A List of the Best Webinar Platforms That Offer a Free Trial

Online seminars have gained popularity while Covid 19 businesses are shifting towards online webinar platforms for meetings, conferences, and seminars. 

The seminars that are held over the internet or virtual seminars are called webinars.

We can say that the virtual gathering of minds with similar interests to discuss brainstorming or something productive is webinars.

The best webinar platforms have been proven  more advantageous than traditional methods of seminars; they are convenient, can be attended from anywhere in the world, and have lower travel and other expenses.

For hosting a successful webinar, it is required to choose the right virtual platform that enables you to host a webinar according to your needs and requirements. 

Here in this blog, we will discuss the best online webinar platform with a free trial. Let’s know everything you need to know about virtual best webinar platforms offering solutions for your business.


Mixhubb is a 3D robust virtual event platform that equips organizers with many dynamic features to host immersive and engageable webinars and virtual events. It is a self-manageable virtual platform, where you can manage, create, design, and deliver the event virtually.

Its user-friendly, quick, and easy setup enables you to host fully customizable webinars or events, without worrying about the number of attendees. Mixhubb is a cost-effective virtual platform that allows you to host the following types of events,

  • Online meeting
  • Conferences or summits
  • Social Webinar
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Networking Events
  • Hybrid Events
  • Town Halls
  • Fair & Exhibitions 
  • Meet-ups and many more
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Mixhubb is one the leading virtual event platform that facilitates the best networking experiences, it has below mentioned powerful features for attendees and the organizers

  • Smooth Onboarding
  • 24*7 Event Setup Support
  • Custom Registration Page
  • Multi-device & Multi-browser Accessibility
  • AI Matchmaking
  • Networking Table
  • Video calls & Group chats
  • Quick & Easy Registration Management
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Multi-lingual Sessions
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Recording
  • Branding Opportunities
  • Virtual Mics
  • Lead Capture
  • On-Demand Webcasting
  • Email Marketing
  • Dashboard
  • Multi hosts
  • Surveys

Now Mixhubb has become an integral part of virtual reality, based on the latest technology it is a safe and secure platform, where you can host well-executed virtual conferences.

Besides all this, Mixhubb also offers a free trial. Yes, you heard it right, with its free trial you can explore this virtual platform. 


Zoom is another popular virtual platform that has gained popularity during the pandemic. Zoom allows you to host webinars or conferences with high-quality audio and HD video. On Zoom, you can communicate with up to 100 attendees in its free plan

Moreover, its Built-in feature allows simultaneous sharing of screens with multiple attendees.

It also provides the option of recording meetings. It is also Multi-device accessible; you can join a webinar from anywhere, anytime, and from any device. Zoom allows you to collaborate with 300 UR and external non-UR attendees including chat, annotation and messaging.

With Zoom, you can Schedule your conferences and meetings according to your needs. Zoom also offers you the option of a virtual whiteboard, where you can easily make quick notes. 

 Sessions of Zoom can be extended to up to 500 attendees in large rooms.

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Cisco Webex:

Cisco Webex is another virtual conferencing platform that has been used extensively for webinars and online conferencing. It offers a free trial and has different features specially designed for the webinar.

  • It offers you to host a meeting with 100 participants, allowing them to message, and share their screens. CiscoWebex also offers virtual Whiteboards, HD video, and personal rooms.
  • Its Noise removal feature reduces distractions related to noise and enhances speech quality.
  • It also allows gesture recognition to express feelings without uttering words.

For using Cisco Webex as the platform for virtual conferences it is mandatory to download their application, unfortunately, it does not support multi-browser accessibility.

Google Meet:

With a Google account, anyone can host or join the Google Meet Conference. It allows you to host an unlimited number of meetings to connect with anyone, anywhere. Google Meet gives you the power to invite 100 participants to the meetings.

It also supports Live captioning during the meeting. Moreover, Google Meet is a multi-device accessible  virtual platform; you can access it from your desktop, pc, Android, or iPhone.

Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft Team is another virtual platform for virtual conferences and webinars. It is a chat-based collaboration platform where you can share your documents with virtual gathering. It also offers you a seamless and quick video calling experience. With Microsoft Team, In addition, you are able to h/21ost online meetings with as many as 10,000 participants. But it’s free plan lets you host a meeting with 100 attendees only.


Dialpad is another virtual platform that offers solutions to your business communication needs. With Dialpad, you can easily connect via video calls, VoIP phone calls, and SMS messages. It also lets you connect with anyone, anywhere, and any time over the internet.

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By sharing a Dial-in number, you can easily invite anyone to join online conferences, it also allows invitation via emails, and you can even invite attendees by sending them an SMS. Dialpad has cloud storage for unlimited recordings of meetings.

It also offers a virtual whiteboard to share and discuss brainstorming, making it feel like each team member is physically present in the same room. 


It is another virtual platform for online seminars that offers simple conference calls and webinars. It is multi-device accessible, allowing attendees to share their screens. AnyMeeting provides high-quality HD audio and video conferencing with interactive collaboration features and AI capabilities. It also offers an engageable meeting experience to the attendees. 

So are you buzzing about which hot platform you should opt for your webinars or online business conferences? 

There are many options to choose from, over time we can find many new emerging virtual platforms. But which one particular offers a solution to your virtual business communication needs? 

Here in this blog, we have given you information related to various virtual platforms that offer a free trial. Moreover, you use a free trial of these virtual platforms and experience their services.

So what are you waiting for?

Go and try your hands on one of the mentioned virtual platforms.

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