Does .ru Represent a Valid Domain Extension?

Is .ru a valid domain extension? It is a question that many people have been asking lately. In this post, this question is cleared in a simple way. And you get the complete facts about the Russian Domain such as the History and Pros of .ru Extension.

There is one important note before we start that there are two Different types of .ru Domains internationalized and Country Code. .ru country-code domains are those that end in .ru, while internationalized .ru  Domains end in .рф.

Both of the Domains are valid but they Serve Different purposes. .ru Domain is best for the websites targeting the Russian Audience, whereas internationalized .ru Domain is for websites that have content in the Russian language but are not targeting Russian audiences. So let’s get started with basic information about the Domain Extension and why you need it.

What is Domain Extension and Why it is Important For Website?

A valid domain extension is an important part of the website that appears after a dot. For example the Address, the .com is the extension. There is plenty of options available in the Domain Extension. This is an important step for both Search Engine Optimization and Branding purposes.

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For SEO purposes a Short Domain is better because the Search engines(GOOGLE) easily Crawl the website and Recognize it. And the Longer Domain Extension is memorable and allows you to build brand awareness.

The Decision of Choosing a Domain Extension depends on Individual Goals and preferences. With so many options available, there’s bound to be an extension that fits your website perfectly.

A Domain is just like an Identity of the website on the internet. With the Domain Name, users can find or search your website on the internet, making you stand out from your competitors.

You can make all the difference in the success of your online presence by choosing a good domain name. If you are a florist, you might want a domain name that includes your city or state, such as “” or “”

If you include keywords in the Domain Name in a result there are high chances that your website appears in the top Search engine results pages. Bu this your websites get a More traffic volume.

Choosing a Domain for your website which is simple, Short, memorable, and easy to remember. In the Domain name avoid the use of numbers and Hyphens.

An Overview of the History of .ru Domain

Before starting the Histoty firstly we discuss what is .ru Domain Name.  .ru is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Russia and tells the world that your business and website are Russian.

.ru extension is issued by the National Internet Exchange of Russia. There are billions of websites wish are registered as a .ru Extension. It is well-known known and trusted extension by Russians. It is the best extension to target the Russian audience.

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Many Russian businesses use .ru extension to gain a foothold in the country. .ru has no geographical requirement as a country code top-level domain. So after readout the above lines I think you are clear what is .ru Extension so let’s start with the History of .ru extension.

In the year 1994 .ru Domain Extension ar introduced. In this year there are only four other country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs) available .us, .jp, .uk, and .de. The Russian Network Information Center (RU-CENTER) decided to create a new ccTLD for Russia.

By December 1995, over 100,000 .ru Domain Names had been registered with RU-CENTER. Currently, there are over three million .ru Domains.

Pros of Using a Russian Domain Extension

  • When we compare the other ccTLDs. .ru Domain is less expensive.
  • .ru Domain tends to be less likely to be censored than other ccTLDs.
  • When we compare other ccTLDs, Domain .ru is easy to remember.
  • You can target other countries with .ru Extension if you speak Russian.

Where to Buy Domain .ru at a Cheap Price

Where to Buy Domain .ru at a Cheap Price
Does .ru Represent a Valid Domain Extension? 2

From Hostbillo Hosting Solution you can Buy  Domain .ru at a Cheap price. Hostbillo is a trusted and Reputed Web Hosting Provider in Russia. Hostbillo gives Help to business owners who enter Digital Technology.

If business owners want to shift the offline business to online then firstly they create a website. For websites, you need a Domain or Hosting.  Bothe the Services gives a Hostbillo at an affordable price.

The aim of Hostbillo is to give the best results to the clients with a 99.90 uptime Guarantee.

Also in the Near Future if face any Technical Problem then you can contact the Hostbillo’s Highly Responsive. In the Highly Responsive team, the Cerfified and expert people are there. As much as possible they clear the problem.

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Hostbilo Provides many Features at the time of .ru Domain Register such as:-

  • Custom Nameservers
  • Free DNS management
  • Free ID Protection Option
  • Domain Theft Protection
  • 24*7 Guru Crew


In short .ru Domain is a valid Domain name. It is best for those websites that target the Russian Audience. When Russian people search and query they go through that websites are registered with a .ru Extension.

Russian Audience feels safe and Secure with .ru Extension websites. Most of the time they BUy any product or services with .ru Extension website.

And this will increase your Website Traffic also. The process of registering a Domain .ru is Simple and Straightforward.

You may need to wait up to 48 hours for your domain to be registered. You will be able to start using your domain for your website or email address once it is registered.

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