all the plans of a cheap dedicated server Delhi.

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The Serverwala cheap dedicated server Delhi is an effective hosting solution for your web business to have optimal performance. While you will be able to save the cost with the company’s most affordable hosting plans, your business website’s visitors will acquire an excellent end-user experience.

Moreover, the company provides round-the-clock customer support for resolving your queries before you pick any dedicated server hosting plan. You can either reach out to the company’s experts directly or check out Serverwala’s website for gathering more information about its cheap dedicated server Delhi.

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