Unlock the Power of Location Intelligence with a CRM Mapping Tool

Convenience is the major element affecting client retention. Customer’s needs will be satisfied if you prioritize and satisfy their wants.

Customers are more likely to accept your solution if they believe you understand and sympathize with them. During in-person interactions, the customer may feel the company’s enthusiasm, allowing for a deeper level of customization. How you interact with consumers can reveal a lot about your company.

Businesses already use CRM tools to manage and organize their location intelligence data. To make the most of the data, you need a system that can work with the CRM and inspire action.

With the help of this Dynamics 365 Map tool, any CRM record may be mapped according to its location. The plugin addresses the issues facing field sales managers and agents.  

Follow the following guide about unlocking the power of location intelligence with a CRM mapping tool:

What exactly is location intelligence?

It is a method for gaining details from geographic data to address exact problems in various sectors. It largely uses geographic information system capabilities to provide operational and analytical business solutions.

The technology assists enterprises and governments in gathering significant data sets, including transactional, point-of-sale, and GPS data necessary for in-depth geographic analysis.

Businesses might look at various situations and challenges to solve a particular business issue.

Many companies employ GIS technology to gain from location intelligence. One of GIS’s significant benefits is that it helps companies find new opportunities and streamline operations.

Data scientists and location intelligence analysts use location intelligence software as a business intelligence tool to analyze map trends and take advantage of various business prospects.

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Data scientists may employ them to analyze consumer trends in a certain region and determine whether a company should establish a new office to comprehend one application for location intelligence software.

Look for nearby businesses along the route:

Increasing productivity is possible if you use your time wisely. Sales reps are left waiting for their next appointment because appointments must be canceled or postponed.

This time is possible with the search-along feature of the Dynamics 365 map tool. Along the route they have already established, sales professionals can find customers.

They can easily approach them when they are going from point A to point B and come across a potential lead along the route.

When planning the schedule for the sales representative, managers can look at where other clients fall and change the schedule as necessary.

Keep a balance between your territory and your workload:

Managing sales across many regions, huge ones is exceedingly challenging. Managing them could be problematic if territories are not distributed carefully.

For a number of reasons, including the type of accounts, sales, etc., it may be decided to split or merge territories.

Using properly structured regions simplifies how tasks are distributed. The comparison process would be more straightforward, and it would be equitable for all of your employees.

Thanks to the CMS mapping tool, none of your employees would be forced to work overtime because of unfair regions. You have a multitude of options for activities both before and after territorial development.

Staying up to date:

As a result, managers might have more confidence in current on-field activities. Daytime visits by sales personnel to various locations. Maintaining control over everything takes a lot of work for the management.

They have to phone the salespeople for any nugget of information about the meeting. This is a strategy that could be more dependable and advantageous.

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Additionally, there is a high probability of false play in meetings, which can harm your company’s reputation when sales employees don’t show up.

The image of your business is damaged. Any justification for skipping the meeting would be acceptable, but the consequences would be negative for the company.

Learn about business opportunities:

Location intelligence data can also be used to find the best sites by analyzing popular regions and their potential for sales. It is essential for conducting market research and comprehensive competitor evaluations.

Highlighting the external factors that have an impact on the performance of your current and future establishments is also crucial.

By giving company leaders insight into how particular areas are changing, intelligent mapping aids companies in maintaining a competitive edge across various industries.

Search nearby leads for a potential business:

If no routes are designed, what happens? Where will you find the local customers, prospects, etc.?

If you have some free time, can you find people nearby who you can chat with about new products, former clients, leads, or other things?

Considering that you have a meeting later that day and it would be inconvenient to travel far to see a customer, you can’t see them.

On-site sales agents will use GPS to locate and identify close-by clients. Increase the trip time or the distance in miles or kilometers to identify customers within that radius.

This can assist you in determining when to wrap up this new meeting and return to your regular schedule. The mobile app also has these capabilities to help sales representatives find locations and arrive on time.

The path will be the quickest and shortest to get you where you are going.

Boost output and cut back on trip time:

Salespeople need to meet with a number of customers in the next few hours. Any impediments throw off their entire plans.

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Any time can bring about a shift in the outside world. Daily issues like traffic, rescheduled appointments, detours, roadblocks, car difficulties, etc., are a sales representative’s lot in life. They all immediately affect the output in some way.

In such a case, the route optimization feature of the Dynamics 365 map tool activates. These routes cover each and every customer location that needs to be visited during the day.

Any probable problems or delays are not considered when choosing the route through CRM Map. You can skip toll booths, highways, and other obstacles.

Sales personnel can stay on schedule and prevent these hiccups using turn-by-turn directions. They don’t need to travel farther in search of the ideal location. Petrol consumption decreases with decreased journey time.

Therefore, CRM mapping also enables time and money savings. Because they have enough time and peace to introduce themselves to the client thoroughly, sales personnel can focus on their appointments.

Enhance the client experience:

Organizations can improve the customer experience by using location intelligence tools or platforms with enormous amounts of operational and customer data.

Businesses can use location data to gain insightful knowledge about the interests and preferences of their customers.

Retail establishments and restaurants, for instance, can provide their patrons with more than just the usual points of interest or geofenced marketing offers thanks to location intelligence that is more precise and potent. 

This enhances customer relationship management and increases brand loyalty.

Parting words:

Over the next few years, more and more uses for location data will arise. A location intelligence CRM mapping solution is quite advantageous for your business.

Technology can be used to upgrade your processes at this point. Adding a Dynamics 365 map tool could help your business expand.