10 Essential Features of a Virtual Event Platform

In 2020, when the pandemic hit the world, we were bound to stay indoors. Several restrictions were imposed on businesses, industries, and individuals. But, one good thing adopted by enterprises to ensure their continuity was the virtual event spaces. Today, these spaces can be completely customized to host a successful virtual event that best suits your needs. Top virtual event platform have enhanced their skillset and have ensured to include the latest features to make the online events even more interesting.

Here’s a list of the 10 essential features that you should look for in an online event platform;
  1. Customization

Customization is the key that helps you stand out at virtual or hybrid events. With attractive 3D designs, a dynamic environment, GIFS, or eye-catching images you can give a real-like feel to your online stage. So, event organizers are looking for innovative virtual event platform solutions that can provide features like customized branding, a compelling registration page, 360-degree tour feature, branded virtual booths that can make the event more remarkable. Also, this feature lets you make the most of the white-label function to make your virtual meetings and virtual conferences more successful.

  1. Automation

Digital tools are the need of this era. And, the global pandemic has led to the adoption of Virtual Event Platform that have automated most of the functions of hosting an online event. The use of automated tools helps save ample time, energy, and resources. Hence, this is why event technologies that use automated features simplify the process of digital check-in, registrations, connecting with multiple people at a time, the ability to share the screen, and offering immediate assistance if attendees face issues while navigating the platform.

  1. Interactive Tools
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Best Virtual Event Platform, like Dreamcast, intend to recreate the experiences of a physical event. To do this convincingly, enterprise solutions should provide a live chat function to facilitate 2-way interactions. Besides this, they should be able to organize live polls and Q&A sessions that will allow audiences to communicate, engage, and submit their questions in real-time. With excellent audio & video tools, attendees and exhibitors can choose to leverage private and group chat options in order to make new connections.

  1. Networking Tools

When it comes to online event spaces, networking is one important factor why most people attend virtual conferences, virtual expos, virtual trade shows, or virtual fairs. So, event planners should be very reasonable while selecting their virtual venue partner. They should consider taking a platform demo with its available features to validate if it resonated with their business needs. As an all-in-one platform, Dreamcast helps organizers to leverage AI matchmaking tools where attendees can connect and engage based on their common interests and concerns.

Other features that make way for networking are business card exchange, B2B meetings scheduler, networking rooms, and more.

  1. Multi-device Compatibility

If you wish to increase event attendance, you need to make sure that the events run seamlessly on all sorts of laptops, smartphones, and tablets. With people joining the event virtually, you cannot expect all of them to use the same device. Hence, this is a vital factor that lets you welcome more participants. Besides device compatibility, you should also check the operating system adaptability. The platform must be able to run smoothly on both android and iOS servers.

  1. Integrated Social Media
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Today, social media platforms are the fastest means to expand your global reach or let people know about a popular thing. Hence, an ideal online event platform should be able to seamlessly integrate Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn that will help you market your event conveniently. Social media integrations also let you post engaging event-related content to attract more sponsors and attendees.

  1. Engagement Features of Virtual Event Platform

Want to hold on to your attendees and keep them involved for a long time? Try including the most essential and engaging features to add more value to your event. It involves tools like a social wall, signature wall, photo booth, and most amazing games to eliminate attendee drop-off. Games like spin the wheel, scavenger hunt, online trivia, crosswords, bingo, or temple run are excellent ideas to make your event more fun and memorable. Besides this, you can include a feature named leaderboard challenge. This functionality lets you award points for each activity or navigation they do on the platform. Later, you can choose to award the top 5 attendees with exciting prizes or coupons.

  1. Supports Live & On-demand Content

Based on the business requirements, you need to determine if you’ll be hosting a live or pre-recorded event. Not only this, but you also need to check if you need to keep your event and its content available for 1-2 weeks, even after it is over. For example, virtual exhibitions include customized booths, so keeping these booths accessible post the event allows you to enhance the lifespan of your event. This way, people who missed the main event also have an opportunity to know about the objectives and aspects of your event.

  1. Detailed Analytics and Reporting
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The advantage of virtual event platform is that they help you with a complete record of detailed insights and meaningful analytics to measure the success of your event. From the comfort of your homes, you can have a look at the number of registrations, track attendee footprint, see the messages sent to the speaker, check the number of times the live chat feature was used.

  1. 24/7 Customer Support

Keeping a reliable support system helps you plan and execute your events even more successfully. It also gives an assurance to event organizers that platform providers have a team of mindful people who’ll be able to sort technical issues or errors at any point in time. Right from assisting attendees with platform check-in to seamless navigation throughout the platform. Tools 24/7 technical and customer support are capable of improving the attendee experience.

Final Thoughts

With the rise in Virtual Event Platform, you need to choose your venue very carefully. So, try selecting a platform that consists of the above-mentioned features in order to plan a unique and bizarre event.

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