Enable Instant Messaging With White-Label WhatsApp Clone App

Right from February 2009, an instant messaging app has been growing from strength to strength. It started off with users sending and receiving texts and now people can do voice and video calling and share stories for free. Are you wondering who it is?  It is none other than WhatsApp. Five years after its launch, it was acquired by Facebook for $19 billion in February 2014. This led to a small platform taking the Internet by storm. Entrepreneurs can also make rapid progress now by starting white-label WhatsApp clone app development. 

The steps taken to develop a messaging app like WhatsApp are

  • Conducting meetings with techpreneurs – The mindset of digipreneurs is important in making a state-of-the-art platform like WhatsApp. Business visionaries can attract netizens with a cross-platform compatibility, a friendly user interface, multimedia sharing, and seamless import of contacts. Besides that, a real-time communication platform like WhatsApp is a viable alternative to MMS and SMS. 
  • Complying with different laws – A platform as gigantic as WhatsApp must follow various data protection, privacy, and security guidelines laid down by governments. This will ensure the uninterrupted functioning of the white-label WhatsApp clone app. In the long run, this will maximize the trust of users as their personal and professional information are kept confidential. 
  • Creating the prototype of the WhatsApp like app – It contains the basic features and functionalities like blocking of contacts, creation of groups, last seen, muting of notifications, real-time sharing of emojis, GIFs, photos and videos, reply privately, and user profile. 
  • Testing the functioning of the prototype – Rigorous penetration tests are undertaken to ensure that the WhatsApp clone is free from bugs, glitches, and security vulnerabilities. This assures a comfortable user experience across the globe. Entrepreneurs can boost the retention rate of their messaging platform by giving top priority to privacy and security. 
  • Adding other features and functionalities – Based on the response from the target audience, premium options can also be added to a WhatsApp like platform. Techpreneurs can attract business enterprises with functionalities like flexible changing of colours, fonts, and themes, disabling of voice and video calls, hiding of profile pictures, instant deletion of sent messages, seamless sync with social media accounts, and integration with landline numbers. 
  • Releasing the final version of the WhatsApp like platform – Unquestionably, competition in the market is rising rapidly. Hence, entrepreneurs need to watch out for the changes in the tech world. Accordingly, they must launch the white-label WhatsApp clone app platform at an apt time in the industry. This would give it an edge against its numerous rivals. 
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Deciphering the features of a platform similar to WhatsApp

Business communication tools – Corporate companies can directly stay in touch with their customers by using a WhatsApp clone. They can send greetings and introductory messages to both first-time and regular users. Additionally, they can respond to queries related to products and services. Prompt responses are the biggest advantage of a WhatsApp like messaging app. Ultimately, this will encourage customers to shop goods frequently from a brand. 

Deletion of messages – Sometimes users may have sent a text by mistake to their near and dear ones. However, they need not fear any retaliation anymore. They can swiftly press either the Delete for Me or Delete for Everyone button within a certain period. This will ensure quick removal of the pre-shared information. 

Labelling of chats – Getting too many messages non-stop? An app like WhatsApp will help users to seamlessly organize both contacts, individual and group chats quickly. 

Multi-platform compatibility – A multi-platform compatible white-label whatsapp clone app will operate on various systems like Android, iOS and Web. Users can stay active and be updated with the activities of their family members, friends, and relatives. They can switch seamlessly between laptops, smartphones, and tablets. 

Report mechanism – Facing  an uncomfortable or an unpleasant situation on a WhatsApp clone? Members can press the Report button and communicate their problems to the Help Centre. The dedicated support team will receive specific messages from the chat. Action is taken if a specific person violates community guidelines. Moreover, users can also block and delete the chat. 

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Search for texts – Chatted with cybernauts over a period but unable to locate the conversations? WhatsApp has a solution for that too. Users can tap the Search bar and enter specific words or phrases. Netizens can find out their previous messages after checking the results. 

Share location – Going for an outing with friends but unable to find where each person is currently located. Users can tap the GPS on their devices. They can share their geographical location (current or live) with individuals and groups. This offers benefits like clarity and real-time sharing of information.  

Wallpaper changing – Registered users on WhatsApp can select custom or default wallpapers for handling their chats. Besides that, users can choose numerous options like Bright, Dark, Solid Colours, and My Photos as per their needs and requirements. 

WhatsApp Status – Users can keep their close contacts informed of their daily activities. They can press the WhatsApp Status button and type out their stories. Besides that, cybersurfers can include GIFs, photos, and videos and also modify the colour and font size with ease. 

Know the cost to establish a readily usable white-label WhatsApp clone app

The budget to develop a WhatsApp like messaging platform relies on numerous factors. It depends on aspects like the hourly rates paid to the mobile app developers and website designers, the level of customization needed by entrepreneurs, the time devoted for front-end and back-end development, and the types of premium and standard features.  

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Wrapping Up

With more than 5 billion downloads on Android, WhatsApp has been growing from strength to strength. It is also safeguarding the chat backups of users with measures like 64-digit encryption and password protection. This will prevent the misuse of personal data. The American platform is also adding new features like visibility settings for profile photos and a global voice messaging player.  Entrepreneurs can take the plunge now, connect with an app solution provider for white-label WhatsApp clone app development and rule the tech world.

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