Best Website Blocker Apps for Android and IOS

The internet is full of particulars that assist you to work with more efficiency. Woefully, immediate access to every kind of data can be boomeranged. It begins as a speedy junket of social media feeds or favorite websites and ends with multiple open tabs and wastage of hours. You need the best website blocker apps to save from ads in android and iOS.

It is quite easy to become prey to this distraction even have extraordinary discipline. The world of the internet has a huge amount of content begging for attention. All you have to do is just open laptops or smartphones fetch up the assigning project that you must work on and then suddenly completely lose attention to your responsibilities after the bell notification from your friend.

Various website blocker apps can help you to defeat the temptations of diverting and addictive websites. Rather than relying on willpower website blockers cut off access to your diverting sources. Multiple websites with different features and price ranges are available.

Let’s discuss a few popular websites blocker, which may help you to make decisions.

  1. Freedom for Mac or Windows:

This app can block every tempting and attention-diverting website but it can do so much than that. It can block all-in-one and allows you to block from desktop apps, mobile apps. It does not matter what is disturbing you and grabbing your attention and time, this app gives you back control.

This is the only website app that can synchronize and block websites from all of your devices. Freedom premium can facilitate you by adding boundless devices and personal website blocker apps lists to maintaining your focus on what is important to do.

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Moreover, Freedom extended the latest offers with a bundle of new tools like Focus Sound that can guide you in the zone and perpetuate your focus all day. Profound features of this app can distract blocking and control like Block All, Locked Mode, and Block All Except.  It makes three different payment plans

Monthly: $6.99/ mo

Annually: $29 ($2.42 each month)

Forever: $129 (purchase for ones to enjoy Freedom forever)

  1. StayFocused:

It is an extension for Google Chrome and web browser. If you are not an expert even then this will make installation quite easy. The approach of StayFocused is slightly different because many websites only block specific websites for specific periods but users can enter for the unlimited time they want to spend on websites before blocking.

This website blocker comes with the biggest advantages of the versatility of this app. limit of time can be set on various websites just by typing the name in the extension. The extension will execute on many platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux, etc) as long as Google Chrome is being used. But on the other hand, StayFocusd is scanty to Chrome browser. And users cannot place various blocks of blocked time.

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Final words:

We can easily block websites with best website blocker apps which we do not use these Apps are useful for every person. This age is the age of technology we can solve every problem with the help of technology. A few years ago people faced many problems they do not know how they can solve their problems but now we can solve our problems in few minutes. Modern technology makes solutions to every problem in a few minutes now the world is a global village.

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